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Apr 28 GermanSausage commented on Katie Couric Grills Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson On Chechnya's Anti-Gay Pogrom.
@1, alright, by all means, as a scholar of recent Chechen history, please tell us why Kadyrov is not Putin's puppet.
Apr 27 GermanSausage commented on Stream Queen: Return of the Nerds! Watch Bill Nye Saves the World and Silicon Valley.
Apparently the new show's really triggering to right wingers along the lines of "Dear White People..." and "Hidden Figures" and so on.
Apr 27 GermanSausage commented on Mayor Murray Amends Soda Tax Pitch, Now Says It Should Cover Diet Drinks.
How about a coffee tax? Both with and without sugar.
Apr 27 GermanSausage commented on What Would It Take? Labor Stands by Mayor Ed Murray Despite Sexual Abuse Allegations.

Allegations made without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.
Apr 25 GermanSausage commented on Judge Halts Trump's Order Blocking Federal Funding for Sanctuary Cities.
But it was just some furrin place out west, not real America like South Carolina.
Apr 25 GermanSausage commented on Senator Patty Murray Is Trying to Ban Gay Conversion Therapy Nationwide.
Blatant unamerican commie jackboot thuggery.

This is the worst threat to religious liberty since they outlawed the selling of snake oil medicine, or start requiring people to wash there hands after going to the bathroom and before serving food. This country started circling the drain the minute they outlawed good old christian child abuse.
Apr 25 GermanSausage commented on The Morning News: Yet Another Example of Football’s Toxic Culture, Why Did Mayor Murray Call Police to His Home Last Summer?.
@12, according to those statistics, there doesn't appear to be a football culture problem at all. Except perhaps outside of stereotyping.
Apr 24 GermanSausage commented on The Morning News: Cliff Mass Says GOP Not Anti-Science, Seattle is the 9th-Most Expensive City in the World.
@19, "some republicans have spouted nonsense on climate change."

That nonsense is their party platform, shit-for-brains.