Apr 4, 2015 randoma commented on CenturyLink Apologizes for Misleading Customer About Its Gigabit Internet Service.
Could someone explain to me exactly what one 'needs' gigabit internet for? I have 2Mbps and I have no problem streaming anything I've ever wanted..
Jan 5, 2015 randoma commented on Some Interesting Details About the Woman Who Was Shot to Death by Her 2-Year-Old Son in an Idaho Walmart.
I do not understand why anyone, carrying a firearm in a zipper purse pocket, would feel the need to have a round in the chamber. Especially if she wasn't carrying it for "protection".
Dec 2, 2014 randoma commented on The Morning News: Protesters Marched Again Last Night, Organizers Vow to Continue.
263 million dollars for 50,000 body cameras works out to over $5,000 per camera. $263 million should be enough to get a body camera for every policeman in the US! (roughly 780,000) or $300/camera.
Sep 12, 2014 randoma commented on Want to Protect Police Officers? Close Gun Sale Loopholes, Group Says.
Considering that around 50 police officers are killed with firearms in the entire USA annually, I'm a little skeptical that any meaningful data went into the breathless charts in this article.

Here is a very nice, detailed, interactive map with information about policemen killed by guns over the past decade:


A quick perusal shows that 41 (out of 511) deaths were with a firearm purchased on the black market, 77 were stolen, 107 were legally purchased, 46 were borrowed (not sure exactly what the details of 'borrowed' were), 16 were a straw purchase, 51 were department issue (I'm assuming this was a case where the officer was killed with their own firearm).

California (very strict gun laws - 47 deaths) had almost as many police officers killed as Texas (very lax gun laws - 46 deaths). Yes, I know, California has a much larger population than Texas.
Aug 22, 2014 randoma commented on What Are White Liberals Going to Do About the Westlake Mall Cop Who Pepper Sprayed an Innocent Black Man?.
"Alex Garland, a photographer, plays a slideshow showing how the pepper spray incident unfoleded"

So why isn't the Mall Cop looking for a new job yet?
Aug 21, 2014 randoma commented on FBI Data Proves That Washington Background Checks Stop Dangerous Gun Sales, Group Says.
(That should have read: "most crime GUNS come from friends..etc")
Aug 21, 2014 randoma commented on FBI Data Proves That Washington Background Checks Stop Dangerous Gun Sales, Group Says.
So convicted felons attempted to purchase less than 1% of the total firearms sold in Washington state? (Roughly 4 million total applications in the time period, 40,000 were rejected).

Do we have any figures (estimates) of how many firearms are sold without background checks? Do we have any figures on how many people that were denied then went on to purchase a firearm anyway? Or are we just assuming that they immediately went to a gun show and purchased a firearm there? (Even though FBI evidence shows that most crime come from friends and relatives.)

Incidentally, if a right-wing publication had published a graph like the one about NICS Background checks denials in the study, the Stranger would be all over how misleading the graph is...
Aug 18, 2014 randoma commented on The Morning News: Fatal Stabbing at Bellevue Burger King, and a Victory Against ISIS in Iraq.
While I'm of the general opinion that the Police have become a militarized gang that answers only to itself, the Washington Post article is just about the most biased, hatchet piece I've ever read.

IE: Brown is a mild-mannered timid kid who was only stealing as a "prank".

Wilson is a tortured soul from a broken home with a criminal for a mother. (No mention of the status of Brown's parents is included - he's staying with his saintly grandmother).

The co-conspirator is the only witness quoted in the first 3/4th of the article - only towards the end does it mention what the other (conflicting) views are.

Also, if I'm walking down the middle of the street and a cop tells me to get on the f---- sidewalk. I don't f-ing argue with him. I get on the f-ing sidewalk.
Aug 10, 2014 randoma commented on Boring Report: Goodbye, Big Red Crane.
@3, Wait. He's pissed because someone else is going to be making a THIRD of his salary? (Rather than a fifth.)
Jul 22, 2014 randoma commented on New Book Alleges Hillary Clinton Was an "Enthusiastic" Pot Smoker.
@2 Apparently being a drunk and a cokehead don't matter compared to smoking pot!