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1:01 PM auntie grizelda commented on Savage Love.
I second Capricornius (@43): Joe Newton deserves an Oscar for Best Graphics concerning Husbandry. Thanks for the laughs, Joe and Dan. In politically insane times like these, humor, along with music and the arts is a blessing.
12:55 PM auntie grizelda commented on Savage Love.
@34 Kevin_BGFH: Spot on, and I agree with you and Capricornius (@37) about getting out and taking care of oneself. I am battling a cold, and juggling four remaining theater shows this week, so it's hard not to curl up and hibernate.
@38 anonymoustexters and @39 DonnyKlicious: Agreed on the good idea of counseling and that waiting on marriage is, in their case, a better idea. Gamebird's (@28) comment sticks out for me about {Anon's} constantly making excuses for her lying, cheating boyfriend. If he keeps on lying, cheating, etc., he isn't going to change, and Anon can't change him. If BF is just stringing Anon along, he's manipulative, and Anon deserves better.
I once fell into the exact same trap.
Dec 6 auntie grizelda commented on Savage Love.
@1 Diagoras: Flirting motivated by anger? RUN!
@2 saxfanatic: Yeah, that's news to me, too. Who (besides Dan) knew?

Thanks, Dan, for the ongoing reminder to get out and get moving--exercise. Walking when not driving or taking the bus works for me. This a challenging time of year, with cold stormy weather, and more hours of darkness (at least for those of us above the equator) to get out and about. I have been fighting the onset of a nasty cold the past two days, and am grateful for the short break until our last five musical shows this week to revive my flute and piccolo choppers. In the meantime, I have been a homebody, staying warm and going out to warm up my VW (we are NOT driving on snowy, icy roads!)---lows in the teens here! How do Midwesterners and those on the East Coast handle such frigid cold?
Dec 6 auntie grizelda commented on Savage Love.
Once more, with feeling: vennominon and Hunter @152: While I feel honored somewhat to be nominated for this title, what on earth is the LMB?
Dec 5 auntie grizelda commented on Senator Patty Murray: Ben Carson Is the "Wrong Choice" to Lead Housing and Urban Development.
@1 & @2: Said two typical trolls scared stupid about a well-qualified woman doing a kickass job.
By the way, she's serving her fifth term as Washington State Senator--get your facts right.
Go, Patty!!
Dec 5 auntie grizelda commented on Savage Love.
@145 & @150: Now if we can just halt the Orangeman and its Evil Empire.
Dec 5 auntie grizelda commented on Savage Love.
I'm off topic (again) from this week's SL "Quickies" thread, but here's another shout out along with LavaGirl's (@145): YAAAAAY! to President Obama and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for putting a halt to the Key Access Pipeline. Now we also need to halt the oil trains through the Pacific Northwest as well. Keep fossil fuels in the ground, and hold the gluttonous fossil fuel industries properly accountable for their desecration of the earth's resources.
Dec 3 auntie grizelda commented on Savage Love.
@129 LavaGirl: I agree about the plight of this planet's vanishing natural resources and Orangeman's evil plot to destroy the Earth----the GOP is sick. Just fucking sick. It's a
shame we can't permanently euthanize them like rabid dogs.
Dec 3 auntie grizelda commented on Savage Love.
Thank you, Dan & everybody. I am really enjoying reading and re-reading this week's SL thread.

Griz update: It's hard to believe that our sold out holiday musical is halfway done, already! On to tonight's Saturday show, and tomorrow's Sunday matinee. I held my own on flute & piccolo; our pit orchestra has really gotten a good, tight sound. Now, our biggest concern is the upcoming cold snap this week. Icy windstorms are no fun, especially when trying to keep car covers from flying off one's beloved car.

Now, back to Dan the Man, Savage Love, and "Quickies".
Dec 1 auntie grizelda commented on Savage Love.
@108 CMDwannabe: Which brings a whole new visual concept of The Full Monty!
@110 vennominon: You're back! Please stay on SL. I am curious---while honored to
be awarded a...title(?), what do the initials LMB refer to?
@114 Ricardo: Okay--I'm glad I jotted LavaGirl's thread-winning comment @90 down,
should our paths cross:
"Sucking cock should never be a job and being blown away may not always happen."

After another musical theater show tonight, Griz needs food, drink and shuteye. More later.