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Jan 6 Bloated Jesus is Bloated commented on Hillary Clinton To Run For President of New York City?.
@3ll5 Mind you, we had million more votes in 2008 than the total of this year.

The point is that millennials, like myself, are an untapped resource. And those who grew up under Obama will be an even greater powerhouse than any previous generation (and I don't count them as millennial).

By gawd, need the only person who represents all these groups to run in 2020. The first, and most important, #pbw to win the White House.L
Jan 6 Bloated Jesus is Bloated commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Snooper Boyfriend Keeps Snooping Through Passed Out Girlfriend's Phone.
@17 As far as I can tell, Chase hasn't made a string of outwardly anti-gay comments so, unless someone can find proof of them being homophobic, especially after attempting to discuss why straight cucks might be more plentiful than gay cucks, I'll just count it as a lighthearted joke m
Jan 6 Bloated Jesus is Bloated commented on Can Portlandia Be Funny In the Age of Trump?.
I would consider myself part of a lot of the groups this show pokes fun of and I'm damn proud of it!
Jan 6 Bloated Jesus is Bloated commented on Hillary Clinton To Run For President of New York City?.
@30 "If she didn't present a convincing case, how come she got more votes?"

Wiki says Hillary got 65,844,954 and Obama got 65,915,795. Obama got more votes. Quit making up your own votes. It should also be mentioned that Trump got 62,979,879 and Romney got 60,933,504. Perhaps we should be analyzing that as well.

My synopsis: had Hillary held onto Obama voters, she would have won by a significantly small percentage in swing states. Because, as we all know, 60,000 votes do matter.

I personally think it's a good idea to analyze how we did, why we lost, and evaluate what we can do better next time. Even if that means burying the person who gave us Trump as president. Hillary alienates people from the party. She doesn't belong in the 21st century. I mean, the woman chose a white guy that happens to speak Spanish to do outreach with the Hispanic community!

Can we all just agree that she sucks? Like, not even a hard level of suckiness. I mean, just place her on the same suckiness level as a high school teacher who you don't like.

Then we could just move on.
Jan 6 Bloated Jesus is Bloated commented on Centrist Democrats Using Putin and Russian Hackers To Maintain Control of Their Party.
"I think you are projecting an awful lot onto 'people who didn't vote'. The people you are talking about amount to 'people who didn't vote who I know'."

Oh, trust me, I feel the same about you. I'm just talking about the difference between the number of voters Obama got vs. Hillary. And I could only include 2012, and not the extraordinary numbers of 2008, in that sense. Because, as we both know, the difference between a win and a loss on the very minute level is between those two years.

"If you are not in the habit of venturing outside of it ... is going to give you a very distorted view of the motivations of the average voter (or non-voter)."

See, again, something I can agree with... About you. While I certainly don't live in the Midwest, I have family in Eastern Washington, the shit hole known as Ohio, and Colorado. I'm also engaged to a woman who, despite being foreign, has a very conservative family structure. Which, by all means, doesn't make me "knower of all" or anything. But it does give me some incite to a few things. For one, Hillary's issues with trade did have a net negative effect on those belonging to unions. Even the article I posted shows how she took them for granted, due to her ego, and lost that small percentage that may not have mattered to her but matters to the rest of us who are now fucked.

"To the contrary the vast majority of them are political naifs... fond of conspiracy theories, and vague ideas like 'they're all corrupt', 'there's no difference between the parties', or 'I'm just sick of all the yelling, the media circus etc.'"

The thing is, while you're correct in your assertions, Hillary was pretty fucking corrupt. Come on, even if she wasn't corrupt in the sense that she took money from foreign governments or manipulated the primary in her favor, she was corrupt in her own ego. Her sheer arrogance, her privilege, is what made her corrupt. There was no sense that she wasn't in it for herself. Again, this is a strength that Obama had when people pushed him into winning. People don't want someone who expects to win (on the left). They want, at their core, someone who doesn't want the presidency but has to because of the hero's journey.

Yes, this is silly but this is what makes two term presidencies in the new modern era. Hillary did everything she could to alienate every voter she could. She stayed married to a man that was accused of sexually assaulting women, she supported the Iraq war, she wanted to make flag burning a crime, and she was against gay marriage before she was for it (And, before you say, "Obama did it", remember that he had signed a 1996 document saying that he supported gay marriage). So, while he may have lied about being more conservative than he was, Hillary can be equally charged for lying about being more liberal than she is: the Contract with America (and the shit that came with it), lying about not being for the TPP when she obviously was (I mean, it would've been more respectable had she just defended the fucking thing), and her history of being a warhawk.

