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Sep 21 auntie grizelda commented on Savage Love.
XOXOXOXO--See, read & comment with everyone again in next week's Savage Love.
Please let there be some last few rays of waning sunshine before the rain starts!
Sep 21 auntie grizelda commented on Savage Love.
@123 Ricardo: Yes, getting a hysterectomy in SNIP's situation IS a bit extreme. But you had also pointed out that SNIP's automatically expecting her hubby, in an open marriage, to get a vasectomy was a bit selfish, and I agree. That's his decision. I also stated that getting a hysterectomy was SNIP's own choice to get one, if she saw fit to do so.
Sep 21 auntie grizelda commented on Savage Love.
But don't mind premenopausal little ol' me---no tubes tied, but I am still wildly celebrating my uterine ablation. Wahooooo!

Okay----Griz is off with her beloved on our much needed road trip.
Hugs, positrons, and VW beeps to all.
Sep 21 auntie grizelda commented on Savage Love.
@14 EmmaLiz: Like you, I never EVER planned on having children, either, and nearly started World War III standing my ground defending my body against an abusive spouse, his equally messed up family, friends, and a lot of idiots who insisted that the only way to save my already bad marriage was to have a baby. Interesting that none of the above individuals pushing motherhood so hard on me would have been around to help raise this prospective child had I actually gotten pregnant upon their bullying and guilt tripping tactics. I would have become either a single parent with a kid or dead and leaving a motherless child, permanently tied legally to a violent sociopath who would have had full visiting rights.
No thanks---I LIKE being an auntie, especially when remaining childless allowed me to fully cut and run from such a nightmare once my divorce finalized.
Sep 21 auntie grizelda commented on Savage Love.
I'm with @1 and @2, regarding SNIP: why wait for a vasectomy he might not ever agree to?
By the way, I'm living proof that vasectomies are NOT failsafe. My folks should have named me Houdini upon my entering the world 7 years and 9 1/2 months after my brother was born, and they thought they were done having kids--ha ha!
Although I'm 52 and have never had one myself (Ricardo, does this make me selfish?), I third the recommendation for you to get a hysterectomy, instead, (not like you have to, either, though, doing so is your choice, too) and hope all goes well.
Sep 20 auntie grizelda commented on Savage Love.
@140 nocutename: Thanks you and bless you! My beloved VW and I are praying for at least one or two sunny days of remaining beach weather before monsoon season officially strikes.
@144 vennominon: I'm game for Emmy voters, but have felt the burning necessity to flee all political discussion or debate. I will need to check for movies-only channels on my upcoming road trip. Hopefully I can avoid commercials as much as humanly possible. Hooray for the incomparable Dame Maggie!
@149 LavaGirl: I am so sorry about the sad loss of your son, at 31 (!), and your fluffy white cat. Ven again @143: Australia does indeed sound like it has more than its fair share of dangerous, poisonous, and predatory creatures.
No Week in Review this week?
Sep 18 auntie grizelda commented on Savage Love.
The upcoming road trip for me and my automotive sweetie is among the best therapy I can get. We both need to recharge our batteries!
I hope to be back in time to comment for next week's Savage Love. Thank you, Dan the Man and everybody, and bless you all.
Sep 18 auntie grizelda commented on Savage Love.
@CMDwannabe: Sorry I missed out on your gay porn authenticity survey!
Please email me again soon. Hope all is well.
Sep 18 auntie grizelda commented on Savage Love.
@120 LavaGirl: I'm sending you big hugs, heartfelt prayers about your son and cat.
I haven't heard from you, sb53, CMDwannabe, nocutename, et. al. for a while.
This is so last week, forgive me, but Nocute, I hope my unenlightened comment re: "mommy wars" didn't piss you off.
Sep 16 auntie grizelda commented on Savage Love.
Nocutename: I re-read over last week's Savage Love (Milk Money).
Thank you and others for further clarifying "mommy wars". You're
right--the inequity between men and women to establish and build
successful careers while raising children is highly unfair as women
continue to carry the overwhelming majority of the parenting load,
especially physically. If men could experience pregnancy, the abortion
clinics would outnumber churches--even in the blood red states.
I just watched Erin Brockovich--go, Julia ("Bite my ass, Krispy Kreme!")
Roberts!! Griz is a little fired up.
Okay--Griz is back to this week, and if I could, I too, would vote No on
California's Proposition 60.