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Aug 4, 2013 Tacoma Traveler commented on Slog Bible Study: Matthew 5:28.
Well, since it's apparently alright to look at a man in lust, I'm in the clear
Aug 4, 2013 Tacoma Traveler commented on The Future of the Egyptian Theatre is Now Wide Open.
I think it could double as a small concert venue and theatre with a Silent Film-era theme. Add a bar and serve the patrons beer
Aug 2, 2013 Tacoma Traveler commented on Dear Chief Pugel: I Am Not Alleging "Rudeness".
You know Mike McGinn is in charge of the SPD, right? He could fire all of them if he wanted to.

Sure you still support Menacing Mike? I guess you must like police harassment and suppression of the press.

Ed Murray for Mayor. Before it's too late.
Aug 2, 2013 Tacoma Traveler commented on Mayor McGinn Says "Threats of Harassment... Are Unacceptable in Our Police Department".
Ed Murray for Mayor.

Because Mike McGinn's police department threatens the freedom of the press.
Jul 29, 2013 Tacoma Traveler commented on In Case You Have Not Seen It: Reza Aslan of Fox.
What a difficult issue to address.

I myself distrust both christianity and islam. I don't think the author was anti-christian, but I do think the interviewer wanted him to be. Why is pretty clear. She distrusts islam too.

For me, I don;t trust any religion that teaches it's followers to kill gay people like myself. I consider Fred Phelps and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to be equally batshit.

So this guy's book, which claims that jesus existed at all, which i personally don;t think is true, is something I would have critiqued as well.

Does that make me a bigot? Does it make me a bigot that I think any religion that suggests I should be publicly executed is something objectionable? Or does it just mean that I don;t want a crazy religious person, whether they prefer mosques or churches, to kill me? or does it make me a bigot that I'm an atheist who doesn't think there ever was a jesus?

This lady probably doesn't distrust islam for the same reasons I do. No doubt, she'd have nasty things to say about me too. We obviously don't have the same politics. We're both reds, but her red is republican and mine is another shade of red altogether.

Reza seemed nice, at least, and this lady was very nasty to him. But regardless of their demeanor, I still think both of them are wrong. And I think both of them would probably tell me that I ought to be killed.
Jul 26, 2013 Tacoma Traveler commented on "A Sexy Surprise For Adult Vegans".
They're somebody for everybody, I guess?
Jul 26, 2013 Tacoma Traveler commented on Teen Allegedly Raped and Imprisoned in a 4-Foot-Long Box.
I'm anti-death penalty, so I won't post my first reaction to this story.

But I do think life in prison with no possibility for parole is the place to start
Jul 26, 2013 Tacoma Traveler commented on City Attorney Presses City Council to Create Pot Citation.
I guess the city's broke and has to generate revenue. That could be why they're handing out more parking tickets too.