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Pridge Wessea is glad he lives in Washington State.
Sep 9 Pridge Wessea commented on The Election Is Tightening—Don't Waste Your Vote.
Can we first get rid of the notion that voting for Stein is exactly the same as voting for Trump?

No, because it is.We have a two party system that is pretty locked into place for the Presidency via the Electoral College and has been ever since there were federalists vs anti-federalists. No amount of wishing that your "protest" vote will mean a damn thing will change that. You're not going to win a single electoral vote - 16 years later, the thing that people most remember about Nader was that he was a spoiler that gave us GWB because people "voted their conscience." Why is this so fucking hard to understand? When, in the entire history of the country, has a third party acted as anything but a spoiler in a Presidential election?
Sep 9 Pridge Wessea commented on The Election Is Tightening—Don't Waste Your Vote.
What I read here is a lot of these Green Tea Party people voting their "conscience" have really shitty consciences. They might give themselves a warm fuzzy for a brief and completely ineffectual moment, but their actions give us things like Citizens United, the GOP platform, and Donald Trump. You can't sugarcoat it - to think otherwise is to live in an alternate reality unconnected to history or facts, just like their namesakes.

We call out the right wing for being dumbasses and we don't apologize for hurting their feelings because they might not come to our side; we shouldn't pull any punches with the delusional Green Tea Party either.
Aug 26 Pridge Wessea commented on EOD: We Asked 9 Petting Zoo Critters At Animal Encounters What They Think of ST3.
@1 - And don't forget the "if the system isn't designed exactly the way I think it should be using the technology I think it should be using, regardless of regional politics and sub-area equity, then the entire system is worthless and anything having to do with it is worthless" arguments.

In before Seattle is called a backwater shithole by an armchair transit planner.
Aug 12 Pridge Wessea commented on The Only Thing Sausage Party Says: “I Can Say What I Want”.
@8 - Riiiiight. Says the man outraged by a review posted to a local indie paper because SJW or some shit.
Aug 12 Pridge Wessea commented on The Only Thing Sausage Party Says: “I Can Say What I Want”.
@2 - the irony of you, with the username you chose, calling anyone else an "outrage addict."
Aug 12 Pridge Wessea commented on ST3 Supporters to Reuven Carlyle: We Can Fund Education and Transit.
@11 - I love how your "solution" to traffic issues is to pit more busses onto already crowded streets. Yes yes, I know you said BRT up there too, but whens the last time we actually took space away from cars to make BRT truly BRT? We don't. I've seen what happened to Rapid Ride and I'll take the grade separated not-in-traffic rail option.

@12 - What a shitton of disingenuous bullshit.

@13 - Moving back to your libertarian paradise of Idaho huh?
Aug 12 Pridge Wessea commented on EOD: Why Millennials Love Hillary Clinton*.
@33 - Since when was Obama an anti-establishment candidate? He never claimed to be. He and Clinton are politically nearly identical and that was clear in the primary too.

I bet that's one of the big reasons why he won and Bernie didn't.
Aug 12 Pridge Wessea commented on Why State Senator Reuven Carlyle—a Democrat Representing Ballard—Won't Endorse Sound Transit 3.
@10 - This. I thought the same thing when I read that comment.

@11 - I bet you also thought that marriage equality wouldn't happen either, let alone from the ballot box. Things change. Go back to Idaho. (And unhide your comment history coward)