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in the past hour Theodore Gorath commented on SL Letter of the Day: Natural Vs. Unnatural Threesomes.
If you are planning an alcohol fueled game of strip poker with the hopes of a threesome occurring, it is not really that "spontaneous," or "natural" so to speak.

Also, it is kind of weird to put together a series of events with the hope of a threesome breaking out (especially when introducing drugs that muddle the thought processes) without at least clueing the person in that you are actively trying to have a sexual experience with them.
Aug 22 Theodore Gorath commented on The Morning News: Seattle's Only Swimming Hole for Dogs, a Water Park Tragedy, and Southern Floods.
How could you neglect to mention the biggest upset of the ENTIRE Olympic games, that of American wrestler Helen Maroulis' defeat of Saori Yoshida (who has never won anything less than gold in Olympic, World Championship, or Asian Games competitions).

Also the first gold ever for an American woman, to boot.
Aug 19 Theodore Gorath commented on Seahawks Lose Meaningless Football Game Despite Blessed Appearance From Pope.
For such a meaningless, silly game, you sure do seem salty about it.
Aug 19 Theodore Gorath commented on What's So Funny About the Naked Trump Statue?.
@16: So your argument is that no other politician insults, harangues, attacks personal issues, or responds to every perceived slight?

Aug 19 Theodore Gorath commented on The Morning News: Trump Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort Resigns, Judge to Those Who Lost Lives and Homes in Oso Mudslide: It's Your Fault.
If you are the type of woman who gets out of a car in a dark urban area, looks at the graffiti, the rundown homes, the lack of streetlights, and thinks "think is where I should live/walk/exist," than it is hard to believe the warnings about how such areas can be dangerous would change your mind.

Wow, what a shitty argument when you think about it for two seconds and apply the "logic" to another circumstance.
Aug 19 Theodore Gorath commented on What's So Funny About the Naked Trump Statue?.
@6: Only if the joke is targeted at the Acceptable Demographics, homie. Which of course this one is (at least triply so), so no foul there.

@7: Please, everyone in politics is petty as hell. Especially those going through presidential primaries. The attacks there can't get much pettier.
Aug 19 Theodore Gorath commented on The Morning News: Racist Skinhead Talks About Trump After Stabbing Attack, Kelso Police Kill 27-Year-Old African-American.
@16: Nice absolutist statement leading your comment about how absolutist statements are bad. Please prove that police shoot at any minority individual they see, which is what you just bizarrely claimed.

I was referring to a statement made by another person about this particular event, I have no idea what anything you typed in your word salad really has to do with that.
Aug 19 Theodore Gorath commented on Today in Stupid: Police Say Ryan Lochte Made Up Robbery Story To Cover Up a Gas Station Altercation.
@7: So now you want Olympic medals taken for lying? How about speeding, or littering?

Think about your faulty logic here: you want medals stripped from athletes for "overshadowing" the accomplishments of others (debatable), yet do not care if those very achievements are completely stripped from other athletes?

Think about that for a few hours, maybe it will strike you how dumb and hypocritical that line of reasoning is.

@8: Can you read?
Aug 19 Theodore Gorath commented on Thank You for Your Service: 10 Gawker Articles We Loved.
@9: The funny part is, Gawker supporters (or Thiel haters too, I guess) whine that a rich guy funded a lawsuit that Denton and Co. could not fight monetarily while forgetting that Denton is also a really rich guy who has done the same to others.

God forbid Denton and Gawker are not the ones bullying other people in court with their deep pockets, funded by Russian oligarchs (don't forget that part as well in this hypocrisy sandwich).

This is not some David vs. Goliath, Good vs. Evil, Suppression vs. Free Speech fight. This was Slimy asshole A vs. Slimy asshole B.

At the end of the day, Thiel would never have had a leg to stand on had Gawker Media not done so many horrid, unethical, and illegal things over the years. They had their day in court and lost on the merits of their shitty, despicable behavior.
Aug 18 Theodore Gorath commented on Thank You for Your Service: 10 Gawker Articles We Loved.
Funny how all those other media outlets who have pissed off the wealthy do not get sued into oblivion, but the one that outs people, accuses them of horrible acts without a shred of evidence, and publishes a stolen sex tape while publicly and proudly refusing a judge's order to take it down does get sued.

It is very confusing, so I guess it must be the billionaire's fault.