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Jun 17 McBomber commented on The Morning News: Gay Men Turned Away from Local Blood Banks, USA Soccer Team Earns Hard-Fought Victory.
@1, thanks for the tip. Unlike this rag and King5, the SW article took the time to speak to a blood center representative. As they explain, yes the FDA removed the ban, but that means blood centers have to update their questionnaire system, then submit that to the FDA and await approval. It takes time. A protest is good to expose the backwards rule, but blaming local blood centers is counterproductive. They're on our side.
May 8 McBomber commented on Brief Interviews with Trump Supporters About Their Parents' Political Pasts.
@1&8, I see it more as lazy than stupid. Racism, sexism, liberal-hating, they're all just so much easier than challenging oneself to think about society as individuals. These folks are just lazy, and this guy gives them license to find pride in that.
Apr 30 McBomber commented on Ahead of May Day, Seattle Police Blame Protesters for Injury Caused by Police Weapon.
Assholes in masks break shit and other assholes with riot gear beat them down. And repeat. You're all assholes. What's the point?
Feb 12 McBomber commented on The Multiversal Appeal of Constellations.
Great review. I just saw this tonight and absolutely loved it.
Feb 10 McBomber commented on BREAKING: The FBI Is Moving in on the Remaining Oregon Militants.
Probably a calculated risk at this point. If the FBI ends up shooting four hold-outs after this long, it's much better PR than shooting 20-or so after a week. Less martyrdom fodder for sympathizers.
Jan 28 McBomber commented on Liveslogging the No-Trump Fox News Debate.
Damn! Missed it. I was in a class tonight. At break, the instructor joked, "Isn't the debate on right now? Should we stream it?"
A classmate shot back, "We're here to get smarter, not dumber." There is hope for the future.
Jan 19 McBomber commented on Distracted Pedestrians Are Not the Same As Distracted Drivers.
@36, umbrella? Never. Though the cane sounds delightful and somewhat dignified. Or just a quick shove...
Jan 19 McBomber commented on Distracted Pedestrians Are Not the Same As Distracted Drivers.
I typically bus to work and walk home. In the past seven years, work changes have increased the distance from two to three to just recently four miles, all on different routes. The first two routes involved a lot of cars. The current walk includes the section of the Burke-Gilman between the Fremont Bridge and the U-District. Of course the car dangers are more severe, but generally, drivers seem surprised and apologetic when I let them know it's my right-of-way (with a wave, a shout, or even a slap on their hood). This new walk involves far more bikes than cars and, wow! There are some asshole cyclists out there! Just tonight I watched a cyclist dicing through joggers/walkers way too fast, yelling "out of the way!" all-too ironically within view of the "bikers yield to peds" sign. I know most cyclists are conscientious, but the asshole minority? No apologies, all entitlement. Kudos to you bikers who ride with respect and call out your counterparts who don't.
Jan 12 McBomber commented on Obama's Last State of the Union Address Starts in Two Minutes.
@8, please don't ever leave this forum. I've been (mostly) lurking for about seven years and really miss the Fnarfs, Gloomy Guses, Canucks, and others of the not-too-distant SLOG world. I'm sure there are others who bowed out before my arrival.
Jan 11 McBomber commented on Why Does Facebook Make Smart People So Ridiculously Stupid?.
It gets dumber. Just saw the same phrase on FB, superimposed on a photo of Bernie Sanders.