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Aug 25 SifuMark commented on Terrifying Headline of the Day.
If she had gone the route of Cher I would be so disappointed.

Kate Bush rocks top to bottom, and back.
I can't say that I have a favourite musician because a lot of them rate 100%.
Aug 23 SifuMark commented on Terrifying Headline of the Day.
I think that she has moved music forward. She is a true progressive artist and wonderful in every way.

Of course I only put on Hounds Of Love when I'm ready for a shattering emotional experience, but there are safer Bush albums on my shelves.
Aug 18 SifuMark commented on SL Letter of the Day: Judgement Daze.
I have heard so may tales of regret from the married and several times married, and many of the parents I've known as well.

Good company or no company I say.
Aug 8 SifuMark commented on Headline of the Day.
I think that Robert Anton Wilson coined the phrase "As quick and sneaky as a preacher's dick in a cow's ass."

Also @15 brings to mind this old one: Why do you have to wrap hamsters in duct tape?
So they don't explode when you fuck them.
Jul 4 SifuMark commented on SL Letter of the Day: Smoke Her Out.
When I was 19-23 I thought that since an occasional heated "disagreement" can be an acceptable norm in some relationships, that I should tolerate what it took me four years to figure out was simply emotional abuse. I required two and a half years of celibacy and then one very kind hippie twice my age to begin to recover.

That last part was extremely pleasant, but GET OUT before you become a walking wounded misogynist fixer-upper; it can happen to the best of us; let me just quote the Amityville house again: GET OUT!

tl/dr: good company or no company.
Jun 23 SifuMark commented on Falling Out of Love With New Pope.
There is no such thing as "ODing" on pot, but I suspect that most sloggers know that.
More magic brownie than you meant to get means a talk with entities who are (arguably) not present, or a short period of severe paranoia (which guides some damn fools to the emergency room), or just going to sleep with your shoes on because you forgot how to untie them.
I have experienced the first two (but in the latter case I went to my bed, with my shoes off, not to the fucking emergency room because I am not an idiot).
Jun 15 SifuMark commented on SL Letter of the Day: Just Out.
Craigs'sList is a wonderful recourse, you get partners, some of which wind up just friends (you know what that sometimes means: an important person who you love and is fun to be with), sometimes you get a wife (or a husband, those are out there too.).
I love to brag that I found her on CL. So there.
Jun 13 SifuMark commented on Mormon Church Stops Pretending It Gives Two Shits.
Recently missionaries showed up on my porch, I explained that I was already familiar with their beliefs, and whipped Discordian Pope cards out of my wallet, they had no idea what to do so they took them.
We Discordians worship the Great God of Chaos (Eris, who is a female God BTW), so it was basically a ticket to hell by their belief structure: they now have proof that they are Popes (as we all are) and I hope that it jump started their brains.
May 30 SifuMark commented on Headline of the Day.
Side note:
As a retail worker I have noticed that some young men still consider the purchase of condoms as an occasion for shame, not pride, and I don't think that in two years at a drug store I've sold to more than one woman.

Get it together folks, hold them over your head on the way to the counter (or just open carry) so people know "This is how it's done!"

/preaching to the choir
May 30 SifuMark commented on Headline of the Day.
My mind in fifth grade "You have a tree house hiding a box full of porn mags and you want to ride bikes? What's wrong with you?"

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