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Dec 7 Swearengen commented on Dan Savage's Open Letter to Paul Allen on Lidding I-5, Righting a Wrong, and Leaving a Legacy.
If $100 million bucks is really more than pocket change to Paul Allen, who probably spends that much on tipping staff year to year, than I really don't understand rich people. What else are ya going to do with all that money?
Nov 17 Swearengen commented on The Morning News: 8 Percent of Seattle Voted for Trump, Republican State Senator Seeks Law That Punishes Anti-Trump Protesters.
Mudede writing the news is like the best thing. Great stuff lately, Charles -- and not just in the daily news.
Nov 2 Swearengen commented on Louis C.K. Wants You to Get Over Yourself and Vote.
it's so cute when slog links to gawker -- i mean univision. ih8gawker@thestranger.com didn't bounce as an invalid address, last time i tried.
Oct 12 Swearengen commented on Bradley Steinbacher: The Stranger Ruined My Life.
Best thing I've read on this blog in a while.

McNamara has some editorial control over The Stranger? That has to be a joke right. I saw Fog of War!
Oct 4 Swearengen commented on Person of Interest: Charlie James.
great picture
Oct 4 Swearengen commented on The Morning News: Amazon's New Employee Buses, a UW Nobel Win, and Hillary Clinton in Seattle.
i noticed there were a lot of car2gos available on the hill yesterday morning.
Oct 3 Swearengen commented on Seahawks Shoot Down Jets, But No One Is Mad Because Football.
that person is so stoned
Aug 30 Swearengen commented on Two Thousand Seattle Police Dashcam Videos Deleted Because of "Technology Glitch".
On one hand every single company as large and as old as the SPD has lost at least the same amount of data as well, but I bet as time goes on we'll see a trend of police departments of all sizes and ages claiming data loss.
Aug 18 Swearengen commented on EOD: We Asked Founding Gawker Editor Elizabeth Spiers for her Favorite Gawker Post.
does ih8gawker@thestranger.com still work? let's try...