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Apr 2 Bloated Jesus is Bloated commented on Seattle Restaurant Owner Behaving Badly.
@38 and 40

There goes tkc on another strawman riddled, emotionally driven rant.

Calm the fuck down, you're behaving like a crazy person.
Apr 2 Bloated Jesus is Bloated commented on Indiana to Amend Anti-LGBT "Religious Freedom" Law.

The owner of this business admitted to not following anti-discrimination law and uses homophobic language on Buzzfeed.

Mar 30 Bloated Jesus is Bloated commented on Ivar’s Salmon House Is Going Tipless.
Originally, I did the math and found that if I cut my usual tip (20%) down to 15% after the wage increase, assuming the costs/bill would increase by 30%, that I would be giving the same amount of money in tip for the average cost of a night out. I'd like to be able to give the same amount in tips and want to make up for that 9-15% difference. You know, just add a 5% on top of what they're supposed to be getting.
Mar 25 Bloated Jesus is Bloated commented on I, Anonymous.
Why can't we make a fine for studded tire use when there isn't any snow or during certain times of the year?
Feb 13 Bloated Jesus is Bloated commented on Today's Dinosaur News: Jurassic World, a New Sauropod, and Christians Against Dinosaurs.
I'm sorry but running around with trained Velociraptors is a terrible idea.
Feb 11 Bloated Jesus is Bloated commented on Unpacking ABC's Fresh Off the Boat: Episodes One-Four.

It's terrible. The author reads way too into a very generic and superficial sitcom. Its essentially Everybody Hates Chris meets Malcolm in The Middle without the good child actors.

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