Oct 13 pg13 commented on Daniel Housman, The Stranger's First Music Editor, Reflects on Seattle's Music Scene in the '90s.
Somewhere...in a shoe box, probably...I've got a picture of that Tricky meet and greet at Piecora's. (Seems to me, they had a painted-up van...and everybody was grouped around in front of it...)
Sep 26 pg13 commented on KOMO Reports Ranting of Gun Advocates at Olympia Rally After Cascade Mall Shooting.
Does anyone remember the Tacoma Mall shooting?

There was a good guy with a gun who tried to stop the bad guy with a gun. Now, he wasn't a trained law enforcement official, so he made some mistakes...and he ended up getting shot five times.

A second "good guy with a gun" pulled his gun on the bad guy with the gun...but he (smartly, it turns out) did not fire because he feared hitting innocent by-standers.

After a hostage situation, the bad guy with the gun surrendered to the police...was tried and convicted.

Six people were shot that day (and another was injured, but not shot, in the confusion.) Five of those who were shot avoided serious injury.

The only person who was seriously injured...was the first "good guy with a gun".
Sep 14 pg13 commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Skip That White Wedding.
Tip the DJ to see if they'd play They Might Be Giants' "Your Racist Friend" during the reception dinner, after you've eaten your fill, as you throw your napkin down and walk out, with both birds a-flyin'...

A wedding is a big drama show anyway...why not burn those bridges in dramatic style?
Aug 22 pg13 commented on Sexist Trolls Tried to Derail the 2016 Hugo Awards. They Failed..
...and all I want to talk about is how the hit version of "Kansas City" (1959 by Wilbert Harrison) DOESN'T say anything about crazy ways of lovin'...

(He's going to get him one of those crazy little women that they have there...)

The "crazy way of loving" line IS in the original Lieber-Stoller lyrics, it was in the original Little Willy Littlefield version (though that never became much of a hit)...and it was in whatever Little Richard did to the song. But as I said, the actual hit version that is most in the cultural vernacular had "crazy little women" and Fats Domino changed it to "pretty little women" when he did it.

I know this has nothing with alt right attempts to influence some science fiction writing awards vote...but the caption to the picture for this story gave me a bit of the Mandela Effect.

(I'll just show myself out...)
Jul 8 pg13 commented on I, Anonymous.
I never know if I should unfriend someone who has died. It seems mean, somehow...but why?
May 4 pg13 commented on Why I'm Glad, But Not Psyched, About Bernie Sanders' Comeback Victory in Indiana.
@5 @3 Actually, you're both right.

Five Thirty Eight said that there was a 90% chance of Clinton winning the Indiana primary based on the results of the various polls that were out there.

However, they also released a demographic report, independent of the polls, suggesting that because Indiana is both predominantly white and holds an open primary, that Sanders should win by 7%.

So, this wasn't a case of lies. Or damn lies.

Just statistics...counting different things.
May 2 pg13 commented on In 5-4 Vote, City Council Kills Street Vacation for New Sodo Arena.
Is the gender breakdown of the vote irrelevant? Not sure. (Had the vote been five men saying yes and four women saying no, would it be irrelevant then? Again...not sure.)

But, lest it be thought that only boneheaded men have had thoughts about the gender breakdown of this vote--it's worth taking a read of comedian Monica Nevi's reaction:

Apr 26 pg13 commented on Game of Thrones: Tear Down That Wall!.
"A Song of Ice and Fire"
"A Song of and Fire" (The Dan Savage edit)
Apr 14 pg13 commented on Off-the-Charts Music Nerdery Happens Tonight at EMP with Record Store Showdown.
Kind of glad this didn't happen when Orpheum was still around...we'd be insufferable.

(Or, more insufferable than many remember us being...but honestly, we were actually really nice! And we had to take a really tough music quiz just to work there...)
Apr 6 pg13 commented on Calvin Trillin's Nostalgia for a White Planet.
"So honey...
Don't you fret
'Cause you ain't seen
'Nothin' yet."