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Jul 2 eclexia commented on "Gay Pride" Is Out, "Foreskin Pride" Is In.
> The gay right's movement started in New York City—in Greenwich Village, in a bar called Stonewall.

Ah, no. Stonewall was a loud, angry event that made a good mythic start to the angry 80's and 90's. But it was most assuredly not the start of gay rights.
Jul 1 eclexia commented on The Eternal Re-Terminator.
Has anyone ever noticed that that the original Terminator borrows heavily from the 1972 Doctor Who serial "Day of The Daleks"? Granted, it's a cheaply knocked out TV production, but the basic concept is there: Future war between humans and machines, human goes back in time to the present day to fire a bullet that will change the course of the war.
Jun 26 eclexia commented on Scenes from the War Against Black People.
Cinema has always been where things that can't be talked about get talked about. Horror and sci fi even more so. How about the original "Night of The Living Dead"? Or, long forgotten, "The Omega Man".
Jun 26 eclexia commented on Don't Worry, Bigots! You're Still on Top.
I cannot even imagine the mind that would give equal weight to a person being escorted out of the White House for interrupting a presidential speech with other people being beaten and shot.
Jun 13 eclexia commented on Angst: Serial Killers Are So Uninteresting.
Did you really just dismiss a film as "predictable" over 30 years after it was first released? Yeah, you did.

"Lawrence of Arabia"... what's the point? Knew right from the start the it would end with some political squabbling after the war.
Jun 3 eclexia commented on Morning News: Investors from Hong Kong Plan to Buy Seattle's Tallest Building, Environmentalists Sue Feds Over Shell Oil's Arctic Drilling Plans.
> Clinton demanded that the tiny group donate $500,000 to the Clinton
> Foundation—almost a quarter of what the group raised at the fundraiser itself.

So it was money well spent, right? They put Clinton on the top of the bill and raked in a shitload of cash. How much would they have gotten without him? What did the Clinton Foundation spend the cash on?

I'm trying hard to see something wrong here, and not really succeeding. From the sound of it, the fundraiser set fire to a huge pile of cash. People were there to squander money and have some if it go to charity. If they expected it all go to charity, they would have served ramen noodles.

If you want to bitch about setting fire to a mountain of cash, write up something about the very bloated AIDS ride going on this weekend, that makes the Clinton Foundation look like a bunch of Benedictine monks. It's just a pile of ego and narcissism wrapped in piety.
May 18 eclexia commented on SIFF 2015 Weekend in Review: There's More to Australia Than Mad Max.
Just to be clear, the new Mad Max was not shot in Australia. It was filmed in Namibia.
Apr 28 eclexia commented on Demographically Non-Symbolic Candidate to Seek Democratic Nomination.
Dan-- He's Jewish. For an evangelical, I think that's worse than a woman, but on par with black.
Apr 25 eclexia commented on Legends from the Sky Is Set on a Navajo Reservation, Involves a UFO, and Has So-So Special Effects.
I'm curious if this movie has a guerrilla marketing campaign attached to it. I've been seeing a surge of internet posts talking about skinwalkers, sasquatch and other Navajo folklore in the last few months. Like very time somebody posts to Reddit about seeing something odd in the woods, another poster jumps in and says "skinwalkers!"

I thought it seemed a bit artificial, as if a small number of people were working to make it a thing. My first thought was that it was being done as part of the X-Files reboot publicity.
Apr 25 eclexia commented on Carly Fiorina to Announce Run for VP… Er, President.
Take every cliche complaint about Clinton and multiply it by ten. You get Fiorina. Read first-hand accounts of people who have done work with her and they all go back to the same points. She doesn't listen. She tries to ram her way through in spite of facts and data.

This woman is the George W. Bush of the tech world. She took one of the greatest companies in the history of the country-- basically the company that built silicon valley-- and turned it into a smoking slag heap in an unforced error.

Meg Whitman is somebody I would like to see more of... She is the anti-Carla. By all reports, she listens, thinks, and searches for data. She's got a bit of a bad rap recently because she's been trying to put HP back together again.... sort of the Obama to Fiorina's Bush.

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