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Apr 9 derpyderpington commented on The Actual Economics of Cities Raising the Minimum Wage For Every Employee, Tipped and Untipped (Spoiler Alert: Things Turn Out Fine).
@16: Which is why, as a small business owner, I will not engage in this "discussion". I want $15/hour now, because in the greater scheme of things that's not too much money. Also, income equality is not good for anyone! I went to Olympia to rally for an income tax. I'm not a monster, I just own a business.

But the $15/now people are far too loaded with $15/now, $30/tomorrow, end to capitalism week? Wednesday around 3:30 good for you? Lets pencil that in. Anyone who owns a car and a house is clearly a rich asshole, so lets go ahead and put those heads on pikes next Wednesday at 3:30. Those of you who are not on Capitol Hill can go ahead and call the conference line at 1-866-NO-MONAYS.

There is NO ROOM for people who support the socialist agenda, and AREN'T DESPERATELY POOR. I wish there was.
Apr 9 derpyderpington commented on Council Member Sawant, Can We Talk?.
"I am writing today to hopefully begin a discussion"

Good luck with that.

No doubt the discussion about to happen in the comments section is about the same caliber of discussion you can expect from Sawant.
Apr 3 derpyderpington commented on Your Favorite Indie Shop Is Out of Business if $15-an-Hour Happens.
I'm still stuck on the shallow nature of examining the total increase in the cost of doing business.

There's a lunch I like at my neighborhood pub. It's a sausage on a roll with sauerkraut and a side salad and a pint of beer. It's served to me by someone who will soon be making $15/hour, and I think thats great! It's also made in the kitchen by someone who will be making $15/hour and I am cool with that as well. My lunch used to cost $12, but now it costs $13 because of the increased cost of labor at the pub.

But wait. The sausage is from Cascioppo Brothers, the roll is from Essential Baking, the sour kraut is from Firefly Kitchens, the beer is from Georgetown and the salad was purchased at Cash and Carry (because lets be honest).

Hell even the pint glass the beer gets served in is from Bargreen-Ellison, whos warehouse people now make $15/hour stocking shelves, so that glass costs a nickle more.

All of those suppliers have also needed to pass on their increased labor costs to the pub, so now my lunch costs $14.

I mention all of this simply because I see a lot of people here failing to look at the whole picture and over simplifying the impact. I am pro-$15/hour, but if you're one of those people who's posting math here which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that this will not effect small businesses, you're full of shit.
Apr 3 derpyderpington commented on Your Favorite Indie Shop Is Out of Business if $15-an-Hour Happens.

I am not an accountant, but I do like math. You stated:

"Your total costs (TC) are made up of 30% labor, so Labor cost (LC) is 0.3*TC. Your other costs (OC) are then 0.7*TC. Now labor costs go up by 18%. That means LC' = 1.18*LC = 1.18*0.3*TC = 0.354*TC. So your total costs are now LC' + OC = 1.054*TC. So your total costs went up 5.4%"

Where it looks like you see the TC of doing business at Liberty impacted by $15/hour as only labor costs. That OC remains stable after $15/hour seems to indicate that none of the other factors in the Liberty supply chain are going to be impacted. Local beer, wine, liquor, food ingredients, furniture, glassware - basically everything sourced within the city will be a little more expensive as those manufactures pass along their increased LC.

Is there a way to reasonably factor in the impact to Liberty in OC? Thats gotta change somehow, unless they get everything from out of town. Which is one of my underlying concerns - that increased prices for goods manufacture in city will be more expensive than those made elsewhere and trucked in.
Apr 2 derpyderpington commented on Your Favorite Indie Shop Is Out of Business if $15-an-Hour Happens.
"I feel like we should move this conversation to Liberty's Yelp page."

They sell torches at Target. We can stop there on the way to Liberty to pick some up.

I still haven't seen any real discussion regarding the impact on manufacturing. If I get a sausage lunch at my local pub, and that pub uses Ulis sausage, how much more does my lunch cost? The pub will add $1 to cover the rise in wages for it's staff, but Uli will raise the cost of his sausage as well to cover his costs.

If the pub is now charging $10 where it used to charge $8, I would think it'd be worth while to dump Uli and go with an out of town sausage maker. Would customers really notice?

Bars and restaurants will always be around because people will always want to eat and drink, but I wonder about the impact to the (admittedly tiny) manufacturing sector in the city.
Apr 2 derpyderpington commented on Your Favorite Indie Shop Is Out of Business if $15-an-Hour Happens.
@99: They can't. But they can outsource the production of the raw materials they sell. If it costs a little less to acquire produce, spirits, wine or liquor from out of town, then they will do that to defray their own increased costs. "Locally sourced" will come to mean "sourced from some place which is not going to be impacted by $15/hour, and thus will remain competitive".

Why would any bar or restaurant in Seattle stock local beer/wine/liquor when they make perfectly fine inebriates in Oregon, which will no doubt cost less when local suppliers up their prices to compensate for the bump?

That's one piece which I always see missing from the overly simplistic math bandied about in the comments. That an increase in the minimum wage means that the only cost to the service industry is in payroll. There is a corresponding cost to them purchasing anything produced in the city, since those suppliers need to raise their costs as well.
Mar 28 derpyderpington commented on What If We Made Only Businesses with $1 Billion in Yearly Sales Pay $15 Minimum Wage?.

That sounds like my business! I have a single, part-time employee and volunteer all of my free time (when I'm not working my day job) at my non-viable business trying to build it into something which would be better able to support real living wages for the people who live in this city which I love. Thanks to your enlightening comment, I now know that I should take my dreams, roll them up nice and tight, and shove them up my big, fat, corporate ass.
Mar 4 derpyderpington commented on Internet Service by Drone.
This would be so cool. I can't wait to live in a world where I can never not be working.
Feb 15 derpyderpington commented on What Do You Think of the iWatch?.
@12 I'm doubtful that the FDA would get involved. If they did it would be because some Senator pushed them to because "Apple!".

EHRs and PHRs are not currently regulated by the FDA and for good reason. There are simply too many products and too many lines of code to pick through looking for bugs. I see this kind of device as an offshoot of the PHR where data are stored in some cloud version of the old Google Health Vault.

Apple just needs to be sure to use the appropriate "not intended to diagnose any real issues" language.
Feb 7 derpyderpington commented on First Draft.
Nice start! A primer on cask beer, belgians, stouts and barley wines would be nice prior to the well known local events specific to those styles. Please go ahead and delete the "Are there too many breweries in Ballard?" article if you've already written it. Maybe something on the local homebrew scene?

Never had PtY because I don't wait in line for beer.

@11 - a properly filled growler should be capped on foam. The foam will collapse and leave a layer of CO2 on top to preserve the beer. Once you open it though, the quality is in your hands. Consume it entirely, as soon as possible.


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