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May 9 Swearengen commented on Mayor Ed Murray Ends Re-Election Campaign.
Unbelievable. Drinks on Jack Connelly tonight. And I don't mean that in a celebratory way. At least we didn't abandon our popular mayor over something stupid like snow plows.
Feb 17 Swearengen commented on Detained Dreamer's Lawyers Say Government Doctored Legal Document to Try and Prove False Gang Affiliation.
Someone is spending their Friday morning talking to lots of lawyers and bosses at ICE.
Feb 16 Swearengen commented on UW's Glenn Hughes Theatre Vandalized with Neo-Nazi Recruitment Posters.
@4 thanks, I emailed their hosting provider. 20 bucks says that domain will stop working soon.
Feb 16 Swearengen commented on UW's Glenn Hughes Theatre Vandalized with Neo-Nazi Recruitment Posters.
What's their website? ironwhat.org? I want to poke at their web hosting a bit.
Feb 15 Swearengen commented on Bands I Pretended to Like for Boys. Part Eight: Rush.
Who hasn't pretended to like Rush at some point in their life? I even went to their show at the Gorge, and I won't say I regret it.

From the outside looking in, it seems obvious to me that Alex Lifeson definitely made the band listenable to the masses.
Jan 11 Swearengen commented on Bands I Pretended to Like for Boys. Part Five: Grateful Dead.
i like your name! But we both know you need to see a neurologist before I can take you seriously.
Jan 10 Swearengen commented on Bands I Pretended to Like for Boys. Part Five: Grateful Dead.
Hello I am Opinions and I am on the Internet.

How can you write so many words about the Dead and not mention the huge rift between their live shows and their, in this Deadhead's extremely informed opinion, infinitely superior live shows?

I have listened to thousands of hours of Dead shows. I can name six distinctly differently performances of Deal off of the top of my head. I can explain, in excruciating detail, the huge differences in Pigpen, Keith, and Brent. I can also explain why most of 1990-1995 Dead (relatively) sucked.

Yet I have not once listened to a single Dead album (other than Terrapin Station, which, when played live, rarely deviates from the studio performance significantly) from start to finish, ever. Let me be the first Deadhead to say: studio Dead mostly sucks (with a handful of exceptions like Ripple and Touch of Grey and Box of Rain).

On the other hand, a quick and possibly inaccurate Google search tells me they played around 2,300 shows, and I dare you to find a single one that objectively sucks. Except for the one in Europe when they ate too much hash before playing -- that one doesn't count. As a live band, the Dead were ridiculously consistent over their nearly 30 years of playing their core group. I dare you to find another band that has played nearly as many shows with nearly as much consistency with so few people involved. Phish? Nope. They've played a lot of shows and I loves me some Phish, but all we have to do is listen to 60 seconds of Stash from Coventry to prove that some of them were significantly shittier than others.

In closing, please, when discussing the Dead, be mindful of how bad their studio albums are when compared to their live shows. I realize it is harder to find a "good" live show (hint: they are all good) to listen to than just grabbing a copy of American Beauty or WALSTIB, but maybe try any of the Dick's Picks or "From the Vault" series. Or go straight to the heart of the matter, and grab a copy of May 8th, 1977. I dare any man or woman or other to listen to the performance of Brown Eyed Women from that show and tell me it is not the work of a very talented group of musicians.

Anyway, I like your column :)
Dec 15, 2016 Swearengen commented on New Seattle Eats: A Cat Cafe Coming to Capitol Hill, Deep Dish Pizza, and More.
Is the one open one they are talking about the one on 45th and Stone or so?

That place is great! Anyone who calls it "as depressing as a strip club" is being ridiculous. Then again, I haven't been to many strip clubs.

Booo to that opinion on the internet. Yay to the cate cafe on 45th and Stone or so. Assuming it still exists.
Dec 14, 2016 Swearengen commented on After Meeting With Trump, Bill Gates Proves That He Can’t Be Trusted to Fight Climate Change.
Gates's company has always treated the open source software world that I have lived and worked in for 20 years like shit (it has been a seriously abusive relationship), so I always took B&M Gates Foundation with a huge grain of salt.

Then the super cynical side of me wants to say: how many millions of people in Africa are they locking into the Microsoft software ecosystem by giving them everything for free? You know that "everything" is 100% Microsoft branded. All those schools he setup for "free"? They probably have powerpoints showing how much revenue they will bring in 30 years later.
Dec 7, 2016 Swearengen commented on Dan Savage's Open Letter to Paul Allen on Lidding I-5, Righting a Wrong, and Leaving a Legacy.
If $100 million bucks is really more than pocket change to Paul Allen, who probably spends that much on tipping staff year to year, than I really don't understand rich people. What else are ya going to do with all that money?