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  • Too many teeth or No teeth at all
  • Zune or Segway
  • What piece of art would you steal?: dali's crucifixion
  • What do you like to read when you poop?: saveur
  • Jesus or Santa (sexually)?

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reverend dr dj riz is sittin here lookin at you.
Aug 13 reverend dr dj riz commented on People Suck.
@14 you need to go outside and play or something..
Aug 13 reverend dr dj riz commented on Photo of the Week: Chicago Dogs.
@8 and there must be fries. made from fresh cut potatoes . in a paper bag.
Aug 13 reverend dr dj riz commented on RIP, Lauren Bacall.
'put your lips together and blow'.... i still get a breathless woody when i hear her say that line.
Aug 12 reverend dr dj riz commented on I Hate When Radio Plays An ENTIRE Song!!.
...now that i think about it ' godspeed, you black emperor ! ' might could use a little editing...
Aug 8 reverend dr dj riz commented on What Are You Doing This Weekend? Stranger Critics Answer the Question.
i am not leaking but i might squeeze out a twerk or 2.
Aug 8 reverend dr dj riz commented on Lunchtime Quickie: "8/5/2014: The Day Twerking Died".
WAIT A DAMN MINUTE.. helen twerking with michael ?.. sheeeit, somebody give them some beats to werk..with.. i say YASS !
Aug 8 reverend dr dj riz commented on And They Will Know We Are Christians by Our....
@11.. because the family probably didn't know the extent of the church's beliefs and policies. many peopel attend churches ( and schools and jobs..etc. ) governed by people who hold different opinions or biblical interpretations than they but never see those opinions carry weight. a pastor says from the pulpit that god doesn't like gays, or more obscurely 'love the sinner, hate the sin', but hold full membership in an institution that tolerates them with no obvious repercussions. i doubt if the married couple were members of but the deceased mother was and, as the reports state, she was standing at the side of the coffin when she received the call from the pastor ( not that i would answer a call at the side of my deceased , but hey..cell phones ). but understanding asides and as a full NALT with the responsibilities therof. these people will be hearing from me.@
3005 E. Ellicott St.
Tampa, FL 33610
(813) 236-3611

Aug 7 reverend dr dj riz commented on In Culture News: The Return of the Egyptian, the (Sorta) End of 12 Minutes Max, and Your Next Four Years' Worth of Superhero Movies.
dc = crap... marvel = not crap ( unless you figger in the spiderman and fantastic four franchises..)
Aug 6 reverend dr dj riz commented on The Children of Mass Transit: Seattle Has Lots of Growing to Do.
@# . and as a lifelong pedestrian i can also attest that seattlites ( seattle - lites ...get it ..umm anydangways ) din't understand that the slow walkers-passing- keep right rule applies to general walking as well and not just escalator comportment. whether alone or coupled up or approaching groups of pedestrians folks here don't know how to make way for oncoming pedestrians. as a former chicagoan who thought he mastered the skills of crowded downtown walking, i discovered chaos and anarchy rule the sidewalks here. i blame malls for this. well.. i blame malls for most things. and video games. i blame poor driving skills on video games

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