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Aug 7 Luckier commented on Let's Talk About the X-Files!.
What about the monster-of-the-week episode "Home" with the Peacock family, i.e., the one that ruined Johnny Mathis's Wonderful, Wonderful forever?
Jul 29 Luckier commented on I Joined ReaganBook, a Facebook for Bigots.
@9 Yes, they've managed to risk a lawsuit from both Facebook, for trademark infringement, and the Reagan family, for right of publicity infringement. Busy day.
Jul 14 Luckier commented on Help a Visitor Out, Slog.
Rent a canoe at UW and paddle around Lake Washington and through the Cut into Lake Union, and see the city from a completely different perspective. Plus, you can paddle through the temporary art installation Gates to Nowhere and try to find the beavers that live in the Arboretum.

Wait, I think I'll take a day off this week and do that. So maybe I'll see you there.
Jul 1 Luckier commented on Amazon Sues Former Employee for Going to Work at Google.
Usually an employer seeking to enforce a non-compete will sue the ex-employee and his new employer. By not doing that in this case, Amazon is trying to keep this case in state court - since Google is a California company, it could have moved the whole shebang to federal court, which recently refused fully to enforce Amazon's non-compete in a similar case.

Non-competes are nearly always unenforceable in California - @2, that's one of the reasons that Apple & Google had to collude to keep their employees from moving between companies and ultimately increasing their salaries.
Jun 26 Luckier commented on Dumb Article Tries to Paint George W. Bush as a Hero on Gay Rights.
"Not kicking gays" is a pretty fucking low threshold.
Jun 26 Luckier commented on How to Stop the Stupid Debate About Taxpayer Dollars Funding "Sex Change" Surgeries.
@3 Reconstructive surgery for children born with cleft palates in the U.S. Is covered under Medicaid and other insurance plans. That's why you don't see (U.S.-born) adults walking around with cleft palates. As for cleft-palate-having children in foreign countries, I'd like all of them to get reconstructive surgery too. But, whether my Washington-approved health insurance plan covers gender confirmation surgery or does not will have no effect on those children.
Jun 10 Luckier commented on Tweet of the Day.
Really, "school shooting" is where you want to get into a semantic argument, Nathan Hale?
May 28 Luckier commented on Did Mars Hill Fire a Pastor Because He Wouldn't Sign a Noncompete Clause?.
Even if a court would find the "we commit" language to constitute an enforceable contract, Washington courts will only enforce a non-compete to the extent that it is reasonable in time and scope. This agreement has no time limitation and appears to cover too broad of a geographic area (not to mention too broad of a religious scope - all Christian churches - apart from the religious liberty angle.) Also, Washington law requires that such an agreement be bargained for. An employer can't rely on continued employment as consideration (payment) for a non-compete, the employee must receive a raise or some other benefit in exchange for signing. And don't even get me started on whether this could be enforced against a volunteer - I can't even imagine trying to argue that in front of a judge.
May 21 Luckier commented on Gallup: Support for Gay Marriage Hits New High.
@5 I would love to see a poll like this that tracks data by age over time, so that you could compare the answers of 40-50 year olds in 1996 to 60-70 year olds now. My guess is that you would see steady gains within an age group, showing that the increased support for marriage equality is not simply due to the old "antis" dying off, but to changing (evolving) attitudes like your dad's.
May 14 Luckier commented on Cinco de Mayo and Dressing Up Like "a Mexican".
Culture is not a costume, full stop. I don't know why white people can't understand this.

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