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Oct 14 Julie in Eugene commented on SL Letter of the Day: My New Girlfriend's Sister Is Dying.
I would go. But absolutely agree that you must not in any way shape or form be a burden on her. No expectations, no complaining, no needing anything from her. If you aren't familiar with the "comfort in / dump out" framework for supporting someone during a time of grief or illness, read this before you go.

There is definitely risk here, to be clear. If you aren't successful in being need-free and completely supportive, she could really begin resent you and that would be the end.
Sep 26 Julie in Eugene commented on Facebook Fails to Explain Its Discriminatory and Dangerous 'Real Names' Policy.
I'm thinking about the people I know on FB who have fake names. A high school teacher who doesn't want her students to know she's on there. A friend's mother who is in her 70s and still suspicious of technology / identity theft. Neither name is obviously fake, so they'll never be caught... This really is a terrible policy. Why not just deal with the specific cases of people using fake names for evil purposes, as opposed to just banning all fake names?
Aug 27 Julie in Eugene commented on Kid Comes Out, Family Disowns Him.
Reminds me of a Moth radio story from a couple of years ago about a man coming out to his parents. I got to the end of it and just thought, what a waste. What a fucking waste. This person disowned her son over nothing. Over this, ultimately, completely meaningless thing (in the grand scheme of things, anyways).

Hope the kid's okay. Physically and psychologically...
Aug 27 Julie in Eugene commented on What Kind of Idiot Gives a Nine Year Old an Uzi?.
Oops. You weren't talking to me. Alright then. Sorry for the poor reading comprehension.
Aug 27 Julie in Eugene commented on What Kind of Idiot Gives a Nine Year Old an Uzi?.
@77 - Yeah, I feel like I dragged this a little off-topic, but alpine slides are not roller coasters. They are more like safer, slower versions of a luge (you're sitting up in a sled, with complete control over accelerating and braking) on a concrete track vs. ice. You can definitely get hurt on them if you're not careful -- almost everyone in my family has flipped a sled at one point or another and walked away with some nasty concrete burns/scars.

I guess the point is, the rules said my nephew was ok to go by himself, and we made a judgment call that he could handle it. We coached him, and my brother went ahead of him with me immediately behind him to limit the risk from/to other riders. But still, he could have gone too fast and crashed. Afterwards we felt pretty stupid that we had let him go (he is a bit of an adrenaline junkie so... we should have known better), and were just really glad that nothing happened.

We might have been lulled a bit by the fact that he technically exceeded the height/age requirements... so I get how that might have contributed to these parents' decision. That said, a 9-year old with an Uzi just seems flat-out crazy to me.
Aug 27 Julie in Eugene commented on What Kind of Idiot Gives a Nine Year Old an Uzi?.
I'm somewhat sympathetic to the view that "if the age limit is 8, it must be safe for my 9-year old to do it." But, for the life of me, I just cannot imagine ever thinking it would be a good idea for a kid that little to shoot a fully automatic gun.

Hell, not even remotely comparable, but my 6-year old nephew went on an alpine slide for the first time a couple weeks ago. It was not only allowed, but mandatory that he go on his own sled. We figured out pretty quickly that he didn't have the judgment/coordination/whatever to handle it by himself, so he didn't get to go again. Just because something's legal doesn't mean it's safe for every kid...
Aug 27 Julie in Eugene commented on What Kind of Idiot Gives a Nine Year Old an Uzi?.
Also, I had read yesterday that the girl had shot successfully from single-shot mode... I guess I was expecting that that meant "had shot successfully more than once." I was a little surprised that she handled the thing for only about 3 seconds before the instructor switched to fully automatic. Man.
Aug 27 Julie in Eugene commented on What Kind of Idiot Gives a Nine Year Old an Uzi?.
Holy hell. I know the YouTube description says the video was released by sheriff's officials, but, does anybody know why? As in, why was it necessary to release the video? I know it doesn't show the actual shot, but it comes pretty close...
Aug 1 Julie in Eugene commented on Adam Duritz vs. Billy Corgan: Which ’90s Alt-Rock Superstar Had the Better Magazine Cover?.
Well, it depends on your definitely of "best", I guess. I'd pick the one that's a celebrity using a bit of his fame to promote animal adoption vs. uh... whatever's going on with that AARP cover.
Jul 10 Julie in Eugene commented on A Beginner's Guide to Ingesting Marijuana.
I mean, I know I'm just piling on at this point, but don't be an idiot @2. Why on earth would you think that too much pot affects you in the exact same way it affects everyone else?

I've only had the "too much" experience once, and it was enough (and it was from smoking, not from edibles). Smoked too much and, in addition to being too high, got so incredibly, terribly cold -- was kind of terrifying, actually, as I couldn't get warm no matter what I did. I've got a minor circulation disorder that might have contributed, but who knows.

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