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7:28 PM yesterday TheMisanthrope commented on The Best "Fuck You, Pedestrians"? Stewart Street and Denny Way.
@13 The reason it improved is that Stewart drivers at least have a fighting chance at not blocking the intersection. They can see whether the light at Yale is going to change before they enter the intersection. The left turners from Denny can't see the light and, when their light is green but the Yale light is red, they have no idea.

Chaz, the pedestrians actually have it the easiest. They can walk through cars easily and quickly. In fact, I've seen it where there's a car blocking the Demny intersection when the Yale light changes, but pedestrians crossing prevent that car from clearing it when Stewart clears.
6:32 PM yesterday TheMisanthrope commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: What's Allowed In His Spank Bank?.
I've heard women talk about jacking it to various real life people in the streets (UPS driver, construction worker, that babe in the park who was playing ultimate frisbee with his shirt off), or even friends. But they do not go up to somebody and tell them "Hi. I like masturbating to my mental image of you. Wanna go out with me sometime?"

Facebook is a digital version of that. Do not tell people that you're jacking it to them, and a heathy person knows that. Most people consider that a breach of privacy and intimacy. It's creepy and weird. Most don't want to know their g-rated headshot with friends or workout photo is spank bank material, even if they may have been guilty of something similar themselves.

I agree with @2. See a sex-positive therapist and find out where your intimacy issues are.
Jan 16 TheMisanthrope commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Lifelong Straight Guy Wants To Recreate Magical Gay Sex He Once Had With Smooth Guy Whose Queeny Ways Appealed to Him.
Did anybody notice that he was flaky with the guy he liked getting fucked by? How much you wanna bet he's generally a flake but wondering why he can't find some nelly queen who wants to be a top to an older guy and also willing to do it only at his behest. And one who's also super smooth and with no tats. And thin. And probably not pierced. Anything else, your highness?

I think it's funny that he goes to a jack off group looking for an anal top partner. Please.
Jan 13 TheMisanthrope commented on The Morning News: State Supreme Court Rules Against Grays Harbor Oil Terminal, DOJ Opens Comey Investigation.
@9 People rage quitting social media was all the narcissistic rage back in the days of Livejournal. It wasn't until Lindy West that it was ever published in an international newspaper though.

@1 Agreed. The ultra rich footballer and the tech investor are not wrong. They're just selfish assholes. But that doesn't make them wrong.
Jan 12 TheMisanthrope commented on BuzzFeed Is Bad For Journalism?.
@17 Nobody took the National Inquirer as seriously as they did Buzzfeed when they broke the story about John Edwards.

And nobody was having a conversation about Fake News when it happened. Democrats, especially Clintonites, have been trying to start a conversation about fake news. And then, because they hate Trump SO MUCH, they run around with an unverified piece of news as if it were gospel until other people knock them for it.

Let's go back 48 hours and see how Dan Savage presented it. He linked the pdf without presenting it as verified or unverified, and as THE memo given to Trump. He didn't even bother linking the Buzzfeed article questioning the pdf's veracity (just bits of CNN that questioned the veracity of information in some intelligence report given to Trump (which may or may not be the one that Buzzfeed scanned, but Dan confirmed it as The Memo).
Jan 12 TheMisanthrope commented on BuzzFeed Is Bad For Journalism?.
@8 Are you calling me a conservative?
Jan 12 TheMisanthrope commented on BuzzFeed Is Bad For Journalism?.
@5 A document that unverified should NOT be primary source material. Buzzfeed didn't release it as "look how bad our information is." It was "hey, here's this information but nobody knows how true it is, so have fun kids!"

Buzzfeed isn't a hero here.
Jan 12 TheMisanthrope commented on BuzzFeed Is Bad For Journalism?.
Is that our spin on it now? Buzzfeed was responsibly releasing an unverified document just because it was being spread around? That's almost as bad as releasing a chain email that your uncle sent you.

WSJ is badly biased on one side, Buzzfeed on the other...and neither are helping the conversation about journalist ethics move forward.

And, in this case, yes both sides are pretty fucking bad.
Jan 11 TheMisanthrope commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: A Germaphobe Couldn't Be Into Piss, Right?.
Thank you Audra. Jeez.

I felt like I was going crazy hearing people say he was into pee. No. He's into defiling symbols. He'd probably hire a hooker to take a shit on a rosary if he thought Obama was catholic and used it during office. But that doesn't mean he's a coprophiliac.

And, shaming him as being a piss-obsessed submissive is one of the liberal's low points. There's so much we can attack him on, shaming somebody for consensual sexual interests shouldn't be one of them. (Shaming him for non-consensual sexual interests, on the other hand, totally feasible)
Jan 11 TheMisanthrope commented on Trump Gave a Press Conference About Pee Gate. He Probably Thought He Was Tremendous.
If we're going to go down in flames at least we might have Russian hookers trying to douse the flames.

What has the government been up to while peegate has been happening? Cutting the ACA with no replacement, and news articles were trying to explain the ACA and Obamacare and the sundry state programs created under the ACA but with different state-specific names were all the same thing. Instead, we got pissed on.

Great job liberal media.