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9:51 AM TheMisanthrope commented on It Could Happen to You: King County's Plague of Excessively Sticky Election Envelopes.
Mine wouldn't reseal as it ruined the envelope.. So I used a strip of scotch tape.
Jul 28 TheMisanthrope commented on Guest Editorial: The Rent Is Too Damn High, Let's Get It Under Control.
@52 The same Payday loan law which still allows for triple digit rates of return, but merely stopped the cycle from perpetuating itself? The one that basically said "no, what they're doing is not loan sharking? Of course it went national. It didn't even target predatory behaviors.

The same ineffective Foreclosure Fairness Act that did little to protect lenders if they were already a little behind?

Chopp is the King of toothless legislature. Under his watch, democrats have passed corporate friendly feel good measures time and again.

He has presided over, and voted for, constant tax break legislation for 14 years, and has continually overseen the cutting of workers rights and even encouraged unions to vote against their self-interest.
Jul 28 TheMisanthrope commented on Guest Editorial: The Rent Is Too Damn High, Let's Get It Under Control.
@30 And what has progressive things has Chopp negotiated for in the past decade?
Jul 25 TheMisanthrope commented on Four Questions About the Garfield High School Rape Case.
@2 That's what I read too. She made it clear she wanted it to stop, and he didn't stop, even though he heard her. And, that's by HIS own recollection.

The story is that much fucked up.

One could argue that she started it, and thus bears a little bit of responsibility...but she communicated stop clearly enough that he heard it, and he didn't. I don't care what the reason is, he should have stopped.

I suspect that she may have wanted it if it was just general PIV sex, but as soon as it went anal, she didn't want it and it became rape. Which is still rape. And it's not a night of sex that became regret afterwards.
Jul 23 TheMisanthrope commented on Don't Listen to the SECB—Vote for Jess Spear.
@97 See @98. His district isn't some light blue anomaly in a see of deep blue. His district is deep blue, regardless of how rich they've become.

Regardless, what you say is basically acknowledging that I and other anti-Chopp advocates are correct, in that Chopp has gotten more conservative and in line with big business policies. Instead of the progressives moving to districts with more progressive representation, progressives should stay where they are and vote in a truly progressive candidate, and oust the one that's merely a DINO.
Jul 23 TheMisanthrope commented on Don't Listen to the SECB—Vote for Jess Spear.
@79 Spear has very few credentials, but Chopp has lost any credibility to claims of progressiveness.

He's been a conservative force for the past decade, leading the vote time and again for big business tax cuts and putting pressure on labor unions.

Fuck Frank Chopp. He's a DINO.
Jul 22 TheMisanthrope commented on It's Officially Official: The $15 Minimum Wage Will Not Face a Challenge at the Ballot This Year.
but...but...but...I thought that the referendums were supposed to be massively popular! Why couldn't they get enough valid signatures? You'd think it would be easy and people would be pounding at their doorsteps to sign it!

Democracy wins again!
Jul 22 TheMisanthrope commented on WATCH: Dave Meinert Shoved in Parks Meeting Melee! (Or Something!).
Why is the Conservative Lobby Chamber of Commerce FOR prop 1? Why are volunteers and the League of Women Voters against prop 1?

Something ain't right here...
Jul 18 TheMisanthrope commented on Roughly 100 AIDS Researchers May Have Died in the Airplane Shot Out of the Sky Over Ukraine.
@15 and @20 The WaPo article was posted mere minutes before the Obama interview was last updated...

But the WaPo article was posted HOURS before Frizzelle posted.

Responsible reporting and all that...

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