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Sep 12 TheMisanthrope commented on Tim Eyman Initiative to Kill Seattle's Minimum Wage Picks Up $100,000 in Donations.
Note that Small Businesses are making the donations.

Fuck small businesses.
Sep 8 TheMisanthrope commented on Pastor Mark Driscoll Taught That Women Were Primarily Created to Be a "Home" for the Penis.
That's your home! Are you too good for your home?! ANSWER ME!!
Aug 25 TheMisanthrope commented on Watch Mark Driscoll Ask Forgiveness from Mars Hill Church.
Didn't he just come back from vacation?
Aug 14 TheMisanthrope commented on Rand Paul Is Absolutely Right on Ferguson.
@5 is right. This is a fault on all sides.
Aug 14 TheMisanthrope commented on King County Metro Will Offer Reduced $1.50 Fare to Low Income Riders.
Oh, and Fnarf, before you go harping on the trasportation package that was passed by the House last year and trying to blame the senate Republicans and yadda yadda yadda.

Raising gas taxes (regressive) and motor vehicle tab fees (hella regressive) are not raising taxes in a progressive form. The transportation package that was passed last year by the house, which followed the billions of dollars in corporate welfare for Boeing, was regressive as fuck.
Aug 14 TheMisanthrope commented on King County Metro Will Offer Reduced $1.50 Fare to Low Income Riders. know who is in the state legislature who has been steadfastly refusing to raise taxes on the wealthy or in any progressive form?

Frank Chopp.

Why don't you call on him to make changes at the state level regarding funding?
Aug 13 TheMisanthrope commented on You'll Never Guess Who's Joining the "Legal Fight Against Seattle's Minimum Wage".
What the city council should do is put everybody on the fast track. End this stupid lawsuit, and punish everybody for letting it get this far.
Aug 12 TheMisanthrope commented on John Oliver and Sarah Silverman Take On Payday Loan Companies.
@29 Wrong as well. We didn't even ban the high interest rates.

We just limited the number of loans one could take out over the course of the year to 8.

Then the poor people can go die for all we care. But, it does ruin the business model of cyclical borrowing.
Aug 12 TheMisanthrope commented on Washington Post: "95% of Republican House districts are majority-white".
So, what are the other 5%? Minority majority but rich?

Obvious news is obvious.
Aug 11 TheMisanthrope commented on John Oliver and Sarah Silverman Take On Payday Loan Companies.
It was so close to not 2010...when Democrats ruled the house AND the senate and had the governor.


And, actually, I'm not actively rooting FOR Jess Spear. I'm rooting AGAINST corporate democrats like Frank Chopp. It's Democrats like Frank Chopp who pass neutered bills like the Foreclosure Fairness Act of 2011 or the Payday Lending Law which chose not to penalize predatory behavior. Both of these bills make corporate democrats like you feel great about passing laws, but they actually help very few people.

The Payday Lending Report says nothing about helping people get out of debt, but instead merely says that it bans people from going cyclical. It doesn't say what happens to the people once they run out of the number of payday loans, which is also not addressed by the bill in 2010. In both of your links, it doesn't say what happens to the borrowers, if they declared bankruptcy, or if they lost their houses or what.

Corporate Democrats frequently pass Feel Good laws like this also neglected to put in safeguards for people who fall prey to what is still legal predatory behavior. Frank Chopp is one of those who represents that. When I asked Frank Chopp why he voted for (not just allowed to pass) a bill making it harder for Washington State workers to get unemployment while reducing corporate taxes, he wrote "Why should I have to answer for bills I voted for?"

Fuck Frank Chopp. A Corporate Democrat who is fully in the pockets of Boeing, Microsoft, Amazon, and Moneytree.

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