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Apr 10, 2013 UrbanDuck commented on Two Year Old Shoots Mother In the Stomach With Significant Other's Glock.
Good work for @23, you've got a few bites. But I can't tell if you are being sarcastic or straight calling Noam Chomsky a 'noted right-wing zealot'.

So I looked at the four Chomsky books on my shelf, and this is what he has said on gun control. This is in both "Secrets, Lies and Democracy" (1996, pg 38) and "Keeping the Rabble in Line" (1994, pg 200), so I suspect he means it.

"Guns in the hands of American citizens are not going to make the country more benign. They're going to make it more brutal, ruthless and destructive. So while one can recognize the motivation that lies behind some of the opposition to gun control, I think it's sadly misguided."

By reputation, Chomsky particularly liked meeting blusterguts, because then he'd rip them a new one.

Apr 4, 2013 UrbanDuck commented on SL Letter of the Day: How Do I Know?.
I admit to a surge of affection for the probably young LW for even caring if he is giving his girlfriend orgasms.

If she is young/insecure/too uncomfortable to talk, why not get her to read Dan's columns and archives with you, as "entertainment', to start opening up the conversation.
Apr 4, 2013 UrbanDuck commented on Unhinged Anti-Gay Bigots in Manitoba Force Gay Couple to Close Restaurant.
@18 There are only three 'fundamentalist' spots in Canada, and as far as I know, Manitoba was free of them. This is bullying and homophobia. Polite Canadians don't even talk about religion, except to make fun of Harper's cabinet picks.

I am with @20 on the xenophobia (at best and more often, benign indifference) of small prairie towns, it takes years to fit in no matter how well you blend.

These guys have a history of quitting, maybe they are in the 'little-bit disingenuous' subset of gay men? You know the small town council would pull out their own teeth to keep a business going, and no Canadian town wants a Charter of Rights and Freedoms case. And the couple is leaving, not going to a complaint resolution stage, which the couple would easily win.
Apr 2, 2013 UrbanDuck commented on Savage Love.
A wimpy capped scooter is far scarier to me than a real motorcycle that can go highway speeds.

The danger isn't falling so much, that happens but experience and the motorcycle safety classes help, the problem is not being seen by cars and not being able to put yourself in a safe spot in the road. Being able to go the speed of traffic helps you be in a safe place.

But I am biased, I really miss my motorcycle riding days. And I was a passenger with my parents from a very young age.

Anyway, fear-controlling is never a good place to be with someone you love. That said, I completely agree with the moustache thing, but that is more of an ick thing.

Apr 2, 2013 UrbanDuck commented on "A kilo is a kilo is a kilo.".
Really @21? Cause I am part of a Fantasy Sloggers League, and I am keeping track of the wins on a big whiteboard. Just saying.

I'd say who I've drafted, but I don't want to knock them off their stride.
Mar 8, 2013 UrbanDuck commented on Advice Cop: Prudie Blows a Tiny Dick....
Would the fellow with the micropenis be able to get a prosthetic cock sheath? It seems all the elements are available. There are custom fitted sex toys and it is easy to make a dildo copy of a penis even at home.

Not that he needs a big penis. For some of us, dirty teeth and bad financial planning are way more of a turn-off.
Mar 8, 2013 UrbanDuck commented on SL Letter of the Day: Wipe Out.
Would he even be interested in her if she wasn't 'quasi-famous'? How often do guys bother to chase people with whom they have embarrassed themselves?*
If she is quasi-famous and having one-night stands, then you'd think she would have the tools and confidence to tell him to go away. If she is responding vaguely to his texts she might be doing a little entourage thing. (And he knows so much about her hard life.) Even assuming she is completely innocent of mind games, his insecurity and inexperience seem to be a worrisome combination with a woman in emotional mess of a separation.

Since it is unlikely that she is a delicate and fragile flower, one last honest text seems fine. No answer at all, a no, or an evasive answer all mean he should not look back. He can only control his own reactions.

*I know, lots, but this guy has no need to prove himself, he only failed in his mind. One of the most disconcerting but comforting truths is that 'it' isn't all about you.
Feb 27, 2013 UrbanDuck commented on Savage Love.
Slate did an article in their "medical examiner" section on this topic. Their conclusion was that IUDs are generally a good birth control option even for young woman without children. The article is called "Why Have Teen Pregnancy Rates Dropped?"

Aug 1, 2012 UrbanDuck commented on Savage Love.
So, yeah, communication = good. The wife obviously wants to talk, lets hope it isn't some shaming trap. I also really hope she doesn't think she owns his thoughts. Let the man be private as he wants on the computer.

Because, really, are we all supposed to dance around naked for google and microsoft? Broadcast our browser history as some sort of proud personal statement of identity? Submit to even more directed ads, and stupid attacks because most people can't even set their privacy settings? (I thought people were getting over the 'this is what i had for breakfast' twitter stage.) Good gods, let introverts be introverts, even on their computers, please. Granted, this man is 'caught' because he changed his normal laissez-faire browser history routine, so his situation is a little different.

The other duck in my family is a scary(skilled) computer guy - so I know nothing is truly private. I do like to make the people writing the software work a little harder.

Jun 9, 2012 UrbanDuck commented on SL Letter of the Day: Pout It Out.
"I'm marrying him because I love him. As you probably know. Relationships based on sex ends twice as quickly as they started."

That worries me, because that is the reaction of a thinking head, when clearly her body is unhappy and shutting down on her responses. And imagine where that path will take you in 10 years or with a few kids. I hope you aren't planning to marry this man as soon as you graduate - please give yourself time after you graduate and away from the pressures of school.

I like the practical advice, Dan's and Seandr @13. Call him on the pouting, stop lying about coming, make him read your letter and the responses. (You are both grown-ups, right?) Maybe he is a fine and good man for you, and I hope you can can fix this. You do know that any smart man would be completely appreciative of your natural sex drive?

Good sex is cerebral too. Where is your head when he is licking you and you have your vibrator? Maybe he needs to appreciate what's happening in your head, too.

A lot of people are saying that she isn't communicating, or he isn't communicating, but it sounds like she is trying hard to communicate in different ways to make that connection. As suggested several times, it is very possible that there is manipulation or the bad kind of power games. Good luck though.