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Jan 15 pg13 commented on Why Fast & Furious 7 Is More Important Than the Oscars.
Dwayne Johnson's dad (wrestler Rocky Johnson) was black and Canadian...Dwayne's grandfather on his mother's side (wrestler High Chief Peter Maivia) is Samoan...and he was born in California...and lived for a short time in New Zealand.

Diversity? The guy is a one-man Benetton ad.

As far as the Oscars go...how deep into the rabbit hole do we want to take this discussion? On one hand, it seems like we should remind ourselves that this same academy gave its Best Picture (but, admittedly, not Best Director) award last year to "12 Years A Slave"--but then that opens a whole lot of other questions about the type of black films this academy seems to favor and I'm not sure I'm up for THAT discussion...
Dec 26, 2014 pg13 commented on Top 10 New-Wave Songs I Didn't Fully Appreciate Until 2014 of 2014.
All worthy of appreciation, David!
Dec 17, 2014 pg13 commented on Sony Hackers Threaten Terrorist Attacks on Movie Theaters Showing The Interview.
Question: Was there a fire at the "thin veil" factory?
Dec 15, 2014 pg13 commented on Definition of a Lunatic: A Black Man Calling the Police For Help.
This is the moment where Charles realized that he's not Simon Phoenix...but, instead, he is a member of the San Angeles Police Department.

Dec 1, 2014 pg13 commented on Seattle Crowns A New Comedy Champion.
Sigh. Never post to the Slog from your phone.

Kaori not Kari.
Dec 1, 2014 pg13 commented on Seattle Crowns A New Comedy Champion.
Correcting myself...this year's roster included six women. That includes Kari (rather than in addition to Kaori.)
Dec 1, 2014 pg13 commented on Seattle Crowns A New Comedy Champion.
Hey, Peter Greyy...Director of Talent for the Seattle International Comedy competition here. Wanted to offer some additional information to what David reported here.

This year's event spanned 23 shows over 26 days...and took our competitors from Bremerton to Spokane...from a movie theater down in Vancouver to a casino showroom at the Skagit Valley Casino.

We started with 33 competitors this year, chosen from hundreds of comedians from around the world who applied or auditioned to be part of this year's event. Our roster this year included Fox Klein, who flew himself here from Melbourne, Australia, in order to participate...and Kaori, Japan's only billingual female stand-up comedian, who flew here from Tokyo.

In addition to Kaori, our roster included six women. This is down from the previous year, when we had 9 women out of 32, but up from when I started slecting talent after a year that had only three women. I'd intended to choose more women this year, as creating a roster that is compelling, competitive and diverse is a priority for me and this event. Unfortunately, some of my top female prospects for this year turned down my invitation to participate...mostly for financial reasons. As it is, the number of women competing this year is at the same percentage level as the number of women who applied and what is thought to be the percentage of women in stand-up comedy. It's something we'll continue to work on.

Our event is an elimination competition...and once the roster begins their competition, it is in the hands of our judges as to who advances. The most recent woman to make the Finals was in 2011.

One last correction. Matt Donaher actually finished fourth overall, with Edmonton's Sterling Scott narrowly placing third ahead of Matt.
Oct 29, 2014 pg13 commented on Mormon Misson Destroys Mormon Kid's Faith.
Am I wrong in thinking that David Fitzgerald's presentation was poorly delivered and surprisingly ineffective?

Would have worked better as a Cracked article.
Oct 22, 2014 pg13 commented on Eight Stranger Writers Race Across Town at Rush Hour.
The Stranger > Top Gear US

(Oh, if only David Schmader had driven his Car2Go while dressed up as The Stig...)
Oct 6, 2014 pg13 commented on David Lynch Will Take Us Back to Twin Peaks.
Any new Twin Peaks can't possibly live up to the expectations of those who have spent 25 years obsessing over the original.

What do we even want, anyway? We can't turn back the clock on the actors and actresses who played those parts...and I'm not sure we want all the same characters, just 25 years later...

I'm cautious...and there's no poll option for cautious.

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