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neoanderthal is going back to the cave .
Dec 23, 2015 neoanderthal commented on Trump and Cruz Locked in Tight Contest to be History's Greatest Monster.
or as Cervantes said "I go to do what no other man can do for me" . also am I the only one who sees Ted as the "Cruz-affliction"
May 20, 2015 neoanderthal commented on Many Claiming Bias in the Coverage of the Biker Shoot-Out That Left Nine Dead in Waco.
the simple answer is the cops are just another gang , so it was really just professional courtesy
May 20, 2015 neoanderthal commented on I, Anonymous.
freedom isn't free, pay your taxes
May 6, 2015 neoanderthal commented on Drunk of the Week.
way back we used to measure a "lid" by "fingers"(how many fingers tall). looks like you got a couple of four finger lids there
Dec 16, 2014 neoanderthal commented on Definition of a Lunatic: A Black Man Calling the Police for Help.
or I say " I give up too,cause its obvious your mom did"
Dec 6, 2014 neoanderthal commented on New Ayn Rand Novel to Screw Up the Lives of a Whole New Generation of White College Kids.
I tried to read one of these as a kid, but stopped after about a half chapter. I went back to reading more realistic stuff, comic books
Aug 13, 2014 neoanderthal commented on I, Anonymous.
Anon,turn your fan around and blow your hot air outside
Aug 13, 2014 neoanderthal commented on Drunk of the Week.
how can you drink all day if you dont start in th morning?
Jul 31, 2014 neoanderthal commented on This Dumb-Looking Robot Once Terrorized Me.
"Free Beer and Chicken " by John Lee Hooker made me rethink my position on religion (briefly)
Jun 28, 2014 neoanderthal commented on RIP Bobby Womack.
@3..I bought a ticket just for Saturday and just for Bobby,no reason to leave th cave now ."Please forgive this heart"