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Apr 23 kylecheez commented on RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap: Keeping Up with “Reality Stars: The Musical”.
Hubby and I thought it was a terrific episode. Ru's line of, "Some people wear their victimhood like a badge of honor," was especially awesome. @1 if you're ok with ponying up $30, you can get the whole season on Amazon. Advantage: no ads, no bleeps, and it feels a little less network edited in general. You do have to wait past midnight of a new episode to see it, depending on your time zone.
Apr 21 kylecheez commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Kept in the Closet with Golden Handcuffs.
Yeah LW has a reason to be nervous about killing the golden goose, but extremely unlikely that anyone will give a shit. Also, the secretaries/female co-workers already know that hubby is a cocksucker.
Apr 18 kylecheez commented on ITMFA Donates $100,000 to ACLU, Planned Parenthood and IRAP.
Just use option #7, "Give," if you don't want shipping or stuff.
Apr 4 kylecheez commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: After 15 Years, Her Husband Still Looks Like A Child & She's Not Into It.
Couples therapy, stat. But not necessarily to save the marital relationship. Find a counselor that they both feel comfortable with and throw out some emotional baggage and leave it on the floor. She is def harboring some resentments, (caregiver, @3), or maybe it's just really annoying to be with a twinkie man that runs marathons, whereas she eats all the Twinkies. If they can both move on fine. Or at least they can have some supervised meltdowns and he won't feel so confused/hurt when it's time to divorce. Either way a ton of work but it would be better for both in the long run.
Mar 22 kylecheez commented on Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz for President?.
I really feel that Schultz has his heart in the right place, but business experience != political/legal/historical/constitutional experience. Electing hacks thinking, (and who think), that political naivete will somehow make the system better only fucks up the system more.
Mar 21 kylecheez commented on Trump Wants To Go To Mars, NASA Gets $19.5 Billion in Funding.
It's blast from the past day! Do we get to hear about the hydrogen economy next? I can't wait!
Mar 21 kylecheez commented on Trump Doesn't Give Two Shits About His Supporters (And Neither Should You).
As I don't live in the Rust Belt, I can't make a judgement call there. However *all* of the twitler supporters I know personally, (in the Southeast), *all* have pretty comfy lifestyles. While most are not lavish, they all own homes, boats, motorcycles, full sized 4x4 trucks, etc. Many even have college degrees. When I hear/read about reaching out to repub twitler voters, I just snicker.
Mar 16 kylecheez commented on Protesters In Nashville Chant "Bless Your Heart" at Asshole Trump Supporter.
@22 Technically more correct yes, but the gist, (chanting no less), is the same.
Mar 16 kylecheez commented on Protesters In Nashville Chant "Bless Your Heart" at Asshole Trump Supporter.
Erhmmm... "Bless your heart" means "Fuck you" in Southern, especially in this context.
Mar 13 kylecheez commented on Reader E-Mailbag: Sugary Drink Tax is a Smart Investment in Kids, How to Fight the AIDS Epidemic.
@3, @4 You don't need soda to survive, therefore a tax on soda/sugar drinks is not regressive. Also, soda companies bear a striking resemblance to tobacco companies as well:…