Oct 14, 2016 Beguine commented on Luke Cage: In Praise of Black Women Who Get Things Done.
I disagree @1. While Jessica Jones is still my favorite, I liked the fact that Mariah's villainy sort of sneaks up on you (and her), and I like that she and Shades are the kind of villains that know how to change course when a plan is heading south instead of just wandering around monologuing about revenge. Also, I think Kingpin has some competition for Marvel's cutest villain couple
May 24, 2016 Beguine commented on SL Letter of the Day: Psychopathic Tendencies.
Do the cognitive behavioral therapy, PT. If behaving in an empathetic way is something that is not natural to you or that you struggle with, it's a good way to build yourself a conscience that comes with training wheels.
Apr 12, 2016 Beguine commented on Man on Obama's Kill List Sleeps Outside to Prevent His Family From Being Obliterated.
RTFA, even if you agree with drone strikes he is NOT a legitimate target
"I am from Waziristan, the border area between Pakistan and Afghanistan. I am one of the leaders of the North Waziristan Peace Committee (NWPC), which is a body of local Maliks (or community leaders) that is devoted to trying to keep the peace in our region. We are sanctioned by the Pakistan government, and our main mission is to try to prevent violence between the local Taliban and the authorities."
Jan 19, 2016 Beguine commented on On Prisons, San Francisco Is Doing It Right While King County Is Doing It Wrong.
Not that I object to early release and desperately needed mental health services, but what about those inmates still stuck in "unsafe and inhumane" conditions? It's not like the people already convicted and serving sentences will retroactively get these services instead of jail time...
May 30, 2014 Beguine commented on Living Near Skinny People Makes Overweight People Unhappy.
I suspect this may be related to the same studies that show that overweight people are also less successful at loosing weight (and more likely to gain more) if they're surrounded by people that constantly make judging or belittling comments about their weight or about how disgusting it is to be overweight in general. Not that every person with a healthy BMI is automatically judgey, but I hope no one here is fooling themselves that by being a sanctimonious asshole to someone who's fat you're "helping" them. Yes, there is a huge obesity problem in this country and that carries serious health consequences, but if you aren't their doctor or their concerned lover/family member/very close friend, it probably isn't your place to address that with a particular overweight individual.. You aren't saving America one bitchy comment at a time.
Oct 21, 2013 Beguine commented on Asexuality Conquers Japan!.
It will be interesting to see what social reforms the prime minister makes, and how long they take to make an impact. It doesn't sound like corporate culture has caught up with the realities of modern life, and it will probably take government mandated reforms (daycare, mandated shorter work weeks, mandatory provision of maternity leave, protection from being layed off for being married and female) for things to change. Come to think of it, we could use a couple of those things here.
Sep 19, 2013 Beguine commented on Secretly Feeding Chicken Stock to Vegetarians.
I sympathize with feeling pressured to basically learn an entirely new set of cooking skills or even an entirely different set of dishes for one guest (though she's wrong about the vegetable broths. It's totally possible to make an awesome one). At the same time, the solution is 'don't invite your vegetarian friends to your dinner parties'. You can invite them out to eat, or invite them to a potluck, or invite them for dessert after, or just both of you deal with the fact that they're going to have to eat before they get there if you want them to be there the whole time (at a birthday party, for example) but if all of the main dishes you are proud of contain meat, don't put them or yourself through the aggravation. Getting fewer dinner invitations and fewer dining options is already a price of admission for choosing to be a vegetarian. Getting tricked into eating something you aren't comfortable with because someone else thinks your comfort level is dumb just isn't right.
Sep 18, 2013 Beguine commented on SL Letter of the Day: OKStupid.
@5-9 Um, but her profile clearly does NOT have the casual sex box checked which means she had made it clear that this wasn't the kind of offer she was interested in. Taking a swing when you don't know whether or not the other person is interested is one thing (though with that kind of offer you better be prepared to back off fast and graciously if there's any sign the attention isn't wanted or is interpreted as threatening during an in-person encounter). It's another when the person has indicated they aren't interested (either in you or in what you're proposing) and you just ignore what they want. That's called harassment. Somewhere around the 900th harassing email from some random jackass I could certainly see someone loosing their temper and laying the snark down, even if the poor widdle harasser went through all the trouble of using spellcheck and didn't even use any swear words.
Sep 13, 2013 Beguine commented on SLLOTD: Women's Work.
@4 Um...no. If someone wants to live in squalor while they are single, that's on them (though I thought common courtesy dictated you pick up after yourself when the SO is coming over). If you're married or you're just living together, the solution is not "the most piggy person gets out of doing all the work by just waiting for the neat person to get fed up AND the neat person should just put up with the work being doubled because the piggy person can't be bothered to use the hamper."

Dan's solution is workable IF one person doesn't mind those kinds of jobs, AND generally if one person is not working outside the home or only working part time (stuff moving and bug killing take up a much smaller percentage of the time out of work than vacuuming, shopping, washing clothes etc). Otherwise, if both of you work and you can afford it, you hire someone to do some of the cleaning. If you can't afford it, you you find an equitable solution that takes into account people's preferences but also is fair to everyone's time, and that probably means taking on at least some tasks that you don't like and learning not to be "bad" at them.
Mar 12, 2013 Beguine commented on Wait, Who the Hell Is Dr. Benjamin Carson?.
@11: The way I hear it from the Hopkins medical students, he's a creationist (and a jackass). Don't get me wrong, he's a damned amazing surgeon, but I don't expect a lot of fact-based thinking from someone with scientific training that can ignore basically every biological discovery for the last century.