Not enough like Twitter.

Jul 20 pg13 commented on The First Chapter of Harper Lee's Go Set a Watchman Is So Fucking Good. your NEW post, where you admit your disappointment in the rest of the book, isn't accepting comments at the moment, let me just say this...


Hope you're happy, Rich. (With great power comes great responsibility...and once bitten, twice shy...)
Jul 8 pg13 commented on Today in Casual Racism: I Don't Think Paula Deen Learned Her Lesson.
Perhaps, that's not Desi, Gaspar...perhaps that's Fericito?
Jun 24 pg13 commented on Sarah Silverman and Lewis Black Back Bernie Sanders.
Here's what I'd like to see from the Democratic challengers for the presidency: a substantive discussion of the issues and the relative merits and challenges in various solutions, done with respect and a minimum of mudslinging...and then, when the primaries have ended and a nominee has been chosen...a firm, positive and unequivocal backing of that nominee from everyone involved...all so that the Republican candidate doesn't get the chance to nominate the next few Supreme Court justices.

Let the Republican candidates shred themselves in their lust for power and glory.

Yes, this may mean a compromise if a preferred candidate isn't the nominee...but it would go a long way to showing that all politics doesn't need to be a scorched earth policy and that compromise doesn't have to be a mortal sin.
May 28 pg13 commented on Beyond the Pink Flag: Wire's First Three Albums Are Classics. I Just Listened to their 11 Other Albums.
I got to see Wire on their comeback tour with The Ex-Lion Tamers doing the entirety of "Pink Flag" in order. As #1 described, Gotobed managed to do all the drum machine beats live with just a snare, kick and high hat. They again only used white lights. It was glorious.

I love early-classic Wire (my band covered "12XU" and my favorite is "Map Ref.41°N 93°W") but "The Ideal Copy" was exactly what I wanted to listen to in 1987. Everyone says "Oh, that's when they wanted to be New Order"--but it's not really. It fits into a particular post-punk /dance oriented rock thing that was happening then--from "Nighttime"-era Killing Joke to "Darklands"-era The Jesus and Mary Chain.

"Ahead" was the blue print for the sound I wanted for the second band I was in), "Madman's Honey" is nearly as beautiful as "Kidney Bingos". I like "Over Theirs"...and there's other stuff, weird like "Feed Me"...or slightly twisted pop like "The Point of Collapse", "Cheeking Tongues" or "Ambitious"... None of it, really, sounds like New Order.

And while I don't immediately pick out "The Ideal Copy" as my first choice when I go to listen to a particular Wire album...given the choice of any of the first three albums, or the compilation from those albums ("On Returning") or "The A-List" which is a "best of" for their 1985-1990 output, I often choose "The A-List" that takes me to "In Vivo" and their 120 Minutes era hit "Eardrum Buzz".

But as much as I love classic-era Wire and comeback-era Wire, I haven't felt compelled to dive into their third-era stuff. I think I might own "Red Barked Trees" (disappointing) and I've had "Ultimate Send" and "Object 47" in my "saved for later" queue for a long time.

Sounds like I've got some catching up to do.
May 20 pg13 commented on SL Letter of the Day: Queer Goggles.
I believe that Eddie Izzard still self-identifies as a transvestite, at least as recently as August 2014. (An executive transvestite, of course.)
May 5 pg13 commented on Steel Yourself for Give BIG!, Seattle's Yearly Philanthro-splosion.
That looks like the person holding all the money is Janine Brito, a comedian/writer who was featured on Totally Biased w/ W. Kamau Bell.

Janine is really smart and funny...and deserves to be on posters.
Apr 16 pg13 commented on 10 Frames: Flammable Sundays at Re-bar.
The thing about Flammable (and definitely both Brian and Wesley) is that it comes from a place of love. Everyone can tell. Everyone could always tell.
Mar 5 pg13 commented on My Earlier Post About Ben Carson Inspired an Email Exchange With an Incensed Reader of a Different Website.
I always assumed it was a pole-arm, Allison. My bad.

I guess a general (but not academic) knowledge of Dungeons & Dragons was no substitute for a proper education.
Mar 5 pg13 commented on My Earlier Post About Ben Carson Inspired an Email Exchange With an Incensed Reader of a Different Website.
Dan, did you actually write: "I'm know Frank Bruni." ???

Oh, dear.

(see also: Houses, Glass)
(or: Petards, Hoisting One's Self Upon One's Own)
Feb 10 pg13 commented on Tonight's Must-See TV: Solomon Georgio on Conan!.
This is so great. I am very happy for Solomon. He's always been worth paying attention to!

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