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Oct 30, 2014 Seattle14 commented on Vote for Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon, Even Though He Voted for the Boeing Deal.
Can't be too idealistic Boeing Deal was needed. Sometimes life sucks.
Oct 30, 2014 Seattle14 commented on Stephen Colbert's Interview with Anita Sarkeesian About #Gamergate Was a Big Deal.
Ok what the heck is Gamer Gate I never gotten a good explanation
Oct 28, 2014 Seattle14 commented on America Is Fighting a Class War, and Hillary Clinton Needs to Recognize That Fact.
Let's also keep in mind candidates who only get the "liberal" vote don't end up winning, see Ted Kennedy. You also need to win the black vote like Obama did in 2008. So Clinton would need to lose the black vote again for her to lose the nomination.
Oct 28, 2014 Seattle14 commented on White Men Do Not Like Public Transportation.
@ 5 I also live in the white neighborhood with a fair number of Asians and Indians and they are very welcoming of the yellow and brown people.
Oct 22, 2014 Seattle14 commented on Coordinated Terror Attacks in Ottawa.
@ 12 The left's view on Canada is pretty romanticized, not as awesome as thought. Not to say this isn't a horrible tragedy.

@ 12 He a Canadian Conservative which is like a Euruopean one so he not right wing he center-right.
Oct 20, 2014 Seattle14 commented on Sarah Treem, Co-Creator of The Affair, Is Realistic About Her Own Marriage.
10-20% seems low to be seems like should be higher based on marriages I've seen. But the left with be cynical while the right is just nuts.
Oct 20, 2014 Seattle14 commented on Lunchtime!.
Best thing is the meatloaf sandwich
Oct 15, 2014 Seattle14 commented on Our Endorsements for the November General Election! (Plus CHEAT SHEET!).
Slog good endorsements, I too want single payer but you need to build you way up, ACA was a good first step. Don't go straight to house from college dorms, you get an apartment first.
Oct 14, 2014 Seattle14 commented on Mark Zuckerberg Just Gave $25 Million to Fight Ebola, but He Owes Us a Whole Lot More Than That.
@ 13 Being Extreme is not a good thing, with language like that no better than SeattleBlues. Do we need to change the system yes but my god you get the feeling that some people here want to take every rich person par and feather them and march them to the street.

Paul I commend Zuck here he did a good thing, yes he should be paying more in taxes but still a good thing.

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