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Apr 4, 2016 Jin Seattle commented on Five Ways to Make Sound Transit 3 Better Before Sending it to Voters.
Get the Downtown to Ballard alignment off of at-grade on 15th W with a moveable bridge. Clearly anyone who has ever driven that corridor would know that it will be a non-starter for anyone who votes in the northwestern part of Seattle. A broad coalition of stakeholders, including the Port and maritime industries preferred the sensible alignment that runs to the west of 15th, and tunnels under the Ship Canal. Imagine - light rail that doesn't get hung up in traffic!
Mar 17, 2016 Jin Seattle commented on Bernie or Hillary: The SECB Meets at 3 PM Today.
I grew up with every family dinner devolving into a bunch of elderly Jewish men hectoring everyone about how if we only understood the world their way, then all problems would be solved. And I was kinda stupid if I wasn't on board. Now my kid is hectoring me the same way.


It wasn't a helpful or productive way to win my heart and mind - even if I basically agreed - and it isn't now. I'm caucusing for Hillary Clinton, and encourage SECB to cancel out the Seattle Times with an endorsement of Clinton.
Jan 7, 2016 Jin Seattle commented on Last Night in Magnolia, Mike O'Brien Got Shouted at for Suggesting It's Wrong to Punish People for Being Homeless.
As a Magnolian, I can assure Slog readers that the shouters who provided last night's spectacle are a minority view. Most of us want our communities to be safe for everyone - including the less fortunate among us. The shouters are promoting their agenda of increasing the stigma and shame associated with homelessness, addiction, and mental illness, under the guise of safety. Case in point - after hectoring homeless advocates about drug testing and criminal records, they then expressed faux "concern" about the safety of the sites proposed for Tent Cities. They delayed the opening of the Interbay Tent City by floating claims of soil/air quality issues, which of course, the City had to follow up on. Result: no environmental issues, lots of our taxpayer money spent, people left out in the cold without a safe place to sleep for an extra month or two. Disgraceful.
Sep 3, 2014 Jin Seattle commented on SNL Already Answered the Pumpkin Spice Question, Megan.
Garlic Jackson also answered the question:
Oct 15, 2013 Jin Seattle commented on How Low Can You Go in a School Board Race? Dale Estey Supporter Files Public Disclosure Request for School Emails Regarding Opponent's Children.
All of this guilt by association, real or imagined, is tiresome. Stop being so screechy about your endorsed candidate, Goldy. It's a turn-off.
Jun 7, 2013 Jin Seattle commented on A Lack of Ample School Funding Will Also Lead to a Lack of Equity.
@5 We're on the same page about raising revenue to provide ample funding. But we can't punish another generation of kids because their parents vote for assholes and/or Eyman initiatives.