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Jul 15 Swearengen commented on Today in the Surveillance State: New Phone Operating System Makes You Harder to Track.
MAC addresses are needed for any device connected to a standard internet network. Since they are used at the second layer of networking, anyone on the same LAN segment as yourself will be able to "track" your MAC address.

You can view current, local MAC addresses from a DOS prompt with the command: arp /a

Under lots of circumstances, collecting MAC addresses is trivial, and even required by 99% of networks. The Singray is interesting because it can obtain your MAC regardless of being on the same LAN segment or not.
Jul 11 Swearengen commented on Sometimes It Seems as Though Humans Invent Technology Because We Hate Humans and Don't Want to Interact with Them.
The front door of the building I work in used to not have an automatic "press button to open doors" setup for handicap folks.

A few weeks ago they installed one, and when you open the door, it stays open for about 30 seconds (by design).

I like this feature because there is no more awkward interaction with humans to figure out who is holding the door open for who. Just open the door (or press the button), and it will hold itself open!

Now when I enter the building, I don't even look behind me to see if I should hold the door open, because I know it's going to stay open anyway. Less humans to interact with.
May 17 Swearengen commented on The Opposite of Naturalism Is Truth.
great read.

i enjoyed darjeeling limited, and agree mr fox is his best work. haven't seen the hotel yet.
Apr 23 Swearengen commented on The Fight Over a Late-Night Hangout Called Waid's.
Has anyone pointed out that there is a methadone clinic on the corner of 12th and Jefferson as well? Recovery Centers of King County, aka RCKC.

This is the same clinic that got into hot water a few years ago for (something along these lines) registering their business twice using the front door and the back door as 2 addresses, so that they could (illegally) serve twice as many people as the law allows.

I am not pointing fingers and have the utmost respect for RCKC ("the last house on the block" for a lot of addicts) and people in recovery, but it does seem relevant to the discussion of the neighborhood as a whole.
Jul 17, 2013 Swearengen commented on Death of a Regular.
This was excellent. Thanks for filling out the picture of what happened that morning.

Did you get a chance to talk to an oncologist about the possible mental health impacts of chemotherapy? Or a hospital representative on why it is so difficult to get someone mental health care against their will?
Mar 12, 2013 Swearengen commented on Man Arrested for Allegedly Selling Drugs Before and After AA Meetings.
It's pretty common knowledge that IOP and meetings are great places to find drugs.

Methadone clinics and needle exchanges are even better.
Mar 7, 2013 Swearengen commented on Frothy Mix 2016.
grow up
Feb 21, 2013 Swearengen commented on Jon Huntsman Continues His Streak as the World's Worst Republican.
Huntsman vs. Clinton would be an extremely interesting election.
Feb 19, 2013 Swearengen commented on The Paintings Are Not All Right (But the Way the Museum Pretends They Are Is Hilarious).
i'm pretty sure the "cat erection" is a tail. cats (and other animals) tend to do that when they are scared.

i was hoping for some interesting insights from someone who is knowledgable about art, but am disappointed to be reading nonsensical ranting with no point.

is this some kind of feminist thing?
Feb 14, 2013 Swearengen commented on The Art of Video Games at EMP: Free Tickets to Opening Night!.
A few months after World of Warcraft came out (around Feb 2005) I led a group of the highest level players on the server with the goal of killing the only "raid boss" that was accessible at the time: Onyxia the dragon.

Doing a raid on a boss took 40 max-level people working together, using voice-chat software (complimented by in-game chat) to coordinate during the fight and come up with strategies.

For about a week 40 of us had spent 3-5 hours per night repeatedly dying in attempt to kill Onyxia. At the time less than a dozen groups had killed her in the entire game. This was before WoW was a mainstream game and before anything like strategy-guides for it existed.

We were getting close, and were figuring out the final phase of the battle. Someone started recording videos of the raid and captured an extremely emotional moment: when we all died less than 1% away from our goal. This is that video (audio required):…

What you're setting is Onyxia (the big dragon) finishing up killing every member of our raid with less than 1% of her health remaining. As soon as she begins to reset -- signifying we had failed yet again -- the entire chat blows up in angry nerds, myself included.

If I recall correctly, we gave up for the night after this failure, and came back to kill her the next day. It would be a month or two before anyone else on our server accomplished killing her. Someone also recorded the full first kill which contains all of the voice-chat and the response when, after over a week of work, we finally accomplished what we were after. That video (228 megs) is available here:

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