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Jul 29 GermanSausage commented on Trump Says You Have to Vote for him Even if you Don't Like Him.
@2, In the first film, after he's been knocked out, in the alternate and better version of 1985, he's become a humble and productive member of society, if still a bit prone to mischief. When George McFly's newly published novel arrives in the mail, he seems genuinely excited, pleased and proud of his friend/customer.

In the second film, we see that as a teen he lived with (abusive?) grandmother in a dilapidated improverished and implicitly broken (orphaned?) home. After he's had his lights knocked out at the big social event, he's driving home alone, humiliated, and he looks like he's just about to cry. It was the big transformative moment of his life. I think the actor, Tom Wilson, is a little underrated for his performances.

In the third alternative and dystopian version of 1985, he's an absolute and irredeemable monster. Interestingly, the only difference between this Biff and the humble, productive Biff of the second and good 1985, is that this Biff has been given millions upon millions of dollars by an older "relative" which he never earned.
Jul 29 GermanSausage commented on Trump Says You Have to Vote for him Even if you Don't Like Him.
Part of me thinks of him as Biff Tannen but Biff Tannen wasn't entirely unsympathetic.
Jul 29 GermanSausage commented on Take 2 Minutes and Watch One of These Pop Culture-Infused Viral Videos About Local Politics.
I like how they have broad brush hatred of homeless and destitute, but then get all irate by being portrayed as upper class twats. That's effective satire.
Jul 29 GermanSausage commented on Watch This: Khizr Khan's Barn-Burning Rebuke of Donald Trump.
Put this guy in the White House.
Jul 29 GermanSausage commented on The Morning News: Jeff Bezos Getting Even Richer, Hillary Making History, Sawant Alienating Local Dems.
@3, the right wing's love for America is as shallow as their gene pool. These are the same people who, just a few years ago, were signing a petition to secede from the country because a black guy was president.
Jul 28 GermanSausage commented on Palestinian Human Rights Sign Yanked Out of Washington Delegate's Hand: "This Is Almost Like Racism".
@3, so they yanked all the other signs out of peoples hands, right?
Jul 28 GermanSausage commented on How Many Republicans did Obama Turn Into Democrats Last Night?.
I don't think Bush spokesmen have any business complaining about Trump apologists.

They're all the same shit.
Jul 28 GermanSausage commented on Seattle Times Apologizes to Readers Over Clinton Screwup.
@3, they used a photo Bill because he gave the big speech at the big event that day, and Hillary didn't attend. There's a reason they all them "new"spapers. You know. Current events. You can expect plenty of front page photos of Hillary in tomorrows newspapers after her big speech tonight. And if you've forgotten what she looks like, you can always look her up on google.
Jul 28 GermanSausage commented on The Morning News: Obama Electrifies the DNC, Capitol Hill Man Arrested for Throwing Batarang.
I hope that Richard Sherman gets the help that he needs for all the debilitating brain damage he's received over the years of playing ball.