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May 17 reverend dr dj riz commented on Local Black Singer Wants Columbia City to Be Seattle's Center for Black Shows.
@2..lord..sfix that .she had 4 albums under her belt before she did this one..start there.
May 8 reverend dr dj riz commented on The Morning News: Marine Le Pen (France's Trump) Loses Big, Amanda Knox Refuses to Return Trump's Love and Support.
a ring beneath the glacial ice gonna save the eorld ? nope. seen ' the thing ' ? i mean, like, there are three versions of it and nothing life saving happens in any of them.
May 1 reverend dr dj riz commented on Live Updates: May Day 2017.
@8 marching for something believe in. you're missing participating.
Apr 26 reverend dr dj riz commented on Plans for New Low-Barrier Homeless Shelter Delayed to Address Concerns from Little Saigon Community.
@3 and @ 8 but you know the residents there, so you know what their concerns are and they only just recently woke up to developement and want to keep their quaint old school charm safe from bums and junkies who just recently settled there..
well as a resident of this neighborhood , i'd say this view is typical. except of course it discounts regular assaults on this part of the city. the got the bum deal when the stadiums were approved because the increases in foot traffic was promised to be a benefit to them, except it wasn't. or when they withstood a proposed zoning for big box stores becase traffic is already a night mare from the stadium traffic and nobody could answer address that concern properly. and now, since they got that shiny slow as molasses light rail, the city decided to finally address the homeless population that's been dumping trash, human waste,and starti g street fires, because the problem is visible to the light rail riders..
this neighborhood has been dealing with nimby issues for a couple of decades but i'm guessing the city has been sympathetic tovthem until now because money. maybe like the rest of the city, they'd not like .' camps' at all. maybe they'd like the city to invest in affordable housing, services, and jobs..
at least the city could do is listen and talk to them, dontcha think ?
Apr 17 reverend dr dj riz commented on Mike McGinn Is Running for Mayor Again.
mcguinn again...the husband said it first
Mar 31 reverend dr dj riz commented on Yesterday, Michael Flynn Asked For Immunity. Today the Question Is, Why?.
@7..maybe, if hillary were president it might sound that way, but she isn't and it's our duty to get to the very muddy bottom of this.
Mar 22 reverend dr dj riz commented on Texas Teacher Smiles For Mugshot.
.@20..Ask a parent of a 17 year old if that's a child.
Mar 22 reverend dr dj riz commented on Texas Teacher Smiles For Mugshot.
.Smiling is how most pedophiles present themselves to their prey. the caption on the photo should simply read ''pedophile '.
Mar 20 reverend dr dj riz commented on Food News: Hotel Monaco Presents Its New Outlier Restaurant, Belltown Brewing Now Open, and Yet Another Poke Venture.
@2 ' when your bra is too tight and gets stuck in a fat roll ' - brong , urban dictionary.