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May 4, 2014 GermanGirl commented on SL Letter of the Day: The Bi Girl's Dilemma.
I know that there are hook up and dating sites for bisexuals out there. But if the LW wants more advice: There is a forum for bisexuals like her and even though it is not for dating, she will find lots of other bisexual women there and can talk and get advice there. The website is
Feb 20, 2013 GermanGirl commented on Savage Love.
concerning the ring question: I agree with Dan: it isn't worth fighting about it. I wanted a cheap engagement ring as well, but my husband got me a beautiful ring that cost more than a grand (I just found out a couple of days ago that it was the single most expensive object he ever bought even though he spent a lot on his computer too). I'm allergic to it and can't have it touch my skin, I'm still afraid I might loose it. But we didn't fight about it. It just is not worth the fight, let him have his way. (we got cheap wedding rings that looked very good when we got them but now after 1 1/2 years their black color start to fade. The engagement ring still looks like it looked when I got it, even though I have it on me every day)

concerning the sister: I had to reschedule my own wedding plans, because my sister scheduled her wedding close to my date (she decided later on the marrying than we did). Her husband refused to have a double wedding or moving the date. It meant that I couldn't be there because I can't fly to the old continent that often and it meant that I had to move my own wedding party because expecting the extended family to attend 2 weddings in one month sounded not like a good idea. She didn't decide on her date to hurt me or ruin my plans, she just forgot in the heat of the moment to check for conflicts. I would give the letter writer's sister the benefit of the doubt too: she was planning the wedding for only 48 hours so far and it sounded as if she didn't inquire for any conflicts before the LW pointed out that there was one weekend that was already booked. as I said (and as it was said before by others) give her the benefit of the doubt. I doubt that the decision has anything to do with the gender queer status of the LW.
Nov 28, 2012 GermanGirl commented on Savage Love.
I think monogamy or polygamy is a choice but I wouldn't call nonmonogamy the natural option of the two. It is my choice whether I have sex with one partner or more - I don't think it is necessarily a choice whether I do love more than one person enough for romantic relationship or not. Loving more than one person has nothing to do with with how many people I have sex. my mom is poly in the sense that she loves more than one person romantically but it was her choice to live in a monogamous relationship. I am poly and apart from a husband I have to partners I share love with but I only have sex with my husband. I do think under the right conditions (whatever that means to the individual) everyone is capable of polygamy or monogamy but everyone prefers on of the modells at any given time (and this preference can change) but how you feel love is not the same for all people and I think the way how you feel love influences which model you prefer and choose.
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Sep 19, 2012 GermanGirl commented on Savage Love.
for me, both taking come in my mouth and doggystyle are not degrading but I do see how it can feel that way for others.
I dislike the taste of male come (it was too salty for me in all the different cases I tried - since I eat almost saltless in normal life, too salty is a problem)and since the tastebuds are in my mouth, I rarely let my partner come into my mouth.
The other thing is with blowjobs and doggystyle I experienced having less control since my partner can't see my face to read expression or see my nonverbal hints and I'm really bad in saying stop during sex (I gag easily and doggystyle is sometimes painful to me for some reason and I have some issues with control so I usually "turn off" my brain which leaves me unable to formulate appropriate words in English). I still do - and like doing - both sex acts from time to time but it took me more than 3 months to do that and it took a partner who didn't expect me to do it and who didn't bug me about it. So if LW1 can't be patient or can't stand the idea of not getting those things often he should just dump her to give both of them the chance of finding someone compatible.
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Apr 25, 2012 GermanGirl commented on Savage Love.
I and my partner were a hookup at first. Hookup turned into affair but we wanted to end it when I left Canada 6 months later... luckily we were really bad in ending it and now I'm happily married and prepare my permanent move to Canada...
and my only relationship before was a hookup first too. I even refused to give him my number - but we met again, hooked up some more and it turned into a relationship that lasted 4 years and we are still friends