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11:10 AM Theodore Gorath commented on The Morning News: Young Everett Mother Dumps Baby in Trash Compactor, Big Tech Wants ST3 to Happen.
@12: So you think a mother can just order the doctor to "abort" a baby as it is sliding out of the birth canal?

You don't know how any of this works, do you?
Sep 27 Theodore Gorath commented on I, Anonymous.
@12: If you have to split hairs and redefine words to make an action "ok," than that should tell you that the action is not right.

Even if you simply cry "socialism" and demand people read primers on what you decided certain things mean.
Sep 27 Theodore Gorath commented on I, Anonymous.
I remember when Ansel Herz posted a thing about how stealing is not necessarily wrong, because it is just wealth redistribution in a capitalist society.

Then his camera got stolen, and several blog posts went up demanding it back and asking for information so the thief could be identified and his camera returned.

I guess it is all fun and games until your stuff gets jacked.
Sep 26 Theodore Gorath commented on Clinton Predicts that Lying Liar Donald Trump Will Lie to the American People in Tonight's Debate.
Traditionally speaking, it is not really the moderator's job to fact check, that is what the other debater is supposed to be doing, and the people watching at home.

Maybe we need more of a game-show format, were a group of internet researchers sit in a back room and operates a meter (kind of like an "applause meter" you used to see on TV) and points are doled out based on truth of statements. You gain points for truth, and are deducted points for lies, more or less based on how much of a lie/truth it was.

And of course, at least one physical challenge.
Sep 26 Theodore Gorath commented on Seahawks Make Easy Win Over the 49ers Unnecessarily Hard (Also, Russ Got Hurt Again).
It is hard to get excited over a rivalry when one team sucks so hard in all facets of the game like the 49ers do now.

Chip Kelly is a horrible coach, and anyone who was willing to give him another shot after he single-handedly destroyed the Eagles for three years deserves a 1-15 season.
Sep 22 Theodore Gorath commented on Hillary Clinton Sits Down With Zach Galifianackis On Between Two Ferns.
@7: Yeah, yeah, this generation is indolent, fickle and bad, just like every other generation was before them, stretching all the way back to Plato.

No one has to necessarily be at fault, but you can't really blame people for having opinions that differ from yours, as mad as it appears to make you.

The Simpsons nailed your lame and unoriginal critique years ago:…
Sep 22 Theodore Gorath commented on Hillary Clinton Sits Down With Zach Galifianackis On Between Two Ferns.
@3: It is not the fault of an entire generation that Hillary Clinton does not represent what they want a presidential candidate to be or stand for.
Sep 22 Theodore Gorath commented on The Morning News: Seattle Used to Have Sex, Portlanders Suffer from White Guilt.
@11: At times I wonder if other people at The Stranger ever have a problem with Mudede's casual misogyny, but at least they forced him to change his headline.
Sep 21 Theodore Gorath commented on View-Obsessed West Seattle Homeowners Who Illegally Cut Trees Sued for $1.6M.
Fining them the cost to replant the trees and then a but more on top as an asshole tax seems appropriate to me. Throwing people in jail leads to a loss of state funds, and does not help anyone but people looking for petty, vicarious revenge. Just like with drug addicts.
Sep 20 Theodore Gorath commented on I Have Nothing to Add to This Skittles Nonsense, Except That Nazis Would Have Been So Good at Twitter.
Not that it changes anything, but I have to doubt that Nazis were the first or only to make such an unoriginal and basic analogy.

@1: Bet you never thought you would put Hill-Dog in that drop.