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12:17 PM yesterday auntie grizelda commented on Savage Love.
@372 seandr: I don't see you anywhere close as being in the same category as Eudamonic, Sean.
12:12 PM yesterday auntie grizelda commented on Savage Love.
@350 (@353, Part III) Still Thinking: I'm not a millionaire by any stretch, never was, and have to watch what I'm so grateful to already have. But again....eeek is right. I don't have my beloved parents to fall back on or move in with like I did, if only temporarily fourteen years ago during my divorce and having to start over. It's comforting for me to have my brother's good, common sense advice.
11:34 AM yesterday auntie grizelda commented on Savage Love.
@353 Part II: I am also seeking additional work, preferably in my field of music. I emailed a full time faculty member of the local community college so see if they're hiring anyone to TA first and second year music theory courses there--even just three days a week.
I'm a day early (and an extra dollar? wish wish), but sincerely wishing everyone a safe, sane, happy, healthy, warm, and prosperous Thanksgiving holiday and all the heartfelt best.
Nov 23 auntie grizelda commented on Savage Love.
@350 Still Thinking: Eeek is right. It's not good when a local bus driver friend on my regular route gets concerned and says to be careful. Here's hoping I can get the important answers I need soon and the consequences are not too unbearably painful or penalties too severe.
Nov 23 auntie grizelda commented on Savage Love.
@341 Still Thinking: Be careful out there---here's what you could be going through:
Wouldn't you know it? I have just scheduled an appointment for next Monday--which I intend to keep---with a local financial adviser here in the town I live in to see about transferring my accounts up here close by--and hopefully to be able to shift into a more productive retirement fund situation without tax trouble or penalties if that's still possible. And then tonight I get an email from---you guessed it! The "new" financial adviser at my original longtime firm in the next county (replacing the previous guy who basically blew me off for 5 years, ill advising me to buy a condo outright in 2013 when I had twice the savings--good thing I DIDN'T!--then got mad as hell when I repeatedly had to go through different people when he wasn't available to take care of financial needs while looking for work.
New guy at soon-to-be old firm NOW emails, offering helpful advice I wish I could have been told like, three years ago?--and, a week after offering a useless suggestion to "take anything minimum wage--it's better than nothing"--that won't come close to covering rent, insurance and bills or putting anything back into retirement savings, visited my music website and suddenly loves my music. What a mind fuck, huh? I wonder if the newest (local) guy I spoke to called down there to check me and my financial situation out prior to our scheduled appointment for next week?
I'm still seeing this newest local financial adviser (I know my equally concerned brother would agree) next week, regardless. If local adviser offers anything better and with fewer fees / penalties / tax troubles, I'm transferring everything to my hometown.
How's that for a Griz Monday Update? I suspect that things are going to get interesting soon. My former financial adviser never even told me he was leaving the firm--I just got a new guy reassigned there. Days like these I wish my beloved parents were still alive and present to witness all this. Several other financial advisers left in mass exodus along with former adviser---it appears the firm down there has been going through some sort of housecleaning.
Nov 23 auntie grizelda commented on Savage Love.
@338 LavaGIrl: I fully agree. I think that's why I'm so glad I'm single and purposefully out of the dating scene. I must have a severe allergy to raging testosterone, originating from my late teens. Gung-ho macho men just leave me cold.
Nov 23 auntie grizelda commented on Savage Love.
@328 LavaGirl: Bless you for nailing it again.
Nov 23 auntie grizelda commented on Savage Love.
For those interested, here's another Griz Update for Monday night:
I have an appointment next Monday morning with the financial adviser of a local firm close to where I live, hopefully who will have some reassuringly GOOD news after the disastrous series of events with my ex-adviser and tax / penalty issues. This week, appointments with a veteran's employment counselor and a small business adviser--provided the weather doesn't get too prohibitively nasty. Will find out more soon. Meanwhile, back to computer work and staying warm---batten down the hatches, and pray me and my beloved VW don't blow away!

Nov 23 auntie grizelda commented on Savage Love.
@310 LavaGirl: Wow--some of the world's most poisonous snakes, spiders, jellyfish, man-eating sharks, crocs and cute-but-vicious koalas, all co-existing in the heat of high summer Down Under. Dare I mention dingoes? Kangaroos are feisty, too, aren't they?
Ya gotta be tough in Australia! You GO, girl!
@314 Donny: Ever notice it's the small, cute, furry, quiet animals that prove to be the most dangerous? Duck---Easter's coming!
@327 vennominon (re: my comments @292 and @296): I hope that made for an amusing TPiR scenario for you. It did for me. I'm still smiling.
Nov 23 auntie grizelda commented on Savage Love.
@304 & @305 LOL Donny, you're a hoot!