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Aug 12 Cascadian commented on Bernie Sanders Should Challenge Hillary Clinton for the Dem Nom.
@7, If it's Hillary Clinton vs. any Republican, including Rand Paul (who used to have an anti-interventionist stance but has jettisoned it entirely), I bet you vote for her.

The primary is where we get a chance to register our opposition, and hopefully force her to adopt positions more liberal than she prefers. At the very least, it would be good to force a more liberal running mate on her. I'd like to see Sanders give her a real challenge, and then use his influence to lobby for a younger liberal figure as Hillary's VP. Unfortunately, you can't have two people in or on the verge of their 70s--Hillary will be 69 on election day and turns 70 in 2017--running on the same ticket.
Aug 11 Cascadian commented on Hillary Clinton Breaks with President Obama on Syrian "Failure".
I have been expecting to vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016 since she lost to Obama last time around, even though my misgivings about her were a large part of why I voted for Obama in the primaries. I can accept that like Obama she's far more conservative than what I prefer, because it's what is possible in the United States today.

Every step she makes toward George W. Bush on foreign policy makes me reconsider. We have no other options, but we are in really big trouble if Obama's sensibilities on foreign policy are thrown out and we adopt a more warmongering posture. I really hope this is a rhetorical turn on her part and not an indication of her actual stance, because we have a depressing decade ahead of us otherwise.
Jul 28 Cascadian commented on Guest Editorial: The Rent Is Too Damn High, Let's Get It Under Control.
I think the analysis is right, I'm just not so sure about the remedy.

Building more units means higher rents than what was displaced, and can even cause neighboring rents to rise. In the long run, supply goes up, and older buildings become affordable, but that takes decades.

But rent control will lower supply, making things worse in the long run. Any solution has to aim to allow as much new development as possible while maintaining affordability for existing renters when new construction goes in.

I think indexing wages to average rents could be a partial solution. Or requiring each builder to maintain rents for anyone displaced by new construction.
Jul 16 Cascadian commented on Andrew Sullivan on Israel and Gaza.
The Palestinians aren't helped by their poor leadership (Hamas' rockets do nothing but provide a pretext for Israel to hurt innocent Palestinians, and Fatah has been hopelessly corrupt and ineffective as the secular alternative), but we should be able to distinguish between bad leadership and the people who are being hurt by that leadership.

The same goes for Israel. They are being played by Netanyahu, who is putting the needs of West Bank squatters over the long-term security of his nation. He's reprehensible, but his poor leadership doesn't mean that Israel as a whole is to blame either.

But it is important to see that in terms of attacks on civilians, there is no moral equivalency. Israel is by far the bigger aggressor and the most guilty of violating norms of international behavior. Any analysis that isn't at least evenhanded (which really spots Israel more than they deserve) is basically Israeli propaganda and should be ignored. That's most of NPR's coverage, unfortunately.
Jul 15 Cascadian commented on Meth Banshee Found Under Bed in University District.
Nearly 20 years ago, my roommate developed a meth habit and he ended up under my bed just like this woman. Finding him there was one of the biggest frights of my life. Needless to say, after my own resulting freakout he was no longer my roommate.

Meth. Just don't, people.
Jun 13 Cascadian commented on Seattle City Council Public Safety Committee Confirms Police Chief Nominee, But Is She Ready to Take On Anti-Reform Officers?.
Could Mayor Murray make a more out-of-touch Seattle white guy comment? This "isn't the 60s and it's not the South"? So racism and police brutality are only things that happened somewhere else a long time ago? Does he not realize that Seattle has just as long of a racist history as any other place, and just as much of a problematic present?
Jun 13 Cascadian commented on King County Executive: Metro and Sound Transit Should "Act As One".
While a regional agency has many benefits, for people in King County it would probably mean a cut in service. Do you really expect the whole region to be built up to King County standards, instead of finding a lowest common denominator?

I suppose you could unify the management but still handle the funding separately, so that King County could still have a superior bus system compared to Pierce and Snohomish. Though any sort of cross-county coordination means shifting money around between counties, which would make it hard for King County to keep up its comparatively higher level of service.

I do think Sound Transit should plan and integrate every bus route that crosses county lines, and make sure those routes connect as seamlessly as possible with its other buses and its trains. What Dow Constantine is doing will help facilitate that, and as the one guy with executive input into both Metro and Sound Transit, he's the right person to do it.

Jun 11 Cascadian commented on International Franchise Association Files Their Lawsuit Against Seattle's $15 Minimum Wage.
CS betrays the real elite attitudes behind opposition to the minimum wage. In his own words, he thinks that poor people need to stop breeding. He believes poverty is genetic. So he's probably racist on top of being stupid.
Jun 4 Cascadian commented on How Amazon Buys Seattle's Silence.
I don't think there's a simple answer here. I do like the suggestion made earlier for Amazon to partner with local bookstores for mutual advantage. I'd love to be able to order online with my local bookstore getting a cut of the sale, in exchange for whatever marketing deal could be made. The big problem, of course, is that Amazon is big enough that any negotiation it has with local booksellers is likely to be exploitative. The role of government is to figure out how to regulate the marketplace so that everyone from writers to publishers to retailers gets their due. Maybe what's needed is an anti-trust action that prescribes a remedy whereby Amazon cuts in local retailers, authors, and publishers for a fair cut. That would be worth it even if it raised the costs of books somewhat.

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