Yeah, it's a copy of that.

Dec 18 Timothy commented on The Tunnel Project Is Not 70 Percent Done.
Hey @15 & @17...

This is not primarily an engineering issue. It's a political issue. You're trying to leverage engineering in political spin fashion.

The point of the article stands solid; the idea that this project is so close to being done that it would be foolish to stop now is not an engineering question at all.

Knock it off.

Oh...and NotASpeck...which entity are you employed by?
Dec 5 Timothy commented on SL Letter of the Day: Two Graves, One Book.
Can I just add that I think Ashley Madison is perhaps one of the most evil things on the Internet? I've never met a person on an open relationship that would use Ashley Madison as a source.

Sort of surprised that Dan didn't call that out.
Dec 2 Timothy commented on Harvard Exit Theater and Varsity Theatre to Close in January.
This is one of my favorite hideaways in Seattle. Losing this will suck. :-(
Oct 1 Timothy commented on What Comes After Contempt? A State Supreme Court Justice Tells Us.
@4 is right. This means nothing will be done. Nothing.
Sep 22 Timothy commented on I Am Leaving The Stranger, Everybody!.
Thanks for your work Dom.
Aug 27 Timothy commented on Gay Bathhouses Are Going Extinct.
Maybe this can help spark a movement. :-)
Jun 5 Timothy commented on In Defense of Maureen Dowd Getting Too High and Writing About It.
I'll hop in here as well to give props to Dominic for highlighting this issue.

I was the campaign manager for the medical marijuana campaigns in the 90's. I'm no stranger to pot, though it's not my drug of choice.

Several months ago I had a really severe reaction to an edible that left me incapacitated and laying on the floor next to the toilet for several hours. It was awful and I haven't returned to pot since.

The industry needs to act like an industry and standardize in some way. Now. Or you'll seriously damage yourself.
Jun 5 Timothy commented on "$15 an Hour? Why Not $100 an Hour!" Hey, for Some City Employees, It's "Why Not $175 an Hour?".
I'm torn on this issue. On one level, I think that Government pay should be commensurate with private sector pay. The idea that government workers should sacrifice to work in government handicaps government.

But, of course, CEO pay is out of control. And yes, the CEO of SCL, if paid equivalent to what a CEO of a similar size and complexity of a private organization, would make much more than $240K.

But, this is the absurdity of the minimum wage discussion. There's a trigger in City Code that requires the Council to regular adjust the upward pay at the top, but not at the bottom?

It's why I keep saying that of course the minimum wage should be adjusted dramatically upward, but that this is only a tiny part of the discussion of an equitable and natural distribution of wealth. If the "system" of the mythical free market was working, then there would not be this huge disparity in pay.
May 6 Timothy commented on Seattle Is a World City?.
I like Vegas for what it is, but really?
Mar 7 Timothy commented on In Case Y'all Perhaps Wondered Where Pharrell Sourced "Happy".
Count me in the "not hearing it" camp.

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