May 11, 2010 slugbiker reviewed Luc.
have eaten at Luc twice, so far.

Lucatini cocktail is great. Beautiful, tasty, and not too sweet. You could drink a lot of them all too easily.

Lucious chilled asparagus soup and chicken liver mousse with rhubarb gelee were very tasty appetizers.

Pork chop is succulent, as was the pork loin special (Sunday). The onglet steak-frites came with savory jus that tasted even better when you dipped the fries in that and the harissa aioli (the meat was cooked perfectly and very tasty as well).

desserts: peach melba hit the spot with a nice addition of toasted almonds, and the butterscotch creme brulee was rich and satisfying.

It will take a while to get through the rest of the menu, but I'm looking forward to it! (Wednesday's special is tongue!). yum.