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  • Jesus or Santa (sexually)?
  • What song do you want played at your funeral?: Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 - with live horns, second-line style
  • What song or movie makes you cry?: Juno - seriously, when he silently climbs in bed with her. Every time.
  • What helps you sleep?: Noise
  • Elliott Bay or Amazon

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Sep 24 McBomber commented on Urgent Call for Blood Donations to Help Victims of Aurora Bridge Crash.
@16, I haven't seen those. I'm close with an employee and I hear that they are always hurting for funds - specifically, those mobile collection buses are always in need of repair. If it's true they have snazzy new Benz delivery trucks, that sounds like a sad mismanagement of funds.
Sep 24 McBomber commented on Urgent Call for Blood Donations to Help Victims of Aurora Bridge Crash.
@15, that's an interesting (and kind of sad) point, but it makes sense. I donate regularly, but I admit it's all about convenience. They come to my workplace every eight weeks and I take an hour to give a pint and chat with the usually very nice folks. Then I feel fully justified grilling up a big bloody steak for dinner.
Sep 24 McBomber commented on UPDATE: Central Seattle Blood Donation Center is Fully Booked for Today and Tomorrow. 206.292.6500 to Schedule Monday.
@2, we can thank the FDA for that bullshit. As far as I know, Bloodworks NW is actively lobbying to fix that.
Sep 24 McBomber commented on Urgent Call for Blood Donations to Help Victims of Aurora Bridge Crash.
@8, no. Offering compensation would introduce an incentive for high-risk donors.
Sep 18 McBomber commented on The Seattle Public Library Foundation Is Paying $365,000 for the Library's "Rebranding".
@4, YES! That number is pretty damned high, but it's paying for a ton of creative work that you'll never see, and a fuck-ton of reps having meeting after meeting with bloviating board members who think they know about branding and offer their 7th-grader's sketch as an alternative.
Sep 5 McBomber commented on F-You Rain! Hello, Babes in Toyland!.
So much rain! Tough break for those bands who saw their entire audience run for cover in an instance.
Sep 5 McBomber commented on Our Top Picks for Today at Bumbershoot.
Another goddamned idiot here. I paid at the gate, which was way too expensive ($125 - I'm ashamed of myself for bad planning), but at least I didn't have to wait in that horrible line.
I'm more an idiot for believing the weather forecast and bringing zero rain gear. Shorts and a hoodie couldn't handle that deluge.
Also, where were all the food vendors and street performers?
Jul 10 McBomber commented on Kitty Hall Returns Today!!!.
I went down there for lunch. What a line! Holy shit do people love kittens! I couldn't wait in line for the cuddle tent, but did go inside to play with some rascals in their carriers. It's a good thing my landlord drew the line at two cats.
Jul 2 McBomber commented on Even Dolphins Hate People from California.
To be fair, that dolphin was also presumably from California.
Did anyone else attend that recent Giants-Mariners game? When all of Safeco echoed with "Let's go Giants!"? I love Seattle, but I was there in my orange and black.
We're here. I'm a six-year CA transplant and I intend to stay. It's crowded, hot and expensive down there.
I do miss, however, the Californians' seeming instinct for cruising in the right lane and passing on the left. It's a noticeable difference every time I visit the southern lands. Maybe it's ingrained in driver training? You natives should try it out sometime.
Jul 2 McBomber commented on What to Eat (and Not Eat) When You're Backpacking.
@15, yes, Tasty Bites! Take along some quick-cook rice and it's a delicious meal.
If I'm going to a lake with trout, I'll buy a box of Tuna Helper (discard the box). Catch a trout or two, cook them on the fire or stove, add to the pot and voila! Trout Helper!

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