Achieve the Four Modernizations.

Jul 14 Fluffy commented on The Monday Morning News.
@ 7 - Yes! Thank you. It is amazing how most people are ignorant of the proper anatomical terms for female genitalia. And it's confusing when people talk about - for example - taking pictures or molds! of their vaginas - How's that done?

People: the external is vulva; the internal canal is vagina. You're welcome.

(Yet most people know very well the difference between scrotum and penis.)
Jul 9 Fluffy commented on Governor Inslee Tries to Have It Both Ways On Protecting Washingtonians From Cancer, Pleases No One.
You know - if one more journalist prints the Boeing crap quotes - i.e., "detrimental to jobs and the economy" - without pressing for some real information to back that claim up they need to go back to journalism internships. Yes it's scaremongering - and no one seems to be insisting on getting any source material from the mongerers - which chemical, which standard is it that they can't address? Where's the report, independent analysis etc? Boeing claims repeatedly that the sky is falling - yet those claims, to my knowledge, have never been documented.
Jun 24 Fluffy commented on Why Did Council Member Sawant Vote No on Our First Female Police Chief?.
Sawant's grandstanding is boring. And, as noted above, with speeches like this, increasingly irrelevant.
Jun 16 Fluffy commented on Why Does It Cost so Much to Attend Public Colleges in Washington State?.
Isn't the protocol to cite the news source in the body of the post - in this case the Seattle Times' Katherine Long?

I know Eli linked to the article, but if I recall, the Stranger has got pretty huffy in the past when the Times hasn't appropriately cited the Stranger as the news source . . .
Jun 15 Fluffy commented on The Sunday Morning News.
RE: Jorge Carrasco's salary.

A petition to deny him a salary that is competitive in the region is stupid. Be careful what you ask for because if you don't pay the industry standard, you won't get a qualified person. And if you don't get a qualified person, then the reliability of your electric system becomes questionable. And, there is nothing more critical to the region's economy, health and safety than reliable electricity. And believe me, working for the City and its process is no piece of cake - probably deserving of hazard pay.

And don't think the salary issue isn't serious; A few years ago, Chuck Clarke told the council he wanted a bigger salary more in keeping with his level of responsibility for running one of the biggest businesses in the City - Seattle Public Utilities. The Council said no and he walked. And the City is left with a mediocre - at best - director. (Where the personnel hemorrhaging continues.)

Why do people think it's OK to pay the public sector substantially below the market rate? I don't get it. More than the CEO's of Amazon, Costco, Whole Foods, REI, etc, our daily lives and our economy rely on the people who work for the City and county doing their jobs well. They are responsible for streets, public health, electricity, sewer, building code safety, drinking water, etc, etc. Believe me, you need well qualified people in those jobs more than you need highly qualified people at Starbucks.

That said, I don't know that the retroactive salary pay raise for Carrasco makes sense . . .

May 30 Fluffy commented on Bartender Crush: Carlee at Bait Shop.
Awww . . . isn't that cute? She wants a Hummer to show everybody that she's different, that she really doesn't care about burning fossil fuels unnecessarily or about the damage her vehicle will do to another vehicle. It's just so sweet that she wants to have a vehicle in Seattle that takes more than her share of the road and parking and that screams Fuck You!

Of course you have a crush on her.
May 6 Fluffy commented on Let The Stranger Tell You How to GiveBIG.
Hey Stranger Boss - maybe time to hire someone who gives a rip about air, water, forests, climate - little things like that?
Apr 22 Fluffy commented on Vagina "Plop Egg" Painting: Art or Pretension?.
Easy. Pretension.
Apr 18 Fluffy commented on Bell Street Park Is Just A Slow Zone For Cars.
Fairview Ave East is also designated as a woonerf
Apr 10 Fluffy commented on One NIMBY to Rule Them All.
Oh BS. He's talking about a lot of very tall buildings. That are taking over what little green space there is in the neighborhood. And he's asking where are the plans for the parks, schools and transit to handle the coming crowds. And he's implying that perhaps it's time to ask more of developers than offering fake affordable housing. Hardly NIMBYism.

And @10 - he pretty much says he's voting yes on Prop 1 since he'll soon lose his parking. And @3 - somehow Danny Westneat is responsible for the Blethan's anti-tax activism? And @5 - really? How's that? Despite tons of new housing going in rents are higher now than ever.

God - can't you strangerites stand a little bit of diversity of opinion? This is like the $15/hr wage crap - if you're not for doing it Sawant's way, you're an evil, selfish rich douchebag.

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