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Apr 9 McBomber commented on (The Rest of) Alan Lomax's Archive Is Now Online.
Holy shit, I love this.
Apr 8 McBomber commented on An Important Not From U.s. Department of Justice.
I was nearly convinced until I noticed they ended the third paragraph with a preposition.
Apr 5 McBomber commented on The Sweet Life of Barrels.
Hey, great article! Sounds like a fun assignment. I knew barrels were repurposed, but always figured it was only one or two locations. Question: (and maybe @1 knows the answer), why not use the same barrel for the next batch of the same brew/spirit? And why is it illegal to do so with bourbon? If they're already being used multiple times, what is gained or lost?
Mar 27 McBomber commented on Capitol Hill Street Drummer Joe Buckets Wants His Drums Back From Police.
For a guy who obviously craves attention, he's done pretty well for himself. $23 and he gets his photo on SLOG.
Mar 26 McBomber commented on Poster of the Week.
Nice poster. Neat observation about its lifetime.
Mar 19 McBomber commented on Naturopath Busted by the State for Medical Marijuana Authorizations: "I'm Not Settling—I Didn't Do Anything Wrong".
Whether or not you agree with their philosophy, do you agree that this suit by the DOH is bullshit? Prosecuting a licensed provider for working within her scope of practice? Couldn't this also happen to an MD?
Mar 19 McBomber commented on Naturopath Busted by the State for Medical Marijuana Authorizations: "I'm Not Settling—I Didn't Do Anything Wrong".
Seems this doc was working well within her scope and I'm unclear on how the public will benefit from this action against her, not to mention the taxpayer money used to fund the sting and the legal fees.
@10, if you don't like naturopaths, fine, but they're licensed in WA to practice as primary care providers. If that offends you personally, don't go. If you believe NDs are a detriment to public health, work to change the law.
Mar 19 McBomber commented on Mayor Ed Murray Wants to Ban Smoking in Parks, and the City Says There's Nothing Unfair About That.
@36, If butts are the nuisance, then maybe we enforce the littering law. I walk daily between the U-District and SLU and see far more dog shit than cigarette butts on the sidewalk. So should we ban dogs? Or should we enforce the common-sense rule to clean up after yourself?
Mar 10 McBomber commented on Watch Hillary Clinton Lecture Us All on the Importance of Email Privacy—Hahaha.
Just a quick note about your 11:30 statement - perhaps it was an unauthorized leak, but at 6:30 this morning (Seattle time), NPR reported that Hillary would be holding a press conference later to discuss the email issue.

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