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Dec 6 Velvetbabe commented on Nine Years Working at One of the Last Indie Video Stores in America.

Here in uber-liberal Portland, Maine we have the indie institution that is wonderful, glorious Videoport, which has been around I believe 30 years. It takes up 1/3 of the basement of one of our many beautiful old downtown brick buildings (sharing it with an indie record/CD store and a family owned Italian restaurant featuring opera singing - not kidding.) It's one of things where the cliché is true: being there is half the fun. The place is jam packed with dozens of little old quirky newspaper and magazine clippings and such on the walls, old movie posters, funny shit hanging from the ceiling like Star Trek dolls and old VHS exploitation films. For some reason, unlike most businesses, it's super dog-friendly - there are always customers with their sweet, docile St Bernard-size pets. It's open late (for a retail business in tiny Portland): 11pm. And every night of the week they offer a free rental from a certain section when you rent a film. (For example, 'Middle Aisle Mondays' - free film from Science Fiction, Horror, Incredibly Strange, Popular Music, Mystery/Thriller, Animation, or Staff Picks.)

Their foreign, tv, and music sections are truly massive - much larger/more comprehensive than sections I've seen in stores in big cities like Boston and Toronto - and that "incredibly strange" section is a fucking blast. The staff is crazy knowledgeable and it's just such a huge asset to the city.

It would be an irreplaceable loss to Portland if it left us.

Dec 4 Velvetbabe commented on Jon Stewart on Eric Garner Grand Jury Decision: "If comedy is tragedy plus time, I need more fucking time.".

It's disgusting what they did to this guy, plain and simple. He posed no threat to frigging anyone. It was summertime and this is an older, clearly out of shape man. What part of 'I can't breathe' did these guys not understand? Horrifying. Imagine if this was your father, or your uncle, or husband.

Dec 1 Velvetbabe commented on Classy GOP Staffer Fired After Slamming Obama Girls For Their Lack of "Class".

Thanks for this, Dan.

Maybe this woman should try and imagine the extraordinary awkwardness/self consciousness of the teenage years combined with growing up in the blinding spotlight that is the White House.

How would she, or any of us have done?

Nov 26 Velvetbabe commented on LGBT Activist Wants You to Spend $5 Flipping Off the Duggars (And Helping LGBT Youth in Arkansas).

Done, and thanks for highlighting this wonderful place, Dan. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I'm thankful and grateful I have a freaking roof over my head. Can't imagine what it must be like otherwise.

Nov 23 Velvetbabe commented on Honduran Beauty Queen Murdered by Her Boyfriend.

Now make sure you hop right back on here - mustmustmust have the last word - and defend yourself against being called a racist, and pretend you don't get the analogy I'm making when doing so, even though I already explained it to you. All you know is, racist = bad. Something people don't want to be called out loud - something people hide if it's true.

A sexist/misogynist = not bad. Nothing to be ashamed of.

Now run and play on the Hannity/Limbaugh board with all of your like minded friends.

I really am done debating the tiresome 4 year old, now.

Nov 23 Velvetbabe commented on Honduran Beauty Queen Murdered by Her Boyfriend.
Okay, Adversary let's try again. What portions of post #2 do you agree with, and disagree with? Care to parse that out for us?

Either way, with your ongoing inability to understand nuance and what a person's actual fucking point is, you are once again proving what a tiresome fucking child you are.

The point ANY grown adult can clearly see that Louis CK was making - and you have been told this several times now - was this: men have been proven "globally and historically" to be a enormous threat to women - this is fact - and by virtue of his present-tense statement "how do women still go out with guys?" he is acknowledging that this is an ongoing issue.

You have been provided with several sets of statistics which back this up. Instead of being a human being about it - instead of decrying the sad stats presented on behalf of maybe your own daughter, mother, sister, niece, aunt, female cousins, female coworkers or friends (if you have any), you choose instead to expend endless energy defending and agreeing with the one asshole on here who wants to make it all about Dan and Louis making men look bad and kowtowing to a worthless pack of whining women.

So let may say on behalf of women everywhere: fuck you.

Also, shame on you. You are as bad as any old racist, or racist apologist asshole.

Nov 23 Velvetbabe commented on Honduran Beauty Queen Murdered by Her Boyfriend.

Also, a non-woman hater DOESN'T post to a blog about yet another woman having been murdered by her ex/lover/bf/husband decrying not the violence and the crime and the shame of it, but that it's being pointed out at all, and that it's showing men in a negative light.

If I posted to a blog decrying the violence against trans people and their high suicide rates by saying 'oh for fuck's sake, all you're doing is throwing us cis people under the bus again, Dan!' would you think I was pro-trans?

Nov 23 Velvetbabe commented on Honduran Beauty Queen Murdered by Her Boyfriend.

If you disagree with this assessment, show me the posts where you decry the widespread eroding of abortion rights in this country. Show me - show us - the posts where you speak out against domestic violence and violence against women in general, and rape and child marriage and revenge porn and little girls having their clits - that is their sex organ btw - forcibly cut out to make them 'marriageable'. Show me.

Show me what an ally you are to MY causes, motherfucker. I've already listed the ways I've been an ally to yours.

Nov 23 Velvetbabe commented on Honduran Beauty Queen Murdered by Her Boyfriend.

@159: "I have not said anything woman-hating"?

Um, re-read your original post, please. The inaccurate, totally unfounded bit of bullshit (which you have yet to even attempt to provide any documented proof about, from credible sources) re how fast a certain group of women will and do throw gay men under the bus?

Now go back and read it a second time.

Are these the opinions of a woman-loving dude? A liberal?


You've lost this thread, Adversary. Time to go home to Limbaugh or Hannity's blogs where you can vent against bad, bad women with impunity.

Nov 23 Velvetbabe commented on Honduran Beauty Queen Murdered by Her Boyfriend.
Eva, may I just say: big fat hallelujah to everything you've said above, and that you are always a pleasure to read, and that I'm glad you saw that, holy shit, were there ever no apologies necessary for your 'tone'.

I want to add my two cents, as well, to answer the idiotic, inaccurate and very telling comment that feminists "always have and always will turn on gay men the moment its convenient for them".

I am a straight feminist ally and proud lifelong faghag/friend to queers/"I'm straight but not narrow" bumper sticker wielder/pro gay marriage front lawn sign-er/several times loud and active volunteer for gay (and other) political causes including the 2012 gay marriage referendum victory here in my state of Maine.

I know if no feminist women who haven't been on the side of the LGBT community. I know of no liberal folks overall who haven't also been thusly supportive, however I've seen too many examples otherwise when it comes to the rights and issues that directly impact 50% of the world's population, by people who otherwise call and think of themselves as 'liberal'. And that, in a word, sucks. And in another word, is, I believe, total, tired, utter bullshit. And also, betrayal.


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