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Apr 23 auntie grizelda commented on Voices from the Seattle March for Science Protest.
Support Science: Send Trumpzilla to Mars del Lego.

I wasn't able to make the Climate March in Seattle, but there was a local one ini Bellingham, 85 miles north. I couldn't miss out. Save the Earth, Science, Arts and Humanities, Affordable Healthcare, and the EPA!
@10: Congratulations, Catalina and Mr. Vel-DuRay, and all the best!
Apr 23 auntie grizelda commented on Savage Love.
In celebration of spring and now officially one third of the way done with symphony #2 (and with glowing reviews from one of my university professors already!!), I'm off for a road trip with my beloved VW. Hopefully Mother Nature and the PNW will offer us at least one day of sunshine to hit the beaches.
Congrats in advance to whomever hits the lucky magic number this week!
Apr 21 auntie grizelda commented on The March for Science Shows How Bad Scientists Are At Politics.
@Wandering Stars: How do you talk actual sense to crazy people threatening all life and existence on Earth for their own delusional selfish gain and special interests, especially if they're known climate change deniers?
Apr 21 auntie grizelda commented on Savage Love.
@46: Okay--that's where I misread INSOMNIA's letter. He, the LW--not Mrs. INSOMNIA, was being awakened at 3 am for sex by his spouse, regardless of whether he was up to it or not. Thanks. Further proof of how beneficial it is for me to re-read letters to Dan, his responses, and the comment threads first before jumping into the fray.
@51 Hunter: Bi, myself, and several other people have already suggested that better communication for sex needs to be negotiated between Mr. and Mrs INSOMNIA.
@INSOMNIA: Good luck negotiating sexually with your wife, and hope you can both get some sleep.

Dan the Man and everybody, forgive me---I'm still celebrating Dan's spot-on victory re NAWT from last week: "you already made the dog mistake--get out before you make the child mistake." I might still be a few days behind in the current thread, mentally.
Apr 21 auntie grizelda commented on The Morning News: Mayor Murray All of a Sudden Wants to Tax the Rich, Boeing Killing Good Jobs to Keep Shareholders Happy.
@1: Go back to Mom's basement and stay there, idiot GOP servant.

Murray's taxing the rich? That's a good thing, isn't it?
Apr 21 auntie grizelda commented on Savage Love.
@45 LavaGirl: You and all Australians have my deepest, heartfelt sympathy. Why can't Trumpzilla Pencezilla just get their sorry asses shipped to Russia With Love?
@46 BiDanFan: Ooops! Thanks for the clarification, and sorry for the misinterpretation Hunter [@40] and INSOMNIA.
Apr 20 auntie grizelda commented on Savage Love.
@37 sb53: Bless you for being able to see the humor in inter-family relations, and being able to keep it doable.
@40: I speak from previously unhappily married experience. Nuff said.
Apr 20 auntie grizelda commented on Savage Love.
@28 Hunter (re your comment to @34 BiDanFan, and her response): I'm certainly not being patriarchal, either. Like Bi, I, too, am pro-sleep. Come on! Being roused out of a sound sleep for sex just sounds crazy to me (which I already said in @22), and a bit selfish on INSOMNIA's part. And I'm sticking to my beliefs on this one, comforted that within this thread I am not alone.
@34: Thanks again, Bi.
@29 slinky: Bothers-in-law. They're something else, aren't they? Mine are The Duke of Squander and the Queen of Denial.
@40: If she's being awakened from a deep sleep, whether she truly wants it or is just going through the motions to appease her spouse, it's a damn inconvenience.
Apr 19 auntie grizelda commented on Meet the Man Who Could Turn Eastern Washington Blue.
@4: I'm all for it.
Apr 19 auntie grizelda commented on Meet the Man Who Could Turn Eastern Washington Blue.
Hooray---it's about fucking TIME! Go, Ben Stuckart, go! Let's Make Red America Think Again. Low-income, blue collar Trumpzilla supporters and apologists currently have everything to lose to the GOP's shameless ponzi schemes and nothing to gain. The sooner Trumpzilla and its evil empire are ousted, the better. Red America: stop watching Fox TV. It's bad for your health, the U.S., and the future of this planet.