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2:35 PM Theodore Gorath commented on Game of Thrones Recap: Holding "The Door" Is Such Sweet Sorrow.
The Sansa/Littlefinger confrontation seemed a bit long and forced to me. especially since we all know he is unable to feel empathy for anyone else, and so does not give a fiddler's fart what Sansa is saying. Everyone knows what Ramsey is, Littlefinger included. Also a bit hard to sell the "Sansa gaining independence" angle when Littlefinger only has to pretend to give a crap because Brienne is right there, her hand directly on her sword.

Greyscale affects children and adults differently, think of it as GoT's horrible version of chicken pox. Hits adults really hard, but often just leaves kids with scars. No one knows why it kills some people, but does not kill others.

Sansa being a good seamstress was one of the first things we learned about her way back in the first episode, by the way. The scene was an excellent visual of how much Sansa is accepting Jon as her brother instead of half brother.

On an unrelated note, I think the Other's storming of the cave is foreshadowing that they will eventually overcome or knock down the wall and storm south. Perhaps with the unwitting help of Bran's new icy tattoo? It did allow them to break the magic barrier on the cave, why not the one on The Wall?
11:03 AM Theodore Gorath commented on The Morning News: House Fires, Homeless Shelter Headaches, and Goodbye to Washington's Racist Place Names.
@2: Try reading what actually happened next time, instead of stopping mid-headline to prove how intense your imagined outrage is.
May 20 Theodore Gorath commented on UPDATE: Beyoncé Gave Us Everything Last Night (Now with Photos!).
It makes me laugh when people think big time pop stars are anything but heavily marketed talent, each theme, costume, and movement carefully vetted for maximum sales/marketability.

May 20 Theodore Gorath commented on Fox News' Megyn Kelly No Longer Mad at Trump, Now Mad at Trevor Noah.
Haha, so now men explaining female gender issues to women is fine? Kelly uses the same line of argument that I have seen on Slog over and over to demonize exactly what Noah Trevor was doing, but this one time, NOPE!

The mental gymnastics on display here are 9/10 at least.
May 18 Theodore Gorath commented on The Very Best of Lindy West! In Honor of the Publication of Her Memoir Shrill!.
@Lissa: Sour grapes is when you pretend not to want something that you actually do want, because you can't have it:…

I can't tell how you are trying to use it here. I can't say I have ever attempted to sell a memoir, or any books for that matter.

I admittedly know little about Ms. West, although Seatackled really wanted me to know that she is fat. What has she done or been through that is historically comparable to hiding in an attic from Nazis?
May 18 Theodore Gorath commented on The Very Best of Lindy West! In Honor of Her Memoir Shrill Being Published Today!.
@16: Ok, so she has written about her body. Not sure what that has to do with you projecting your weird overprotective feelings about her body onto me, but whatever.

Also, you are the one who brought up my work and for some reason decided to make some weird claim about popularity and sales. Why do I care about how many books she sells? What effect could that possibly have on me? Why are we talking about book sales all of a sudden?

You seem to be trying to force me into a pissing contest with this woman for some reason. But you are the only one who cares, so enjoy. Maybe you can imagine some kind of boxing match, or maybe some 1-on-1 basketball between us next, let me know how that one goes in your head!
May 18 Theodore Gorath commented on The Very Best of Lindy West! In Honor of Her Memoir Shrill Being Published Today!.
@13: Wow, completely on your own on that leap. Stop projecting your feelings onto me, you are the only one of us thinking about her body.

But I am sure she will get more readers than me, memoirs from young internet stars certainly attract more eyes than boring old literary criticism. Hell, I don't even get any money from it, and have no way of knowing if anyone actually reads it. Which they likely don't.
May 18 Theodore Gorath commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Drug-Free Bone.
Sounds to me like he is just worried he is too old, and is overcompensating. She is a bit younger, after all.

My father is quite proud of his health as well, and there are not too many 70 year old dudes out there who do not rely on medication daily. Like all guys trying to pick up a woman, he is highlighting aspects of himself he thinks are impressive.

It is kind of cute, actually.

@5: Women have always been naturally accommodating and eager to seek comprise and avoid conflict. This is why women have been the glue of human civilization since the beginning. It may seem like a weakness in individual circumstances, but it is actually a great strength that humanity itself relies upon for its very existence.
May 18 Theodore Gorath commented on Ben Carson Busily Vetting Every Man, Woman, and Child to be Trump's VP.
Trump should ask Sanders to be his VP. That's a win/win/win right there.