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4:54 PM yesterday Eric from Boulder commented on Ireland to Vote on Marriage Equality.
@4: Savita's next-of-kin will be happy but probably surprised to learn that Ireland is no longer under the sway of the Vatican. (Yeah, I know you said "this country." But as for Ireland itself, this was not very long ago.)

Nov 6 Eric from Boulder commented on I Interviewed the Guy Who Jumped onto a Dead Whale Being Eaten by Sharks. He’s Advertising Deodorant Now. I Have Suggestions..
I respect young Mr Williams. He was famous briefly, but he's the first to admit that he's jumped the whale.
Oct 15 Eric from Boulder commented on Breaking News: Not All Cops Are Lying Scumbags Who Can't Wait to Fatally Shoot Unarmed Civilians.
Thank you, Officer Kinney! You are a good man and a good cop!
Oct 7 Eric from Boulder commented on Who Does Marriage Equality Hurt? Janna Darnelle, That's Who..
@20: If I was insufficiently explicit in @18: When gay people can get married, the pressure (from people like you) for them to marry straight people of the opposite sex is less effective, because they have an alternative. This means the future Jana's of the world are much less likely to wind up married to people who are not attracted to them. This is a good result from gay marriage, do you not agree? I'm aware of the fact that, on the whole, you think gay marriage is a terrible thing. But, perhaps you'll agree that even something you find terrible in balance can have good aspects to it.
Oct 7 Eric from Boulder commented on Who Does Marriage Equality Hurt? Janna Darnelle, That's Who..
SB@12: I know you hate it that gay people will now have a better chance at happiness, when you feel they don't deserve it. But how about the Jannas of the world? Can you find it in your heart to feel happy for the all the future Jannas, who will now not have to suffer the fate of marrying men who are not attracted to them, because those men will now have other options? Surely you must see this as a silver lining in what for you must otherwise be a cloudy day? Those poor Jannas did nothing wrong, right? Or is the suffering of the Jannas of the world the price the righteous must pay, in order to make the wicked more miserable?
Sep 30 Eric from Boulder commented on What Do You Think of the Inherent Vice Trailer?.
Finally, finally, finally, a movie adapted from a Pynchon novel. Thinking about the movie makes my toes curl. It won't meet my expectations. How could it? But it could still be pretty damn good.
Sep 17 Eric from Boulder commented on The Dirty Secret of Electric Cars.
Catalina's comment @12 delves more accurately into the subtleties of the issue than does my comment @14, but the point remains that where you charge up your EV makes quite a bit less difference to the global environment than Ansel's piece may lead one to believe.
Sep 17 Eric from Boulder commented on The Dirty Secret of Electric Cars.
MarcVH @3 gets it. Every clean kWh you don't use in Seattle is sold to another utility where it displaces a dirtier kWh. The carbon dioxide that gets released then drifts all over the world, causing just as much havoc no matter where you charge. It tends not to matter _where_ you charge up your EV. It matters somewhat more _when_ you charge up your EV. Under some circumstances you can time your charging to coincide with when there is an excess of clean power (say wind) on the grid. It is easy to move power from county to county, but hard to store power from hour to hour. Ideally our electric meters would be "smart" and guide us to making good choices.
Sep 5 Eric from Boulder commented on If the Seahawks Keep Playing Like They Did Last Night, We're All Going to Become Insufferable.
For some reason, I'm thinking the insufferable will become the humble in about, uh, 16 days.
Sep 2 Eric from Boulder commented on Youth Pastor Watch: A Den of Wolves.
@45: Yes. At this point, it's pretty hard to follow what all the fuss was about. Biggest beneficiary of all the deletions is seattleblues, since the record of his echoing the scandalous moral calculus of decades of catholic bishops is now expunged.

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