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Oct 8 pfffter commented on Same-Sex Marriage Licenses Issued in Virginia, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, and Indiana.
@15 you're correct, it is binding, but there has to be a case for it to be binding against. A mandate can be issued for any state to have a ban struck down, but there has to be a) a case in the federal system seeking the ban to be struck down, and b) that case has to be in a district in which the Supreme Court just denied cert. The cases denied cert are only precedent in the federal court system in the respective districts and states within those districts. This is why cases are being filed in the other states in which bans have not been contested in federal district court (i.e., in the article you link to, why the ACLU is filing in Kansas, and today, has had the ban struck down).
Oct 6 pfffter commented on Same-Sex Marriage Licenses Issued in Virginia, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, and Indiana.
As for Kansas, Wyoming, and NC, they have to have a ruling, y'all. Someone has to bring suit in those cases in federal district court (not in state court, as in Wyoming), and then they can refer to their corresponding circuit's federal appeals court for the now standing precedent. Just need some plaintiffs, if there aren't already, and a ruling. I'm sure it's just a matter of time.
Aug 25 pfffter commented on California to Allow Dogs at Restuarants.
Good thing you don't live in California then, you jackass.
Aug 12 pfffter commented on What's Your Favorite Haruki Murakami Novel?.
Kafka on the Shore! SOOOO DAMN GOOD
Jul 28 pfffter commented on Ira Glass Tweets: "I Think I'm Realizing: Shakespeare Sucks".
Methinks Mr. Glass has been reading too much YA fiction and his mind has gone to rot. Poor dear. Maybe if Shakespeare had written his plays in 10-15 minute acts with brief interludes in between, they'd be a little more digestible for his atrophied brain?
Jul 22 pfffter commented on WATCH: Dave Meinert Shoved in Parks Meeting Melee! (Or Something!).
If I hadn't already voted for prop 1, I would vote against it just because that douche Meinert is for it. He's everything that's wrong with Seattle. Barf.
Jul 17 pfffter commented on Malaysian Airlines Plane Crashes in Ukraine.
OR maybe don't fly over ukraine
Jun 27 pfffter commented on Pro-Choice Activists Might Want to Emulate These Gay Boys.
I would do this in a heartbeat. WHERE do I sign up?
Feb 20 pfffter commented on Seattle Chief Overturns Discipline of Cop Who Threatened to Harass Me at Work.
At this point, I think I have heard more about this particular American tragedy than Pearl Harbor or the JFK assassination. Good lord, man, get over yourself and move on.

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