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Dec 6 Mahtli69 commented on I, Anonymous.
At least the trains will run on time.

Wait ... where are the trains?!?!?
Nov 28 Mahtli69 commented on Uh, So This Is The Year The Sounders Make The MLS Cup Final? Cool, I Guess!.
Schmid. Sigi Schmid. Not Schmidt. And what @2 & @4 said.
Nov 25 Mahtli69 commented on How Green Is My Recount?.
42% of the electorate opted to not vote at all.
Nov 25 Mahtli69 commented on I’m Not Giving Jill Stein a Single Dollar.
The Democrats couldn't motivate 42% of the electorate at all, and you're blaming someone who got 1% of the vote in swing states? Up your game, Stranger.
Oct 24 Mahtli69 commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Mom's Boundless Boundary Issues.
Maybe get a PIN number for your phone?
Oct 7 Mahtli69 commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Woman Causes Catastrophe At Veterinary Clinic.
I figured the police shot the cat as a matter of course.
May 31 Mahtli69 commented on This Election Cycle, the Libertarian Party is on the Cutting Edge of Bonkers.
"and naturally it involved a strip tease and an appearance by a man described as "bonkers" by the Prime Minister of Bolivia."

Wrong country
May 10 Mahtli69 commented on Um, Budweiser Is Changing Its Name to "America" This Summer.
Wake me up when they replace "Budweiser" with "Under God"
May 4 Mahtli69 commented on All of These Pundits Were Wrong About Trump.
I guess this makes sense as a general point about the media, but not so much with Nate Silver and Their entire reason for existence is interpreting polls and predicting who is going to win.
May 3 Mahtli69 commented on Donald Trump Wins Indiana, Will Be GOP Nominee.
Now if Clinton picks Trump as a running mate, and Trump picks Clinton, the cycle will be completed.