Can you just admit that she was a shit candidate and that we need to find someone better in the next four years? Can't we come together and say, "no more" to the bullshit of the past and find someone remarkable? And, more so, let go of this arrogance that leads to further alienation? I mean, who are you helping by calling people who stayed home deplorable? That's certainly not what Hillary meant when she first used the word. It also will mean we lose in four years. And, since you are obviously more knowledgeable than the rest of us plebs, shouldn't it be on your shoulder to let go over your wants and find someone that we can like too?

Jan 6 Bloated Jesus is Bloated commented on Centrist Democrats Using Putin and Russian Hackers To Maintain Control of Their Party.
I'll also throw this out as evidence for her sheer stupidity:…

Honestly, I wish 538 would look at the results and compare them to what they would've predicted had Hillary ran against a generic Republican. I'm guessing it would've aligned pretty well with the actual results.
Jan 6 Bloated Jesus is Bloated commented on Centrist Democrats Using Putin and Russian Hackers To Maintain Control of Their Party.
While I agree personality wins over substance, there's also what that personality stands for. Obama, despite being a bridge building type of guy, was also progressive while on the campaign trail. If he hadn't been, I doubt he would've beaten Hillary in the primary. But his ideas galvanised minorities and millennials in a way Hillary couldn't. You can call them idiots all you want but they voted for a great man while you're trying to defend a failed campaign.

Hillary has had a history of being attached to conservative ideas which made it difficult to believe her when she tried to talk to the left. It's not as if people didn't know who she was 8, 16, and 24 years ago. She's done some stupid shit that a lot of people couldn't forgive her for. Additionally, a lot of us who campaigned for Obama in 08, including myself, remember the kind of dirty tricks she tried to pull off during that primary. And that, mixed with the smugness and narcissism of many of her supporters this last year, just creates a level of resentment that meant she'd lose out of pure apathy.

It should be noted that a large sum of Bernie's support came from those of us who listened to him on the Thom Hartmann program when he'd do his weekly QA. That's where I got his ideas, plans, and planks. Now, would he have been able to do everything he wanted? No. But the starting position for debate in congress would've been farther to the left than it would have under Hillary (and, before you start typing, let's just accept that neither of them would've got much legislation passed with the Republicans in control so saying blank would've never happened is pointless since the very same thing would've happened under your preferred candidate).

Sorry, Due to her character/personality, she made every mistake possible. Her arrogance led her to choose Tim Kaine who, while a nice guy, wasn't going to win anyone over. If the Democrats want to win, the can no longer run a purely white ticket. Unfortunately, she didn't want to be out shined.

Her inability to think ahead, her arrogance, and a history of bad choices all made her a bad candidate. If you can't trust her to run a campaign, you can't trust her to run the country.
Jan 6 Bloated Jesus is Bloated commented on Hillary Clinton To Run For President of New York City?.
@23 I'm more concerned that if she stays in the limelight for the next 4 years, people will continue to tie her with the democratic party. That won't help us in the next general election. We need to be the opposite party of the billionaires club that is now the Republicans and having Hillary still around won't help that image.
Jan 6 Bloated Jesus is Bloated commented on Centrist Democrats Using Putin and Russian Hackers To Maintain Control of Their Party.
@28 Oh, honey, you're absolutely correct. Your limited view is the one correct view and everyone who disagrees is just a deplorable moron.

Now how about listening for a minute. Yes, there is no way we could've convinced the real (alt-right) deplorables to vote for our side. But, the bigger piece of the pie are the people who stayed home who came out for Obama in 08 and 12 (though, you've already childishly admitted to hating them too). I know a large number of them and, while I did end up voting for Hillary, I don't blame them for not. It was a difficult decision and not one I'm personally happy I made.

Thing is, there was a lot of fear based voting on the Democrats side (myself and obviously you included) but that's simply not a winning strategy for the left. If it were, we'd be Republicans. But we're better than that. While that may hurt us when we choose candidates who are unlikable (another way Democrats can't win) it forces us to find the Obamas who give us a renowned sense of hope and moves us greatly in the right direction.

Look, you bring up the socialist Jew thing like Hillary didn't have the old white woman with a shit ton of baggage thing or Obama didn't have, well, the Obama thing. The difference that would've helped Bernie, like it helped Obama, is that he's likable and people believe what he's saying. Plus he wouldn't have gone after the Bush vote like our idiot candidate did (talk about going for the deplorable vote!).

She also seemed like she felt entitled to the presidency which, frankly, puts liberals off to a high degree. People seemed to have a viscerally negative reaction to that. Had she ran as a Republican, on the other hand, they would've cherished that aspect of her like they have with Trump.

Anyway, I doubt you'll read this or care because you really need to have to defend some old lady that nobody likes and didn't know how to run a campaign for some reason.