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Blah-dee-blah blah blah.

Aug 7, 2015 leek commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Tosser in the Produce Section.
Maybe we could get some navel officers in there to stand guard.
Jun 27, 2015 leek commented on Go to Ballard's Stoneburner for a Tropical Cocktail Without the Kitsch.
(High-fives Super Steve)
Dec 26, 2014 leek commented on Worst Name Ever for Best Restaurant.
To expand to other types of businesses that are Sri-Chinmoy-focused, try the Transformation-Surprise laundromat in Ballard.
Nov 12, 2014 leek commented on Vote for the Best Worst Tattoo!.
I also am delighted that others want to preserve Ass Obama. We should take up a collection to convince her to keep it! I voted for Hick Life even though I feel like the kid (young man, whatever) should really have to live with it for quite a while to truly learn his lesson.
Oct 27, 2014 leek commented on The Weekend in Review: Crying at the PJ Harvey Tribute Night, Caramel Apple Sugar Babies, and a Countdown to Halloween.
Hooray!!! Glad you enjoyed the alien globs, Emily. And that PJ show was amazing, especially Lesli Wood and the main guy from Night Cadet. So great.
Oct 21, 2014 leek commented on Seattle Restaurant Week: A How-To for Cheapskates (with Best Bets).
Oh, or a calzone or lasagna I think.
Oct 21, 2014 leek commented on Seattle Restaurant Week: A How-To for Cheapskates (with Best Bets).
I was at Tutta Bella last night and they're also charging $15 at dinner, which makes it a nice option. Salad + pizzetta with any toppings they offer + dessert. Yum.
Sep 16, 2014 leek commented on Perfume Genius Is Described as a "Sea Witch with Penis Tentacles" in the New Yorker.
That was great, and those enormous shrimp creeped me the fuck out.
Jul 1, 2014 leek commented on Never Heard of 'Em.
Fnarf, I am sorry to say that you are wrong. Maybe not about Let England Shake, which I haven't heard yet, but about the marvel and wonder of Dry and Rid of Me, both so damn great. TURGID? How dare you. The least you could do is recognize her female rock status by calling it cavernous or hollow. TURGID should be reserved for puffed-up, arrogant male rockers.
Jun 10, 2014 leek commented on 125 Years Ago This Month, Seattle Burned Down.
If any of you have not seen MOHAI's exhibit on the Great Fire, you are missing out. Highly recommended for those of us who like musical takes on everything.