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Mar 13 Cascadian commented on Fact Check: Congressman Dave Reichert’s Misleading Statements About the Threats Posed by His Constituents.
@3/4: The population balance of the two states calls for one district to cross the mountains. There's probably a way to draw the lines to include rural Western Washington towns rather than suburbs though.
Jan 12 Cascadian commented on Major Sports-Arena Corporation Considering Constructing a World-Class Facility At KeyArena Site.
The Seattle Center station for ST3 is perfectly located; the problem is the 2035 completion date. If the city could cut that to 2025 (8 years) that would limit the duration of the traffic impact. The city could also add dedicated transit lanes on Mercer.
Mar 24, 2016 Cascadian commented on Sound Transit Unveils Draft Plan for this Fall's Light Rail Ballot Measure.
This is not very good. I have voted for every transit measure going back to 1988 when I could first vote and I am strongly considering voting no.
Jan 14, 2016 Cascadian commented on The Big Lid.
I'm skeptical about making the whole thing a park. I would like to see more connecting roads and more buildings to reknit together the divided city, rather than replacing an admittedly noisy car sewer with a prettier barrier that still leaves neighborhoods divided. However, I realize that the fact most of I-5 is on bridges through downtown makes this hard, and obviously a lid could not support more than mid-rise buildings (because tall buildings require a huge anchor below ground, where the cars would still be).
Dec 4, 2015 Cascadian commented on Trump's Lead Grows.
The danger is way too great. I hope they choose the best of a bad bunch, and then the Democrats win anyway. That's pretty much happened in 2012 and 2008 with Romney and McCain. The Republicans usually pick their most electable option. It's just an indictment of how bad they are that Rubio's the best they've got. And from a Democratic perspective, better him winning than any of the rest of them.
Nov 18, 2015 Cascadian commented on Can We Maybe Start Talking Seriously About Atheism Again Now?.
The majority of terrorist attacks in the US and abroad are not conducted in the name of any religion. (See… and…) The vast majority of either religious or non-religious people do not commit acts of terrorism. The problem is not religion. The problem is terrorism. I say all of this as an atheist.
Nov 16, 2015 Cascadian commented on Seahawks Lose Game You Probably Don't Want to Read About.
It's hard to believe I once thought this team would win 10 straight after going 0-2. I think they may be a 9-7 team and not a 7-9 team, which still probably isn't enough for the playoffs. They'll lose to Arizona the second time, and to Minnesota. I think the other games are all winnable, but they've lost several games they should have won so far, so they could easily find a way to lose 2 more. Pittsburgh? St. Louis a second time? Who knows.

"I like football a lot more than I'd like to" definitely captures my mood during and after this game.
Oct 6, 2015 Cascadian commented on Seahawks Win Weird Game Weirdly.
I think the Seahawks can keep winning with a thin offense and incredible defense, even against good teams. My real concern with the offensive line is not so much that they suck, but that the amount they suck forces Russell Wilson to take a lot of chances and a lot of hits. I'm worried he's either going to suffer a bad career-ending injury on one of each game's 4 or 5 sacks or 10 other big hits, or he's just going to accumulate damage to his body and train such that we're lucky to get more than a couple years out of him even if he avoids the big injury that could come at any time. If he plays like a running back, his longevity is going to look like a running back. And without Russell Wilson, even this defense wouldn't be able to avoid 10 or more losses each season.
Sep 22, 2015 Cascadian commented on What Temperature Is Your Seahawks Take?.
Last week I said that they would likely be 0-2, but that I saw them winning the next 10. I'm going to stick with that prediction. Then they'll hit a rough patch and lose a couple of the last four games, ending 12-4. My guess is they make the NFC championship game but not the Superbowl.
Sep 14, 2015 Cascadian commented on Seahawks Lose an Exciting Game, May Never Lose a Boring Game Again.
I feel oddly OK about this loss too. I mean, the defense gave up 34 points, but aside from a handful of plays (that Kam would have helped prevent), they seemed to play well. And while 9 sacks or whatever doesn't speak well for the offensive line and the new center bobbled the ball way too many times, the team scored 31 points, which is hardly the sign of an offense in trouble. The stats and the subjective experience of the play and the score did not all line up with each other. I think if you ran this same game in 100 identical parallel universes, the Hawks would have won 60 or 70 of them.

Greenbay, though. I think it's a second loss, much soul-searching, and then like a ten-game winning streak.