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Apr 27 Bloated Jesus is Bloated commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: The Photo Play.
Not to mention that, while secretly indulging in his own kinks, he had 1) ignored her kinks, and 2) hid his despite her potentially enjoying them. Then there's the obvious hint of him guilt tripping her for years over an emotional relationship (one she insinuated wasn't physical).

Sounds like an insecure (I mean, he was hiding his kinks and getting jelly all the while indulging himself!), selfish dick.

If he doesn't start pulling his weight emotionally and physically, DTMFA.
Apr 2 Bloated Jesus is Bloated commented on Seattle Restaurant Owner Behaving Badly.
@38 and 40

There goes tkc on another strawman riddled, emotionally driven rant.

Calm the fuck down, you're behaving like a crazy person.
Apr 2 Bloated Jesus is Bloated commented on Indiana to Amend Anti-LGBT "Religious Freedom" Law.

The owner of this business admitted to not following anti-discrimination law and uses homophobic language on Buzzfeed.…
Mar 30 Bloated Jesus is Bloated commented on Ivar’s Salmon House Is Going Tipless.
Originally, I did the math and found that if I cut my usual tip (20%) down to 15% after the wage increase, assuming the costs/bill would increase by 30%, that I would be giving the same amount of money in tip for the average cost of a night out. I'd like to be able to give the same amount in tips and want to make up for that 9-15% difference. You know, just add a 5% on top of what they're supposed to be getting.
Mar 25 Bloated Jesus is Bloated commented on I, Anonymous.
Why can't we make a fine for studded tire use when there isn't any snow or during certain times of the year?
Feb 13 Bloated Jesus is Bloated commented on Today's Dinosaur News: Jurassic World, a New Sauropod, and Christians Against Dinosaurs.
I'm sorry but running around with trained Velociraptors is a terrible idea.

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