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Jul 10 Julie in Eugene commented on A Beginner's Guide to Ingesting Marijuana.
I mean, I know I'm just piling on at this point, but don't be an idiot @2. Why on earth would you think that too much pot affects you in the exact same way it affects everyone else?

I've only had the "too much" experience once, and it was enough (and it was from smoking, not from edibles). Smoked too much and, in addition to being too high, got so incredibly, terribly cold -- was kind of terrifying, actually, as I couldn't get warm no matter what I did. I've got a minor circulation disorder that might have contributed, but who knows.
Jun 30 Julie in Eugene commented on Someone Needs to Get This Guy a DVD Box Set of Oz.
Christ on a cracker, that guy is stupid. Iron Jawed Angels totally didn't have enough men either. And Milk didn't have enough straight people.
Jun 30 Julie in Eugene commented on What Mac S. McGregor Thinks.
To be more compassionate to the cisgender community, because we've all been brainwashed by churches, schools, society. Everyone is walking around trying to figure it out, and it takes some work. I don't think people are generally trying to offend us—many people are just uneducated. If we're operating on the perception that everyone's out to get us, that's what we're going to find.

I love it. I know it's really frustrating for LGBT folks, racial & ethnic minorities, women, etc. to constantly feel like they have to educate. And I know that yes, some people really are "out to get us." But making sure we don't treat potential allies who just need a little education as just like the people who are "out to get us"... well, to me that seems pretty important to the goal of actually making progress.
Jun 25 Julie in Eugene commented on A Note About This Week's Savage Love.
Yeah, I was 100% confused by that letter/response, because I also thought the writer of the letter was a woman.
Jun 25 Julie in Eugene commented on In Which I Embarrass Myself By Asking Slog to Interpret a Dream.
The horse represents your personal goals and life ambitions. You're worried that by spending time in the big room with politicians (your current job?), you are neglecting those goals/ambitions and you don't even realize it. They have languished and are perhaps out of reach now. But a new ambition/dream is developing -- you're not sure if pursuing this new dream is a good idea, though.
Jun 12 Julie in Eugene commented on Why Can't Hillary Answer the Question?.
@4 - That may be true about Hillary (I don't actually have an opinion there), but good God did I laugh at your comment. I know so many elected officials that need to go to humility school, and honestly, 98% of them are men.
Jun 11 Julie in Eugene commented on The First of What's Sure to Be Many Drone-Related Assaults.
@14. Hard to argue with the fact that I'd be a terrible celebrity. Good thing I have no discernible talents....

Trying to think about why it would be that I would get mad if a guy walked up and started taking pictures. There's something there about objectification, for sure. Like, of course it's always possible on a beach for someone to take photos surreptitiously, but if I don't know about them, I wouldn't feel objectified by that. A person obviously taking photos of me, or obviously using a drone to do so is putting it in my face -- like I am intentionally taking a picture of you for my own personal use.

@19. Aw. The point about the altitude wasn't clear, but I clicked through to the Gawker article and the footage is actually posted in the comments there. Now I feel bad for thinking he was a perv... the video is actually pretty cool.
Jun 11 Julie in Eugene commented on The First of What's Sure to Be Many Drone-Related Assaults.
@12. Of course there's no legal expectation of privacy. But if I was sitting on a beach reading a book in a swimsuit, and some guy walked up to me and started taking pictures of me on his iPhone, I would be pissed, as I'm sure most women would be. I don't see why it would be any different if someone hovered a drone above me, taking pictures. As @10 said, there's a difference between legal and not-being-a-fucking-asshole.
Jun 11 Julie in Eugene commented on The First of What's Sure to Be Many Drone-Related Assaults.
Right. That woman clearly is in the wrong. But... drone or not, if someone was obviously/blatantly taking pictures of me, or other women in swimsuits, on a beach... well, I'd be pretty pissed too. From some of her comments ("pervert") I gather she thinks this teenage boy is using his drone to get photos of women in bikinis. While not illegal, of course, that's a pretty shitty thing to do.
May 7 Julie in Eugene commented on If You Believe Abortion Is a Right, You Need to Stop Telling Women How and When They Should Get Abortions.
@34 - Yes, your point about it seeming staged/calculated is a good one -- that was off-putting to me as well. Again, maybe it doesn't read as staged (or staged doesn't read as a bad thing?) to someone who is her age.... I don't know. It's been interesting to think about why my reaction to this was not a positive one.

Also, as @39 says, am I missing something about the "she's foolish for not using the most basic of birth controls" comment? Is there some information that was shared elsewhere about her not using birth control? I mean, it doesn't affect my feelings about the video at all, but it's weird that people would jump to the conclusion that "got pregnant" = "not using birth control".


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