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Apr 16, 2014 alithea commented on Council Member Kshama Sawant Replies to Small-Business Owner Mike Klotz.
@12 "Who is going to make less money for three years working for a small business when they can be making up to 36% more by working for a larger business?"

Lot's of people! Big businesses have been able to offer more to their employees since the dawn of capitalism, and yet small businesses are often harder to get a job with because the culture and environment is often so much more rewarding.
Sep 1, 2013 alithea commented on Onward and Upward.
nate's first band, the format, is one of the most solid emo-pop-indie rock bands of all time.

when i was a bright-eyed bushy-tailed 19 year old who had yet to lose faith in the music business, i was running the street teams for atlantic records, and i did a lot promotions for the format. they played once at the moore, and afterwards i was on their bus, and i drank a budweiser (one of my very first drinks!!) and nate sang along to the jackson 5 playing on the bus's ipod. it is still one of my most favorite, most pure memories of being a young music fan.

even though fun. is the most saccharine version of the format (and like, that hit radio song is clearly about date rape??), but i am still deeply defensive of fun. and nate!
Aug 14, 2013 alithea commented on Man Raises $6.5 Million to Start Feminist Website, Save Women's Publishing.

if you need me, i'll be burning it all down.
Jul 22, 2013 alithea commented on Pictures of Death Cab for Cutie, Juno, and Polecat That Have Been Sitting Under My Bed for 10 Years.
hope you have some from that mtx show at rkcndy!
Jun 13, 2013 alithea commented on The Replacements Are Headlining Riot Fest (And: Do Reunions Matter Anymore?).
ALSO ALSO. sometimes your band goes through line up changes and thats fine! nobody thinks its weird when a member of a band quits to open up a burrito hut and they replace them with someone else. sometimes those line up changes happen after 10 years. whatever.

in general, band line up purists are boring and miserable.
Jun 13, 2013 alithea commented on The Replacements Are Headlining Riot Fest (And: Do Reunions Matter Anymore?).
i find that the people who are like, "THIS ISNT A REAL REUNION!!!!!!!!!!!" are also the ones who are old as dirt and saw the original band "way back when". which is fine -- "here is your #1 original music fan king of everything crown!!!!!" -- but for younger fans, seing -part- of the original line up is better than never seeing anything at all.
Apr 17, 2013 alithea commented on Here's How NOT to Cover a Music Festival.
@16: "What's lame is that in 2013, this is the way girls have decided they want to get attention again."

yeah, women just up and decided that this was how they were going to be validated. it has nothing to do with a pervasive patriarchal society who has socialized women to believe that their value as a human is completely reliant on their looks. it has nothing to do with a male-run media industry. it has nothing to do with billions of dollars being invested in the hope that women hate how they look. way to nail it, brainiac.

this is super gross.
Apr 17, 2013 alithea commented on Monday Night Shows: Why? (and How?).
wait there is a third wave ska night on monday nights??
Apr 12, 2013 alithea commented on Maddie Pfeiffer, the Final Grand Jury Refuser (So Far), Has Been Released.
@14 FURTHERMORE, you referring to anarchism as a "silly ideology" is grossly full of paternal naivete, as if political outliers, obstructionists, and activists haven't been a fucking critical element in shaping what little democracy we have.
Apr 12, 2013 alithea commented on Maddie Pfeiffer, the Final Grand Jury Refuser (So Far), Has Been Released.
@14 your law jocking within the comments of the grand jury resistors posts is extremely tired, and makes me lose respect for you as a person. the grand jury resistors are humans that are friends with people you know in real life, and even though i am positive i disagree with things YOUR friends do, i would never speak about them disrespectfully in a public place as you have continually done, reinforcing a lack of humanity the justice system already imposes.

political repression is a thing, scott. it is a thing that the government totally does, and that is totally fucked up.

being purposefully obtuse or playing devil's advocate, which i guess is what you are doing, because the court is, under the law, in the right, does not mean that what they are doing is right. it doesnt make it any less of a whole big giant pile of power-playing bullshit.

it is not comparable to steubenville because rape is illegal, maybe knowing an anarchist is not.