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Apr 13 Eric from Boulder commented on Green Sunday: Hanging Your Laundry.
On any given day, there a probably a million clothes-drying poles projecting from high-rise towers in Singapore. It amzes me there aren't more deaths and injuries from poles that are accidentally dropped.…
Apr 7 Eric from Boulder commented on Stay on the Scene, Like a Rolling Sex Machine.
Amazingly tight. Love it.
In retrospect, it's obvious:
Q: How does it feel?
A. I feel good!
Apr 1 Eric from Boulder commented on Remove Your Studded Tires, People.
@7: This one does.
Mar 31 Eric from Boulder commented on Putin Wants Ukraine, the Baltic States, and... Finland?.
@7: There's a tradition of despotic Russian leaders being posthumously discredited by accusations of horsing around.
Mar 18 Eric from Boulder commented on Police Beat: Dog Owner Blames Attack On Victim.
@9, @8,
I'm not ordinarily in favor of putting down a dog for a first-time offence bite, but if the owner says "it was your fault because you screamed", then there seems to be no realistic chance of rehabilitation as long as the dog stays with that owner. Either put it down or at a minimum, as @18 says, "rehome" it.
Mar 17 Eric from Boulder commented on Did the Missing Malaysia Airliner Fly in the Shadow of Another Plane, Thereby Avoiding Radar Detection?.
@2: I'll take the bait: you're reference to the famous razor suggests you favor the simplest possible explanation. What's the simple explanation that corresponds to certain datalink communications equipment being shut off before the first officer calmly sent a final acknowledgement by radio, and which is consistent with the "pinging" going on for another half dozen hours, and with no country, other than Malaysia, reporting that they tracked a "bogie" radar echo that night? I can think of a several explanations, but all of them would have left Brother Occam with a bad case of razor burn on his face.
Mar 10 Eric from Boulder commented on The Morning News: How Does an Airplane Just Vanish?.
Maybe it was the anti-goldilocks event. If it landed too hard, smashed into the water, there should be pieces of junk floating all over the place. If it landed too soft, really smoothly, ala Chesley B. Sullenberger III, then the people would get out and be right now floating around in rafts. But if landed just right, maybe it cracked open but not too wide and sunk very quickly, taking all the junk including e.g. the emergency radio beacon under with it. The radio signal won't come up through the water. There should still be a sonar beacon for the black box, if I recall correctly, but to hear that, you need a microphone in the water, and you have to be close, like less than a mile.

Can a commercial air pilot turn off the transponder in flight? I don't know. I can't think why it would be wired up so a pilot could turn it off, the way a military pilot can. If it did that then in principle it could fly low over the waves and be very hard to see. Seems a little unlikely, sure.
Mar 8 Eric from Boulder commented on The Saturday Morning News.
@21: Assuming Lovechild and Seattleblues are both Republicans, both have been here on SLOG in the last few month praising his pro-gaybashing policies.
Mar 6 Eric from Boulder commented on Kshama Sawant Doesn't Support Phasing In $15-an-Hour Minimum Wage.
@127 asks "Also, who is she negotiations with?"

How about, other members of City Council?

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