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May 15 Hanoumatoi commented on Washington Post: President Trump Gave "Highly Classified" Intelligence to Russian Officials.
Yeah, criticizing the orange billionaire who has no clue how things work really signals elitism.
May 15 Hanoumatoi commented on Guy Ritchie’s Macho Bluster Ruins King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.
@1 I'm sad, I really wanted a fun Arthur romp :(
May 9 Hanoumatoi commented on Update: Hanford Nuclear Site in Lockdown Over Emergency.
Fun fact! Nuclear power is still one of the safest forms of power in the world! It just is more obvious when it kills people, because it's a specific incident, while coal and oil are just killing people all the time slowly through cancer!
Note that the higher numbers from wind and solar do not mean that I advocate nuclear over their use, but nuclear is scarier because it's so other that we ignore all the deaths caused by other forms of energy.
May 9 Hanoumatoi commented on Trump Just Fired FBI Director James Comey.
No chance he nominates Christie, he's having too much fun ghosting him.
Apr 20 Hanoumatoi commented on Two SPD Officers Shot During Robbery Investigation in Downtown Seattle.
Glad to hear that the police officers are not badly injured. Hope they have a speedy recovery.
Apr 4 Hanoumatoi commented on Democrats Have the Votes to Filibuster Gorsuch.
@5: sure, but it wouldn't mean anything. If they are willing to go nuclear over Gorsuch, why would replacing it mean anything?
Apr 4 Hanoumatoi commented on Mayor Ed Murray Bails on Plan for Homelessness Levy.
@6: no, it is exactly more regressive, that's how taxes work. You may prefer a different choice , but that doesn't make it more regressive.

I will say that I hope this being a county thing helps the situation here in Burien, by which I mean the hundreds of residents decrying how homeless people use the library, and just wishing they'd all go away.
Mar 29 Hanoumatoi commented on Plans For a West Seattle Whole Foods Have Been Indefinitely Delayed.
I hope more "buy organic" stores have to pull back. That whole scam is tiresome.
Mar 16 Hanoumatoi commented on Beauty and the Beast Is Like The Bachelor, but There’s Only One Rose and It’s Dying.
Get over yourself, just because it's not what you want in a movie review doesn't mean it's not one. You seem to have gotten most of her points but for some reason missed the fact that she brought them up.
Mar 10 Hanoumatoi commented on Mayor Murray Interrupted by Youth Jail Protesters During Irish Week Kickoff Speech.
If you don't want to house kids for corrections, you're going to just get anyone charged with anything serious tried as an adult... but it won't even work because the laws of the state dictate. The new facility is designed to do all the things these people say they want for these youths, but it also fulfills our legal responsibility (and moral) of being able to hold youths out of society for a time if necessary.