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Nov 12, 2014 s.maxim commented on Vote for the Best Worst Tattoo!.
@30, see that's why tramp-stamp 16 y/o is such a good choice. She struck out on a level-headed parent. Let's at least give her this win in life.
Nov 10, 2014 s.maxim commented on Lunchtime!.
I love Sam's! The sardine sandwich is REALLY good and I don't even like sardines. :)
Oct 20, 2014 s.maxim commented on Lunchtime!.
Bakeman's was the highlight of working in Pioneer Square. I really miss their food.
Oct 8, 2014 s.maxim commented on Seattle Landlords Are the Weirdest People.
echoing what @12 wrote. Also, all the "weird" landlords described sound like ordinary Pacific Northwesterners to me
Sep 10, 2014 s.maxim commented on Allison Williams in Peter Pan Makes My Junk Tingle.
And not so much as a simple nod to Mary Martin...
Aug 12, 2014 s.maxim commented on Westlake Mall Cop Ignores Agitator, Maces African-American Bystander at Israel Protest.
Wow. This really boils my blood. Those photographs clearly show the mall cop failing hard.

All that aside, it broke my heart to read Wilford state "I've been treated like that all my life, so it kinda brushes off"
No one should have to live like that.
Aug 5, 2014 s.maxim commented on Woody Allen on Gaza: "The Arabs Were Not Very Nice in the Beginning".
@3 I just finished reading that book and it was super eye opening. Really glad I got it and hope many others will read it.
Jul 26, 2014 s.maxim commented on What I Learned on Day One of Capitol Hill Block Party.
this looks awful
Jun 4, 2014 s.maxim commented on New South Park Bridge to Open June 30!.
Yay! Now I can get to Loretta's a bit faster ;)
May 7, 2014 s.maxim commented on If You Believe Abortion Is a Right, You Need to Stop Telling Women How and When They Should Get Abortions.
I'm with @28.
I don't really care why she had to get an abortion, or what she did/didn't do that led to that moment. It's just the video...I dunno.. It's pretty weird. Like, a little too calculated or staged.

I guess I'm a monster. whatever.

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