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Sep 3, 2014 Jin Seattle commented on SNL Already Answered the Pumpkin Spice Question, Megan.
Garlic Jackson also answered the question:…
Oct 15, 2013 Jin Seattle commented on How Low Can You Go in a School Board Race? Dale Estey Supporter Files Public Disclosure Request for School Emails Regarding Opponent's Children.
All of this guilt by association, real or imagined, is tiresome. Stop being so screechy about your endorsed candidate, Goldy. It's a turn-off.
Jun 7, 2013 Jin Seattle commented on A Lack of Ample School Funding Will Also Lead to a Lack of Equity.
@5 We're on the same page about raising revenue to provide ample funding. But we can't punish another generation of kids because their parents vote for assholes and/or Eyman initiatives.
Jun 7, 2013 Jin Seattle commented on A Lack of Ample School Funding Will Also Lead to a Lack of Equity.
“Legislature Determines That Access to Highly Capable Basic Education Must Continue to Depend on Your Zip Code”

That might as well be the headline. Today, 40% of districts offer no programs or services for their most advanced learners. Not surprisingly, inequalities in access and programming disproportionately affect small and rural districts, minorities, and poor students. The Legislature has done nothing to remedy the situation for the future.

There is no other part of Basic Education that is being told that to ensure proper funding, parents must go to their local school boards and ask for it.

Relying on local school districts to decide whether or how to fund a portion of basic education is neither fair nor equitable. Today’s state funding level - 2.314% of en- rollment, unchanged since 2007- is demonstrably inadequate, leaving 40% of districts with zilch. Access to highly capable programming should not depend on your zip code.
Apr 25, 2013 Jin Seattle commented on Opt Out of Yellow Page Deliveries by May 6!.
The links don't work, Ciena. Pls fix. I don't want any stinking Yellow Pages!
Apr 12, 2013 Jin Seattle commented on Yes, Liberals, We Should Sue That Anti-Gay Florist.
Bravo, Dominic. And bravo AG Ferguson.
Jan 31, 2013 Jin Seattle commented on "Why Should I Be Paying a Toll for Somebody Else's Bridge?" or Everything You Need to Know About What's Wrong With America.
Obviously Denise and most of the commenters have never been to the East Coast, or the peninsula known as New Jersey. Crossing the Delaware or Hudson River to anywhere costs every time, unless you're willing to drive miles and miles out of your way (which would end up costing more in gas and time than the toll). Lots of bridges, state highways, and even interstates are tolled, east of the Mississippi.
Thanks, Goldy, for a good post explaining the concept of The Commons for Denise.


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