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Jun 28, 2016 bittergaymark commented on Gay Man Takes to Reddit to Complain About Pride.
Eh, I gotta confess. I kinda sorta gets what he means. Pride can feel rather harsh if you are NOT young and hot. Hell, even when I actually WAS young and KINDA hot... there was often very much this "I'm wayyyy hotter than you ever will be" vibe going around... Admittedly, these experiences were always in Weho. (Perhaps the harshest gay ghetto in the world. SF and NYC have both feel quite different. Honestly, the few times I visited them, I felt way more welcome than I ever did in WeHo and I have lived in LA for twenty years...) ) My point is -- I can see how some might feel that if you aren't a perfect 10, really. You might as well stay home. Hell, I vividly remember at 24 some stranger bitch saying to me "Please! Put your shirt on..." And then cackling with his friends... Mind you, admittedly, I was not Mr Six Pack. But at 6'4 with a 32 inch waist, I wasn't exactly Jabba the Hutt either. Lets just say it didn't exactly fill me with pride.
Jun 1, 2015 bittergaymark commented on Caitlyn Jenner Debuts On the Cover of Vanity Fair.
Does she want to be a woman? Or Rupaul? Frankly, it's rather hard to tell...
Jan 7, 2015 bittergaymark commented on Cartoonists Respond with Pen, Ink, and Courage.
It's great that everybody so quickly put themselves out there in solidarity and it seems powerful and blah blah blah. But at the end of the day -- 12 people are fucking dead. DEAD. More will die from their wounds or never fully recover. So... Damn. Sorry, as much as I'd like to believe otherwise, today a pencil proved to be a shitty weapon against Radical Islam. Just look at all the fucking blood.
Feb 19, 2013 bittergaymark commented on Savage Love.
I actually think that Dan missed the boat on the Columbus Day wedding. It seems to me that the bride to be definitely DOESN'T want her sister there. Why else chose the ONE date that the sister has a conflict with? Seriously, its a aggressively passive way of saying -- "Uh, I am ashamed of you and your gender confusion. Please don't come to my wedding." Hey, it's very fucked up. But honestly? That's the only idea that makes sense here.
Nov 7, 2012 bittergaymark commented on Last Night Was a Big Fucking Deal for LGBT Americans.
You know, I never thought I'd see this day... Certainly not half my life ago when I was confused and lost and it seemed like our only truly visible media ally was Madonna...

Now, 21 years later. The whole world has changed. It simply astounds me...
Sep 17, 2012 bittergaymark commented on The Column In Question.
Somebody wanted attention and they got it...
Sep 1, 2012 bittergaymark commented on Two Teenage Boys Flee Small Indiana Town In Parents Mercedes.
Yeah, all the rah rah jesus blah blah jesus comments on that page sure don't exactly put my mind at ease. I mean, somehow I doubt they ran away simply because it was time for a little adventure... I will be VERY curious as to what happens with these two. Really, I wish them all the best -- and hope that their return home is all it SHOULD be.
Aug 30, 2012 bittergaymark commented on Two Teenage Boys Flee Small Indiana Town In Parents Mercedes.
So dramatic! I am happy they were found safe... I've been THOSE kids. I only hope that this opens their parents' hearts and minds if this flight from reality is based on what I think it must be... I hope things work out.
Jul 17, 2012 bittergaymark joined My Stranger Face
Jul 17, 2012 bittergaymark commented on If Laci Green Wasn't Transphobic....
Yeah, I've officially decided to not go out of my way to meet any transexuals. They seem like they have a short fuse. For a group constantly claiming that they aren't freaks, the sure do go out of their way to act freakish.