May 19 pg13 commented on Socialist Kshama Sawant Wants Colin Kaepernick to Become a Seahawk.
...of course, it might have helped for her to properly identify Pete Carroll as the Head Coach and not the General Manager. (The Seahawks General Manager is John Schneider.)

Don't dismiss this a nitpick. This is a plea for smart people to care about accuracy in the face of the nonsense flooding the world these days.

It's important for everyone, (even....and especially...people we agree with) to care enough to get their information right.
Mar 8 pg13 commented on Prince's Original Revolution Band to Hit the Showbox July 15.
Who is going to sing, do you think?

(...and what's Andre Cymone doing, these days?)
Dec 28, 2016 pg13 commented on Pop Life: The Horror of George Michael's "I Want Your Sex".
@3 Nitpick: "Death by matrimony" (not "Death to matrimony")
Dec 2, 2016 pg13 commented on Why Should I Give a Fuck About... Pere Ubu?.
And, with "Birdies", they had one of the best moments from "URGH: A Music War!"
Dec 1, 2016 pg13 commented on Recycling My Back Pages: A Music Writer/Collector Reflects on Disposing of His Magazine Archive.
I feel your pain, Dave. I've done the "big purge" myself a few times.

Magazines used to feel so important...and glossy pictures from magazines always seemed like they could be useful for some other projects that never seemed to actually be undertaken.

There are definitely times where I think "Oh, if I only still had that particular issue of The Face or Premiere or DJ or Mixmag or Raygun or Uncut or Q or Empire or The Rocket or Interview or Brill's Content or Wired or Mojo..." etc.

...but there's never a "...I'd do this specific thing with them"...

Recycling bins should be able to take all the regret when they take all the content we discard.
Nov 30, 2016 pg13 commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: We Will Never Get Closure On CLOSURE.
As someone who did not handle a particular break-up very well, I can look back with hindsight and realize that no explanation for why it happened would have helped.

I didn't know it at the time, but I recognize now that I wasn't accepting the only answer that mattered--that this person simply no longer wanted to continue to be in a relationship with me. In search of a mysterious "why", I was merely preventing myself from accepting the reality of the situation. My repeated demands for a "why"--any answer given to me would be an excuse for me to argue the point...or give me a false basis for thinking that things could be fixed... What didn't occur to me, even though it was the most obvious thing in the world, was that this person didn't WANT things to be fixed.

It has been said before, but you can't explain to someone why they should love you when they don't. You can't prove your point and win a debate and someone else admits "You're right, I was wrong for not continuing to love you."

The fact that when I think about that break-up and certain things about it still baffle me, after fourteen years now, is a healthy reminder to me to that not everyone, not even the people you feel closest to, share your exact reality. Other people, even those you feel closest to, might think or feel things that you're not aware of--either because you're not noticing or because they're not sharing them with you....or, more likely, you're choosing not to know.

For someone who doesn't want to be broken up with, no answer in the world is going to help. That person, in the thick of it, will never say "Oh, I get it now. OK."

It takes time.

Even with time, there might be not BE an answer...and you'll have to be ok with that.

And even if there was an answer, there's really no answer that you'd be ok with, because, again, the end result is that someone you cared about came to a point where they didn't care about you in the same way.

I wish I'd dealt with things better then...but that's on me.

It was the reality of the break-up I was struggling with, not the lack of a detailed enough explanation...

"Don't fight the drowning, the struggle only makes it worse."
Drowning by Dear John Letters
Nov 15, 2016 pg13 commented on Letter to the Editor: From the Desk of a Progressive Who Can Do Math.
The Democratic Party didn't realize that this was a "change" election...and thus they didn't detail anything that Hillary would change (or, in things like the TPP, she wasn't trusted to be the change.)

In her advertising, Hillary answered the question "What are you going to do when you're president?" with "Not be Donald Trump." And it turns out that wasn't enough.

I think that Hillary didn't want to focus on her plans or proposals because the Democratic party was thinking that they were winning the election and were concentrating on gathering a bi-partisan mandate--she was trying to be the center-right candidate that could appeal to Republicans that so many progressives were accusing her of being...rather than shoring up and energizing her base. (This is especially harsh in hindsight when so many criticized Trump for doing just that--he never reached out, he never expected to appeal to anyone but those who would like him...and that ended up being enough.)

So, you can blame strategy or tactics...but the ironic thing is that one candidate ran on his personality but won on his (undefined, completely unworkable and often deeply offensive) ideas ("I will bring change, she will be more of the same") when the other candidate had the right ideas but tried to make it about her opponent's personality and lost.
Oct 13, 2016 pg13 commented on Daniel Housman, The Stranger's First Music Editor, Reflects on Seattle's Music Scene in the '90s. a shoe box, probably...I've got a picture of that Tricky meet and greet at Piecora's. (Seems to me, they had a painted-up van...and everybody was grouped around in front of it...)
Sep 26, 2016 pg13 commented on KOMO Reports Ranting of Gun Advocates at Olympia Rally After Cascade Mall Shooting.
Does anyone remember the Tacoma Mall shooting?

There was a good guy with a gun who tried to stop the bad guy with a gun. Now, he wasn't a trained law enforcement official, so he made some mistakes...and he ended up getting shot five times.

A second "good guy with a gun" pulled his gun on the bad guy with the gun...but he (smartly, it turns out) did not fire because he feared hitting innocent by-standers.

After a hostage situation, the bad guy with the gun surrendered to the police...was tried and convicted.

Six people were shot that day (and another was injured, but not shot, in the confusion.) Five of those who were shot avoided serious injury.

The only person who was seriously injured...was the first "good guy with a gun".
Sep 14, 2016 pg13 commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Skip That White Wedding.
Tip the DJ to see if they'd play They Might Be Giants' "Your Racist Friend" during the reception dinner, after you've eaten your fill, as you throw your napkin down and walk out, with both birds a-flyin'...

A wedding is a big drama show anyway...why not burn those bridges in dramatic style?